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Everything for your moped

Your Scooter Center has taken care of expanding the range for the classic Piaggio mopeds/mopeds.
Here are a few highlights for the popular Piaggio vehicles that are gaining more and more fans every day!

Holder for running board CIF / Ciao SC models.

Since the holder is no longer available from Piaggio, we have reconstructed the coveted spare part.

Long version for less lifting force

or more braking effect
cast rims: bgm6416GF
wire rims: bgm6416SF

Old school tool bag

An absolute must-have for classic mopeds/mopeds or bicycles.
black: 2211035 
brown: 2211036

rear footpegs

Successful replica of the coveted Chom part for the older Ciao models. Both newer years of construction may require a little adjustment work.

Tuning kit SC

Piaggio Ciao, Bravo, Boxer, Si

Ø=43mm 63ccm, 12mm piston pin incl. cylinder head and decompression valve

Exhaust systems for mopeds


Simonini Serpentone 
for tuning cylinders from 60-75 cc one of the "all-rounders" among resonance exhaust systems.

PROMA circuit 
Another "all-rounder" among the Reso systems.

Polini Top One
The classic from Polini. Best suited for the Polini cylinders beyond 50cc.

PROMA Proma City Power
The "all-rounder"! Regardless of whether it is an original or a tuning cylinder. Everything works with this exhaust.

Luggage racks

MN4503C: matching folding luggage rack for the Piaggio Ciao models with square seat posts and rear light on the frame. 

MN4502C: New edition of the classic luggage rack for the first Ciao models with a square seat post and a round rear

MN4500C : Repro of the often sought after FACO folding luggage rack.

MN4501C : New edition of the classic front luggage rack for the older Ciao models

Everything important for your moped


for Polini Speed ​​Engine and Pinasco Power Casing.
For Dell'Orto
SHA 15/15 and SHA 16/16: bgm2545S19
PHBG 19 AD and PHBG 21 AD: bgm2545S24

Front shock absorber set

one of the most useful accessories in terms of driving safety for the Piaggio Ciao.

No wiring harness gets better over the years and can lead to the most incredible problems.
Therefore, no compromises should be made with the low technical and financial effort. 

Degree disc
determines the intake control angle of the crankshaft and the intake window.

degree disc: 2211193

Steel: 2211193VA

Starting with a pull starter is much more streamlined than the classic bicycle style.
Please only install in vehicles with a decompression valve and do not forget the appropriate nut.


Nut pull starter

bgm7608M / bgm7610M

Pole wheel + ignition + CDI

Maintenance-free CDI 12V ignition - better starting behavior, insensitive to weather and 12V voltage for significantly better light output for more driving safety.


Whether touring or sport, the perfect alternative to the Piaggio original part that is no longer available.
bgm666CR2S, bgm666CR2T.

Saddlebag configurator

How do the cool MOTO NOSTRA luggage bags for the Ciao actually look on your Ciao?

Just try it out:
Simply select your Ciao color in our Ciao side bag configurator and the MOTO NOSTRA side bag of your choice. Add a luggage rack if you like! TIP: If you like it colorful, you can choose a different color for each side. You can also download the resulting combination as an image!