The bgm PRO - couplings for Vespa, and also those for Lambretta, are among our top sellers!

The couplings are available complete and in various designs as well as all parts individually.

The latest components for Vespa Largeframe, are now the Clutch pinion for the 67 and 68 primary gear.

Clutch pinion -BGM PRO- Vespa Cosa2, PX (1995-), BGM Superstrong, Superstrong CR - (for 67/68 teeth primary gear, helical teeth)

Developed for enormous power and torque

The bgm PRO couplings were designed for the enormous powers and torques of today's engines. They are made from high-alloy steel (SCM415 / 15 CrMo 5) according to the highest manufacturing standards. The extremely high strength of the base material (up to 1100N / mm2, HRC 58-62) provides a reassuringly secure basis for the production of BGM pinions.

Manufacturing at the highest level

The production meets the high standard for transmission production by Honda. Each individual part receives a test report. BGM thus has a permanent quality assurance.

  • High quality material 15 CrMo 5
  • Precise production according to Honda standards
  • Continuous quality control
  • Can be used on COSA2 coupling types
  • Available with 20,21,22, 23, 23 and XNUMXT (XNUMXT = special pinion)
  • Suitable for the original primary of all 80-150ccm engines, as well as all Cosa models
  • Suitable for engines with retrofitted 67/68 tooth primary gear

A characteristic feature of the BGM pinion is its black color and the practical labeling stating the number of teeth the pinion itself has and which primary gear it is suitable for.

Longer translation without disassembling the engine?

The pinion with 23 teeth is particularly interesting. This was never original from the factory.
It is intended to extend the reduction of the 80-150ccm as much as possible. A 23/67 or 23/68 gear ratio can be used without opening the engine. Ideal for all drivers of large-capacity cylinders on, for example, original PX125 or Sprint 150 engines.It even fits into the Vespa Cosa models, as here, without exception, a (too short) reduction ratio of 21/68 was installed ex works.
Every PX125 driver who wants to drive a 177cc cylinder can install a suitably long gear ratio simply by exchanging the clutch. The reduction is extended by a whopping 15%, which corresponds roughly to the same increase in the top speed in km / h.

BGM clutch pinions are the perfect complement to the indestructible BGM Superstrong clutch.
All BGM Superstrong clutches with 20, 21, 22 and 23 teeth are equipped with this pinion ex works. It can be combined with all Cosa2 coupling types (recognizable by at least 8 spring positions).

Vespa clutches bgm Superstrong

Vespa clutches bgm Superstrong


Lambretta front sprocket - Sprocket

New front sprocket for Lambretta LI, LIS, SX, TV (series 2-3), DL, GP -

We can now offer you sprockets for your Lambretta from bgm PRO in very good material quality and “made in Germany”.

The pinions are going out high-strength, tempered steel in the gradations 16, 17, 18 and 19 teeth one piece of CNC made.

The dimensions correspond to the original from Innocenti, so that the chain line is correct. The pinions are labeled for easy identification. This means that even when installed, it is possible to see which gear reduction is pulling on the rear wheel without the hassle of counting.

Pinion Lambretta BGM8012R19

Available with 16,17, 18, 19 and XNUMX teeth



Pinion Lambretta BGM8012R19

Here are the common combinations of pinion, sprocket, matching chain and the position of the upper chain tensioner.

  • 15/46 - 80 - chain tensioner above
  • 16/46 - 81 - chain tensioner below
  • 17/46 - 81 - chain tensioner above
  • 18/46 - 82 - chain tensioner below
  • 19/46 - 82 - chain tensioner above
  • 16/47 - 81 - chain tensioner above
  • 17/47 - 82 - chain tensioner below
  • 18/47 - 82 - chain tensioner above
  • 19/47 - 83 - chain tensioner below

Lambretta chain

Lambretta chain


We can supply you with suitable chains Iris in the affordable price segment and from Heavy quality Iwis .

In addition to the special tools required, you will of course also need one to replace the chain or sprocket

new filling oil and Seals for the oil filler and drain plug, as well as the Gear cover.

When changing the oil, it is worth the gear cover directly with one sight glass - so that the oil level in the gearbox is under control at all times.

3330793 Lambretta gear oil screw





Clutch pinion -BGM PRO- Vespa PX, Vespa Cosa 2, with 23 teeth and 24 teeth

From now on we have new ones for you Vespa clutch pinion by bgm PRO in program.

14.10.2014 059


The pinions meet the highest quality standards

We attached great importance to the selection of the material, the production and the final remuneration and testing of the pinions.


15.10.2014 020

Vespa pinion with 23 teeth and 24 teeth available


At the moment we can provide you with the pinions 23 teeth and 24 teeth, suitable for that Primary gear of the PX200 with 65 teeth.

BGM6524S (3)


So that the annoying counting of the teeth is no longer necessary and it is clear which primary gear the pinions fit on, we have provided our clutch pinions with clear identification.

Superstrong clutch with new pinions

Of course we have bgm Superstrong clutch 23 teeth and 24 teeth already upgraded with our new pinions.



Vespa gear ratio

In the graph below and the associated table, we have the possible variants of the translation shown.

The combination of the primary 24/65 and a short one fourth gear of the T5-125 with 36 teeth is particularly interesting for drivers of High torque
Engine concepts with BigBox exhaust systems and the Polini 221 and Malossi 221. With this translation can the top speed increases and
the gangway connection from gang3 to gang4 can be made crisper.

RED: 23/65 - gear 4 - 35 teeth // GREEN: 24/65 - gear 4 - 36 teeth


bgm 23 bgm 24

Tab bgm 24 bgm 24