Vespa rain suit rain suit from Vespa Overall

Rain suit Vespa lettering

Everyone knows: the sun ALWAYS shines in Italy (hence the sunglasses). Especially since yesterday evening when Italy became European champions!

Italian couple on Vespa

Rain cover for scooter riders

With us, a little further north, it is different: we are about to start astronomical summer and it should rain for a large part, more or less, the whole week. Fortunately, Piaggio / Vespa thought of us and a great one Rain suit for Vespa drivers brought to market that you can use even in the rain stylish and protected Is on the way!

Rain suit with reflective stripes & Vespa logo

Cool rainwear from Piaggio. This overall is breathable and offers protection from rain / water at the same time. The seams are sealed and the zips are waterproof. For added safety, the rain suit is equipped with reflective stripes and reflective Vespa logos, which ensure better visibility in the dark. So that longer rainy tours on the scooter remain comfortable, the cuffs are elastic and the waist and collar can be adjusted to your size.


  • Reflective Vespa lettering (small front, large rear)
  • Reflective strip
  • Breathable
  • Straight waterproof zipper
  • Elastic cuffs
  • Adjustable waist (elastic band adjustable)
  • fully sealed seams
  • adjustable collar



Available sizes

Article no.: Dress Size
605587M01N XS
605587M02N S
605587M03N M
605587M04N L
605587M05N XL
605587M06N XXL
New Vespa helmets 2021 2022

Vespa Piaggio helmets 2021/2022

We now have the brand new ones in our helmet shop Vespa helmets, original from Piaggio on offer.

The new Vespa helmets in the 21/22 collection are also Made in Italy. We have super nice full face helmets and a large selection of open face helmets available. You can get the Piaggio helmets with and without visor, in different shapes, designs and colors.

In addition to the most modern and safest security features, there is a classic Italian design and very high quality workmanship. Functionally, there are practical features such as the inside that can be removed for washing and, of course, Piaggio has also made sure that the open face helmets also fit perfectly into the Vespa helmet compartments.

There are also cheek pads, visors and umbrellas as spare parts if the worst comes to the worst!

New Vespa helmets Piaggio 2021/2022 jet helmet & full face helmet Vespa


VESPA open face helmet 75th Anniversary

This is my personal highlight of the new helmet collection: Zum 75 birthday from Piaggio there is not only the GTS as a special model, there is also a noble helmet in limited edition75th Anniversary".

The classic jet helmet with three press studs is an absolute eye-catcher. The helmet shell is made of thermoplastic, the helmet has a ratchet lock. Chrome-plated borders, the lining with the Vespa logo, the smoky gray paintwork and the yellow graphic with the Vespa logo characterize this helmet. The scope of delivery includes an exclusive helmet bag with the anniversary logo, which is stylish and practical at the same time. The quality and comfort of the helmet is guaranteed by “Made in Italy”. Homologation ECE 22.05. That could be something too for collectors be!

Piaggio helmet VESPA jet helmet 75th Anniversary black

Racing Sixties 60s Vespa full face helmet

NEW: Vespa full face helmet! To match the Vespa, there is now a Racing Sixties 60s full-face helmet as a special edition after the jet helmet! The two-tone graphics of this special model are coordinated with the design of the Vespa Racing 60s. Available in RED WHITE and in GREEN YELLOW


Vespa full face helmet 60s Racing


  • Outer shell made of fiberglass, double shell
  • Scratch-resistant visor
  • UV-resistant coating
  • Removable and washable inner lining
  • DOUBLE-D closure


Vespa P-Xential 2.0

This is the new Vespa P-Xential 2.0 Open face helmet without visor, the popular jet helmet is also named after the successful Vespa PX: “PX helmet”


Vespa PX open face helmet


The new edition of the classic helmet Vespa P-Xential is based on the style of the bandit helmets. The available colors are coordinated with the color variants of the currently available Vespa models.

The inner lining has been significantly upgraded compared to the previous model and noticeably increases wearing comfort. In addition, the anti-allergic cheek pads can be easily removed and washed, which significantly increases the suitability for everyday use.
The subject of safety is also very important with this helmet. The ABS helmet shell made of thermoplastic meets the strict ECE 22.05 safety standard.

  • classic open face helmet made in Italy
  • Homologation: Safety standard ECE 22.05
  • ABS thermoplastic outer shell
  • Vespa logo in the forehead and neck area
  • 5 press studs for attaching a visor or parasol (available as an accessory)
  • Leather loop in the neck area for attaching motorcycle goggles
  • Anti-allergic velor lining
  • comfortable chin strap with ratchet fastener
  • Weight approx. 1.150g

Visor 3.0 jet helmet with visor

Attractive helmet in beautiful colors and a large classic engraved 3D Vespa logo on the back. The helmet is trimmed with leather and the neat seam underlines the high-quality workmanship.

Vespa VISOR 3.0 jet helmet with visor



The big visor has a recess in the nose area, which makes it very comfortable to wear and prevents the visor from fogging up so quickly.

  • Vespa jet helmet, made of ABS plastic
  • With a clear, scratch-resistant visor
  • Engraved Vespa logo on the back
  • Innovative, breathable interior made of 3D fabric
  • Inner lining removable and washable
  • ECE 22.05 approval
  • made in Italy


Visor jet helmet BT Super Tech jet helmet with sound module

As a basis, the same top equipment as the Visor 3.0, but also an approved one Bluetooth sound module.

Vespa jet helmet with Bluetooth stereo headphones and microphone


The name alone makes it the perfect helmet for yours Vespa GTS Super Tech, of course also portable to all other models. The technical top model is equipped with two integrated headphones with stereo sound and a microphone with modern noise canceling.

The Sound module with bluetooth connectivity tB enables you to pair your phone and transmit the sound to and from the helmet, e.g.

  • Navi
  • Phone
  • Music
  • With additional equipment as an absolute hands-free communication center with intercom

Be Gironi's helmet

Visor 3.0 special edition for the special model Sei giorni

NEW: Vespa VJ jet helmet

The new Original open face helmet from Vespa - now New with double visor: a large clear and an additional sun visor. Great colors, also available with carbon applications and as a Sean Wotherspoon special model! The visor mechanism is available individually as a spare part and in many colors for customization as an accessory.

  • Double visor
    • Retractable sun visor (dark tinted)
    • Continuous, large clear visor
  • The helmet colors are based on the new vehicle colors of the Vespa Primavera and Vespa GTS.
  • ABS thermoplastic helmet shell
  • Removable, washable and hypoallergenic inner lining
  • Chin strap with ratchet fastener / micrometric holding system
  • Homologation: ECE 22.05 approved
  • Engraved Vespa lettering
  • Logo on the back “Vespa”
  • Made in Italy

Why does Piaggio / Vespa also make helmets?

The helmets go perfectly with the respective vehicle colors and can be stowed away in the helmet compartments of the scooter. This ensures that you get a stylish helmet on the beautiful scooter. A Vespa helmet from Piaggio rounds off the Vespa feeling, either as an airy jet helmet or as a sporty classic as a full-face helmet: adapt the look to your personal style!

You can find all helmets in many colors and sizes in our Helmet finder.

You can also get helmets and tips on ours Scooter helmet Special page!

Vespa GTS conversion, tuning -> Vespa GTS custom scooter 

Before we get to the Vespa GTS conversions come, first a little review:

The Wasp has been a collector's item since the 50s, which the owner has always liked to individualize. To convert the Vespa, accessories and add-on parts such as mirrors, crash bars, speedometers, badges, anti-theft devices, decorative strips, heated handles, child seats, pillion seats, fuel displays and chrome accessories from manufacturers such as Ardor, Appel, Ulma and Vigano were installed.

Wasp Wideframe Accessories

In the 80's

In England germinates with Mods and scooter boys a movement that soon spills over the canal to Germany and the rest of Europe and will cast its spell over it.
Vespa / Piaggio itself now offers a range of accessories.

There's no arguing about taste! Some people went overboard in the wild 80s and screwed everything on their Vespa that the aftermarket had to offer.

Vespa PX with accessories

The 90s and 2000s

That is the birth of the Scooter Centers: 1992. The Scooter scene is at its zenith in Germany and Europe. Thousands meet on the weekend Scooter meeting = scooter runs, such as the SCOOTERDIVE and many other events to celebrate the vehicles, the music, yourself and your lifestyle.

Find it "Custom shows”Instead, in the off-season these are independent events with a previous and / or subsequent party = nighter. The elaborately converted scooters will be exhibited at the Scooter Customshow and assessed by a jury. The biggest custom shows were, for example, in Hamburg, Munich or the Extravaganza in the Ruhr area and, of course, since 2008 ours too Scootershow in Cologne.

Today: 2020 Modern Vespa models

To date, not much has changed: The modern Vespa is more powerful and engine tuning may become a bit more complex due to the introduction of digital engine control, but the urge for individualization and optimization of the Vespa is unbroken. Not without reason: Vespa has regularly topped the motorbike sales list for years, so of course you want to stand out from the crowd! And the chassis of the Vespa GTS, for example, has significant potential for optimization. Not for nothing, our bgm PRO shock absorbers are for them GTS test winner and bestsellers. LED indicators and LED headlights for GTS & Co are also often converted.

In our Vespa shop we offer you with our own brands bgm and MOTO NOSTRA and selected accessories and tuning suppliers (such as Piaggio, bgm, Moto Nostra, Malossi, Polini, Remus, Scorpion, Akrapovic, Leo Vince, HD Corse, Power 1, a wide range of tuning and accessories for your modern Vespa GTS, Primavera or Sprint .

Do you already know our specials catalogs?


Then as now, there are of course stages of customization. You can do a lot yourself, but if you are talking about an extreme custom project, you are well advised to turn to a professional. As for example with our partner Cafe Racer 69 from Berlin:

Cafe Racer 69

Vespa GTS 300 HPE Custom


The Cafe Racer 69 in Berlin do you get one professional customization of your Vespa. As already said, even with the current Vespa models, be it 125 or 300, Vespa GTS or Vespa Primavera & Vespa Sprint, there is still a lot of room for optimization in the series state. Also because the creative Berlin team of us with, for example bgm & Moto Nostra is supplied, you can assume that only the highest quality parts will be installed!

  • Engine power,
  • Drive,
  • Suspension
  • Brakes,
  • Painting
  • etc.

The Berliners also offer queens Optic tuning Your Vespa on. The purely visual changes can, for example

  • Powder coated
  • Attachments,
  • Moldings,
  • Fittings,
  • benches
  • etc.

Vespa GTS tuning with TÜV 

Our bgm PRO Shock absorber for Vespa GTS are of course TÜV approved. For changes to the chassis, brakes and rims, adjustments to the axle mounts are sometimes necessary. This adjustment for a roadworthy seat without track offset and adjustment of ABS & ASR generally require a technical approval by an expert (DEKRA, TÜV) and can be done at Cafe Racer 69 .


Vespa GTS Custom Scooter Compilation

In this video you will find the ultimate Vespa GTS Custom and Vespa GTS conversion compilation. Get inspired!

Best Vespa GTS Custom TOP Vespa GTS Conversion Vespa GTS 300 Tuning Compilation

Vespa GTS 300 Tuning and Vespa GTS Custom Scooter by Cafe Racer 69

Ignition set -BGM Pro electronic- Vespa Ciao, SI - can be used with engine housing Polini or Malossibgm Pro Article no .: BGM6666

Moped tuning parts in Scooter Center

The subject of Piaggio Mopeds is very important to us. At the time, the Ciao was the first motorized means of transport for many of us that we used to explore “the big wide world” as a teenager. Many of our customers feel the same way, which is why we have included a large number of vehicle models for which we offer spare parts, accessories and tuning:

Which moped models are there?

Ciao, Bravo and Si have long been collector's items, but tuning is still popular today! That is why we are currently expanding our product range and are also developing new products! With our own brand, bgm, we now have a new one electronic ignition for Ciao Moped program:

Complete electronic ignition for Piaggio Ciao and SI

If you already have a Tuning engine case as the

you still need a powerful ignition. The complete ignition set from bgm PRO offers you the following advantages:

  • stable ignition point even at high speeds
  • strong spark
  • high luminous flux
  • Weight of the pole wheel: approx. 1.300 grams
Buy here
Malossi Piaggio moped parts

Clutch bell Malossi for moped Piaggio Ciao, Boss, SI - variomatic models

We have expanded our range and can now offer you many Parts for Piaggio mopeds. That was very important to us, because that's how we started 35 years ago - with a CIAO moped.

Today we would like to give you a popular one Moped tuning part imagine. Immediately available:

Kupplungsglocke MALOSSI Wingbell for Piaggio Ciao, SI, Bravo, Boss etc. with variator.
The bell is not only reinforced by the circumferential ring, but can also dissipate the frictional heat much better thanks to its special profile. The result is a clutch bell that is up to 70 degrees Celsius cooler, which has a very positive effect on the service life of the clutch!

Properties of the Malossi bell

  • Interchangeable with the original bell
  • Developed for maximum strength with minimum weight
  • Bell material made of special steel for deep drawing, produced by cold forging
  • Central hub made of carbon steel, connected to the bell by TIG welding
  • Reinforcement ring also made of carbon steel, TIG-welded to the bell
  • Thermochemical treatment through soft nitriding
Buy the Malossi bell here

You can now find this and many other moped parts in the Scooter Center Moped shop.

(Click and expand to choose model)

Piaggio Bravo / Super Bravo
Piaggio Ciao


Malossi Piaggio Moped Video “Malossi Camp”

Malossi Camp - Cervesina 9-10 July 2018 SUB English


All you need - warehouse

Hello, my name is Maryzabel!

I am a trainee at Scooter Center. I come from Colombia and take you on my big and small adventures in the blog, take a look behind the scenes with you Scooter Center and take you to scooter meetings.

2. My first week

In my first week as a trainee, I got to know the details of the process from ordering to goods registration in the respective departments. Scooter Center not only markets its own brands like: BGM and Moto Nostra, but also more than 300 brands such as: Malossi, Polini, Pinasco, Piaggio and other major brands and manufacturers of scooter parts.

My tasks were to reorder products with modern IT systems depending on the inventory and demand. The receipt of goods, the addition of new products to the system and also the packaging and storage. With so many different parts I've had to deal with, how can so many parts fit on our little scooter?

From the base like Cylinder and carburettor from bearings, seals to all body parts such as entire frame sets or side panels and fenders, all the smallest screws, washers, nuts, split pins up to the accessories, original, restoration, tuning, customizing. Madness what it's all im Scooter Center Warehouse and in Scootershop gives.

Sooner or later, we scooter drivers come into contact with the parts on our scooter. Either planned and “just” for fun: Customizing or tuning, but if it goes stupid with a breakdown, in the middle of the country road. Good to know that you are with the Scooter Center have a partner who can help you quickly and cheaply with the necessary parts and service.


What I know is that so many parts are enough to fill meters, square meters and cubic meters of this huge warehouse over 3 floors and to fill the online shop with tons of data via a modern IT system.

What I also know for sure is that I can build a great Vespa from scratch with the parts from the Scooter Center Be able to build camps. I could build my dream scooter without worry, because in addition to the parts, operating instructions and all the necessary tools are available directly from stock.

I can assure you and have seen it myself. The Scooter slogan applies perfectly: ALL YOU NEED


Fair Eicma Livetiker 2016

EICMA 2016

It starts, we are at the Eicma in Milan and provide you with the trade fair live ticker:


Electric Vespa

As already reported by us here, the comes from Piaggio Electric Vespa.

Piaggio E-Bike: WI-BIKE

The motor concept of the e-bikes shown is compatible with the e-Vespa. The Piaggio Wi-Bike is fully connected and can be operated with an app. There is also GPS theft protection. Electromobility seems to have taken an important part in Piaggio's portfolio here.

  • Let the technology guide you: your Wi-Bike and your smartphone communicate with each other.
  • Download the WI-Bike app. Connect your smartphone to your Wi-Bike via Bluetooth. Touch & Go, determine your personal setup.
  • Choose your destination. Take off.
  • Three special performance modes via app. You have the choice between: City, Hill and Standard
  • The variable motor support adapts to your needs.
  • Challenge yourself! Achieve your goals. Wi-Bike is your very own personal trainer.

Vespa models - new colors, less power and a lot of lifestyle

We had changes to the engine (Euro 4) in the exhibition news of Intermot in Cologne already discussed. In Milan, Piaggio is showing new colors and a lot of lifestyle.

A special model of the Vespa GTS 300 Super in green metallic with aluminum applications in CNC style, e.g. cascade, fender nipples. Interesting cascade with an even more interesting horn section - opinions will differ on this ;-)

More deets: Bitubo shock absorber in front, only for the trade fair or series? In any case, the adjustable levers are standard! CNC footrests, mirrors in CNC design, new oil control screw and vario cover.


Personally, I like the Vespa Seigiorni very much. Piaggio thus ties in with the early 50s, because sports models of the Vespa have been produced parallel to the series vehicles since 1947. The Vespa Sport, known as the “Sei Giorni” after the model that had great success in the 1951 international regularity race of the same name. An original Vespa Sei Giorni is incredibly valuable.


DellOrto has been the standard supplier for the Italian motorcycle and scooter industry since 1933. Dell'Orto was the largest supplier of two-wheeled carburetors in Europe from the 1960s to the 1980s; today the company works closely with Bosch and Mikuni. At the Scooter Center of course you get all available DellOrto carburetors and DellOrto spare parts such as nozzles, carburetor needles and slides quickly and cheaply.


The Scomadi with 300cc was never realized. Rumors say Piaggio has refused to supply 300cc engines to a competitor product. Today a prototype with me 400ccm. At the moment everyone at Scomadi is very busy, we will try to find out later which engine is being installed.

Polini - Scooter Center is an Official Polini Dealer


More Polini News:

Polini has beautiful scooters on the stand again. News from Polini: eg mounted pressure plate for the Smallframe.


Bell helmets - Our personal favorite helmets - The Bell Custom 500 and Bullit are now also available in a scrambler design.


Gogoro: innovative electric scooter with battery replacement system. The concept is probably the future, the design a matter of taste.


Also at Malossi: beautiful scooters on the stand. For many of us that was the beginning of scooter riding: the Ciao.
Malossi still offers an extensive tuning program, which you can get from us: Piaggio Ciao parts
Classic Vespa novelty at Malossi - a straight-toothed primary transmission for Vespa Cosa clutch.


Faco is a proven provider for Scooter accessories and chrome accessories meanwhile, of course, also for the modern Vespa models such as GT, GTS & Co.

faco-vespa-eicma-milano-2016-1 faco-vespa-eicma-milano-2016-2


In addition to Polini and Malossi, another tuning specialist with home advantage on the Eicma: Pinasco
In the last few years Pinasco has been offering the new Motor housings for Vespa Switch scooters or crankshafts with interchangeable balancing weights, again clearly gas.

Engine swing arm Piaggio Maxi, Gilera Runner

Engine swing arm Piaggio Maxi engines Gilera Runner and Co.

Good news for performance fetishists and lovers of the Piaggio automatic two-stroke engines.

We have ours for you bgm PRO swingarm to reinforce the motor housing further developed, optimized and in a new design have it manufactured:

Swingarm BGM PRO Superstrong Piaggio 125-180 cc 2-stroke BGM7900N

BGM7900N (4)

The legendary bgm PRO motor swing arm

bgm pro swing arm

The idea for this swing arm originally came about when we were setting up our shop demonstrator. Especially for that 50PS strong twin a sensible reinforcement had to be attached to the motor housing.

Instructions for use

So that the swing arm can also find a way to your engine to protect the very rare, large Piaggio two-stroke engines; As with the previous version, a few things must be observed:

  • fits Piaggio 125-180 engines with disc brakes
  • Exhaust bracket on the engine housing needs to be machined
  • Exhaust systems must be adapted for assembly
Order the swing arm here

Easy construction

First the motor housing has to be adjusted. The easiest way to do this is to create a gap with a screw that is turned through the holder from behind of 5mm “Adjust”.

BGM7900N_2 BGM7900N_5 BGM7900N_4

To be on the safe side, you should try the swingarm assemble and measure, if these parallel to the surface runs on the Vario lid. Shortening around at least 5mm is usually always required. However, the dimension can also vary depending on the composition of the components and up to 10mm be.


Fasten the rear wheel

That used double row self-aligning ball bearings tolerates a slight twist / misalignment of a maximum of 5 °. In order to attach the rear wheel, longer screws are included with the swing arm, which should be mounted with screw locking.


Safety note

The swing arm is only designed for tough use in tuning and racing.

There are a large number of variations of the hub, rim and motor housing on the market.
We therefore ask you to use all of the parts during assembly very carefully to check for the fit and the final Assembly very carefully to execute.

Vespa GTS 300 Super Test & Zuning

Vespa GTS 300 Super Test & ZuningFOCUS has here a test for VESPA GTS 300 Super published.

As a Lambretta lover we got over the mistake in the first paragraph ;-)

Vespa tuning and spare parts for your modern Vespa scooter can be found here in the Modern Vespa shop.

Piaggio says: “The Vespa GTS Super brings exclusive elegance to the class of large-volume scooters with more than 250 cc displacement. The unique classic Vespa styling, the sporty, modern look and the clear lines give the vehicle a determined, distinctive appearance. In addition to its sporty design, the GTS Super also embodies the typical qualities of the Vespa brand in terms of functionality, comfort, safety and robustness. The ultra-modern four-valve engine with liquid cooling and electronic fuel injection works extremely powerfully and is characterized by its high elasticity and agility. "

In the 2-wheel registration statistics, the Vespa GTS has been leading the field for months. Here are parts for individual scooter tuning, e.g. Exhaust systems e.g. Cylinders, Dishes, AKRAPOVIC, PM. REMUS, LEO VINCE, PIAGGIO

65 years of Vespa

65 years of VespaVespa history and birthday

So on April 23, 1946 65 years became the first Vespa from Piaggio patent pending.
Today Vespa is as well known as Coca Cola and Piaggio is on the stock exchange; over 10.000.000 Vespa scooters have been sold...

The WDR from Cologne has prepared this topic nicely and offers a Podcast to.

The SCOOTER CENTER celebrates the birthday of the Vespa with one Vespa catalog update, which will be delivered in early May.

More about History of the Vespa, with a model history and lots of useful tips and information you can find out in the Vespa Bible, the big one SCOOTER CENTER Vespa catalog.
You can also find detailed information on the Books around the cult motor scooter.

Vespa spare parts you get in our shop.

Ape snow drift

This morning 7:30 am SCOOTER CENTER.

Like every morning, Alex drives the Ape out of the warehouse ... but today something is different - see for yourself:

[youtube] _oSewdSC8nw [youtube]

Also seen on Facebook:

Today: 10% OFF on all PIAGGIO APE models that are available immediately.

You can find Piaggio APE here at Piaggio APE - online shop and in our shop in 50129 Bergheim. Info: 02238-307430

APE 50 -PIAGGIO- Ape 50 panel van special model 40th Anniversary - cream Piaggio
APE 50 -PIAGGIO- Ape 50 panel van

APE 50 -PIAGGIO- Ape 50 Cross Country special model 40th Anniversary- blue Piaggio
APE 50 -PIAGGIO- Ape 50 Cross Country

APE 50 -PIAGGIO- Ape 50 panel van - red Piaggio
APE 50 -PIAGGIO- Ape 50 panel van

Scooter helmet Vespa helmets

Vespa helmets / scooter helmets

Recently the SCOOTER CENTER Scooter helmets for e.g. Vespa, Lambretta and Co. in the program.
(Also a great gift idea for Christmas)

- Original - Vespa helmets
- the cool bandit helmets
- the legal retro helmets from Boost

And the next Ape delivery is coming!

For us:
- a red box Ape 50ccm and
- the special model Ape Cross 50ccm ”40th Anniversary” in blue with black roll bar!

Stylish - Stylish!

The SCOOTER CENTER is official Piaggio - Authorized Dealer.

This has been around since 1992 SCOOTER CENTER and you have always received original Piaggio spare parts from us.

Recently that is SCOOTER CENTER now also an official Piaggio dealer.
And since Piaggio Germany is only about 15km away from us - we are practically sitting right at the source.

Dynosession PM tuning cylinder 2T Maxi

We're already on in February this place reported on the new PM cylinder. On Friday we put the new PM tuning cylinder for Piaggio Maxi engines / Gilera Runner & Co. through its paces on the test bench on a customer engine. Since you buy the License to test If you can click into the shopping cart for free, such a diagram is a great thing for the next gasoline talk.

Especially when the cylinder and engine are doing so well. Was on the test engine nothing milled. The rest of the setup consisted of one 25 PHBL carburettors with modified airbox, the original exhaust and a shaft with 'only' 52 mm stroke. Everyone in the test room was amazed that there was 23.4 PS rest on the rear wheel. With slightly lighter weights, the 24 hp mark should be easily cracked. Nice to see in the course of the torque curve in the rear speed range: diagram_1 Diagram_2

read more

The new ones have just arrived Piaggio cylinder from PM tuning.

The Nicasil-coated aluminum cylinders fits the 2-stroke Maximotoren (e.g. Gilera Runner). Tuning legend Paul Melici took on the development of the fast road use had in view. The cylinder layout is coming

  • with four overcurrent channels,
  • two boost ports and
  • one-piece outlet with a width of 44.7 mm (corresponds to 68% chord size).
  • from 25PS at 8.200 rpm and full suitability for everyday use

According to PM, the cylinder is inserted for 25 PS good on the rear wheel without sacrificing durability and suitability for everyday use. The peak performance is moderate with the PM59 exhaust and Dellorto 25 PHBL carburettor 8.200 U / min on. If that's not enough for you, you can still port the cylinder. For this purpose, all sealing and channel surfaces are reinforced with sufficient material. This provides the perfect basis, where you don't break straight into the cooling water or the outside air.

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