Moto Nostra luggage rack Vespa GTS hpe

MOTO NOSTRA luggage rack Vespa GTS HPE front

This is our new innovative luggage rack for the new GTS models. This MOTO NOSTRA Vespa GTS luggage rack for the front offers you two great advantages:

  1. Assembly without drilling = reversible
  2. 90 ° contact surface = deep luggage & headlights are not covered


Moto Nostra luggage rack Vespa GTS hpe

Easy assembly without drilling

The luggage rack is simply hooked onto the leg shield with the two straps on top and fixed to the frame with the special angle plate supplied. In addition, the luggage rack is supported by rubber buffers on the frame and thus offers a very high level of security.

When unfolded, the carrier platform has a pleasantly flat angle. This means that even a larger piece of luggage can be transported without covering the headlight.

We produced the MOTO NOSTRA luggage rack in three versions:

The assembly is quick and easy! Our assembly instructions will help you, they are easy to understand and are included with the product.

You can of course also get the tool from us: TOPTUL tool shop

MOTO NOSTRA is a Scooter Center Brand!


Assembly instructions in the video

In this video we introduce you to our MOTO NOSTRA front luggage rack for the Vespa GTS HPE models.

Luggage rack FRONT Vespa GTS hpe MOTO NOSTRA assembly instructions 🔧 ❤

Download the manual

Of course, you can also download them from our shop. Or right now here: