Part 5 for stage 4

Fortunately, as with so many things in life, everyone has their preferences...
More RPM and more peak power or more torque at low RPM.

That's why in today's part I'm looking for more... But not top performance, but for speed range and torque. The "tractor engine" is sought.

In part 4 with stage 3, I looked in the direction of the higher control angle by raising the cylinder and making a small adjustment to the exhaust. If I were now to increase the exhaust further in order to perhaps achieve higher peak performance and speed, the way would be backwards; to try the cylinder with more blowdown at lower control angles installed.

So today I lower the cylinder. Overall, this results in lower control angles, but the pre-release increases slightly. The smaller transfer angle should allow the cylinder to produce a little more torque at low rpm.

The spacer on the cylinder head was changed from 1mm to 3mm compared to the third construction stage. At the cylinder base, the 2mm spacer leaves the field and the cylinder is only supported by a normal 0.3mm thick gasket. The squeezing edge remains at 1.3mm, as with the other construction stages.

In the following graphs are the current curves of construction stage 4 RED to see. The curves from the previous stage three appear in BLUE.

Elron is the first to show what he thinks of the change.

As can be expected, the absolute top performance drops slightly, but the maximum performance and torque shift in the direction of lower speeds. The torque increases slightly and feeds the range between 5100 and 7000 rpm.

The Polini box, which is more intended for engines with less transfer time, is placed next on the exhaust port.

At first glance, the curves may seem sobering. On closer inspection, the Polini Box turns out to be a real torque animal. At the end of this series of tests, it will rank second in terms of torque with 37.4Nm. The graph already passes the 4700 hp mark at 20 rpm. The maximum power shifts by an impressive 1000 rpm in the direction of a lower speed, culminating at 6400 rpm. The maximum torque pulls at the rear wheel at 6000 rpm. An engine constructed in this way is just begging for a long gearbox.

This allows the M244 to move over the asphalt with extreme shift laziness. Jack off the stand, shift into gear 4 and just pull the cable. Don't worry, it will be quick...


The aged all-rounder in the field.

The JL left arm puts its torque in the range between 5000 and 7000 rpm and thus offers more drivability. Although the peak power falls by one hp, the JL can still offer very good drivability in the field of resonance exhaust systems.

New Line

The handwork from the north is also responding to the adjustments as expected. Already at 5000rpm, 20 horses are ready to move significantly. Full torque is available at 6100 rpm. Although it pushes the absolute top performance down a bit and the Newline gives up 2 horses in favor of the early torque, it is happy to take the larger pre-release in order to go over 10.000 rpm and maintain it there with over 20 hp.
The Newline behaves here almost like a box exhaust system, seasoned with a significant torque kick.

Posch Nessi

The sea monster ducks its head slightly due to the reduced steering angles. But that's not bad at all. As with the Newline, the rev range shifts slightly towards early revs and develops more torque in the process. At 5200 rpm the curve already exceeds the 20 hp mark. The slightly increased pre-let helps the Nessi to a wider speed range.

Posch Racing Resi

The lush Resi handles the steering angle that is unsuitable for you amazingly well. Although it also loses peak performance, it gives an idea of ​​the bandwidth that can be possible with the appropriate control angles and more forward airflow. With a speed range of almost 4100 rpm, it is in the top league here.


The Lakers, made for a lot more alert, don't like the slack head angles that much. The exhaust craves for larger time cross sections. The speed range shifts to lower speeds as expected, but the low time cross sections are not the right playing field for the Lakers. But his chance will come with the following expansion stages...


Here again all maximum values ​​in the overview

In the fourth part of our little blog series let's make the following changes to our test engine:

The cylinder is at the foot with two 1mm Spacers Raised by a further 2mm compared to construction stage 0.5. This changes the control angle of the transfer channels from 124 ° to 126 °. Milling is used to adjust the outlet to a control angle of 190 °. For this purpose, the outlet in the cylinder was raised by 1.8mm. The outlet width remains unchanged at 57%.


The first attempts are made with the Elron


A little more nervous exhaust systems would show a clear shift in the direction of performance with the changes made, but the Elron is almost unimpressed by the specifications of the cylinder and retains control over the characteristics of the engine. A slight increase in the maximum values ​​after the decimal point only indicates that the Elron has noticed that the cylinder is sending a clearer signal through the exhaust. However, the maximum torque remains at the same level as in the first construction stage.
The available speed range is reduced by 500 rpm to 3540 rpm.


Polini box


As a box exhaust, the Polini exhaust system reacts as expected. Similar to the Elron, the can from Italy only shows small reactions. The lower effective compression makes the curve dip somewhat in the increase between 4000rpm and 6200rpm. The system implements the slightly increased time cross-section at the outlet window with a gain of just over one horsepower at its peak.
The maximum torque remains the same at 35.2Nm and only shifts by a few hundred revolutions in the direction of higher speeds.
With a bandwidth of 3800 revolutions, the Polini system is slightly behind position 2, but this experiment shows that the box does not necessarily prefer the very small control angles. In direct comparison to construction stage 1, the bandwidth and maximum values ​​have increased significantly.




JL left hand / JL performance


Our test subject had a short break in the previous construction phase, due to appointments away from home; but now plays again in the third construction stage. Therefore, here is the comparison between levels 1 and 2.
So that it is also very clear how clearly an exhaust can behave when it is operated from other control angles. JL, who is considered good-natured, turns out to be a very approachable partner in search of performance.
At the top, the JL provides almost five and a half more horses and climbs over the 36PS line in the graph. The torque remains at 32.6Nm at the same level as in the first attempt. However, the torque extends over a much wider range - beyond 7000rpm. The performance peak is reached with 36.4PS at 8400rpm. The JL falls below the 25 HP line considered in the bandwidth only beyond 9600 rpm and can therefore not be described as a lazy speed. In general, the graph shifts significantly in the direction of higher speeds. With a bandwidth of only 3400 revolutions, the JL even lags behind the Elron and brings up the rear in terms of bandwidth in this construction stage.


Scooter and Service Newline


The angular power man from the north feels right at home in this expansion stage and takes two top marks with him.
There are no notable changes in the rise in the newline, but it does quite a bit due to the larger advance angle in the engine speed range. With 37.3Nm, it takes the top position in terms of torque in the third construction stage. The available speed range is narrower compared to the previous tests, but here too the Newline achieves a range of 4000 revolutions. With these values, considerations germinate after a longer primary with 24-60 ...




Similar to the Elron, the Seemonster from Posch Performance is not quite sure what to do with the changed steering angle. The maximum torque remains the same and the peak power increases by one horsepower. While the Nessie was way ahead in level 1 with 4300 revs in the range, the available rev range in level three goes a bit to the diving station and is in the upper midfield with 3700 revs.




Racing Resi


Racing Resi tastes the changes better. Rather attached to the higher steering angles, the Resi develops one more horsepower at the top and adds torque, which hardly affects the bandwidth on the 25HP line. In absolute terms, the Resi holds the position of the highest peak performance at this level with 38.9PS. We are slowly approaching the 40 HP brand with the expansion stages.






With 126 ° to 190 ° the Lakers is not yet in its comfort zone. Although it also clearly converts the changed control angle into performance. With 38.4PS at the top, it is only just behind the Resi. With a speed range of 3700 revolutions, which now extends to 10.100rpm, the Lakers shows where the journey can go with suitable peripherals.

Here in the overview the results. Best values ​​are highlighted in green.

Cylinder -POLINI aluminum 152ccm (Ø60mm) Evolution membrane (54mm stroke) - Vespa PV125, ET3 125, PK125 - crankshaft P2100070 is required

Big Evo racing cylinder POLINI Alu 152ccm / Evolution membrane Vespa Smallframe

The new Polini BIG EVO! Here we have the classic one 133 Polini racing cylinder presented. If that's not enough for you, there is now one Polini BIG EVO for the Vespa Smallframe. This modern racing cylinder means full 152cc for the original series engine housing the Vespa Smallframe-Models such as V50, 50N, PV, ET3, PK etc. So you don't need an extra motor housing!

30HP + tuning set for original engines

With a Ø60mm bore and 54mm stroke, as well as very ambitious control angles straight out of the box, the Polini is a serious opponent for the racetrack.
Based on the very successful Polini EVO 133, Polini has put together a great package that is designed for performance above the 30HP was created!

Polini Big Evo 152 Vespa

Data of the Vespa Polini tuning kit

  • Bore: Ø60mm
  • Hub: 54mm
  • Displacement: 152cc
  • Crush dimension: 1 ± 0,1mm
  • Connecting rod length: 105mm
  • Verdichtungsverhältnis: 14,2: 1
  • Piston running play: 0,07 - 0,08mm
  • Outlet shape: two-part
  • Outlet angle: 194 °
  • Overcurrent angle: 130 °
  • Preignition: 20 °
  • Spindle dimension left crankcase: Ø89,5 x 22,4mm
  • Spindle dimension right crankcase: Ø89,5 x 15,8mm


The Polini kit contains the complete intake tract, consisting of:

large membrane inlet, intake manifold and connecting rubber. The 6-flap membrane is equipped with 0.4mm thick plate material. The intake manifold is intended for use with a Ø34mm carburetor cross section (carburetor connection width of the rubber is Ø44-45mm). Modifications in the area of ​​the frame cutout for the carburetor may be necessary.


The Polini tuning set for Vespa relies on the well-known Asso piston of the Polini Aprilia AF1 kits, like the ones from FALC Racing is used in its 153cc cylinder (we can offer the very high-quality Ø60mm Wössner piston from Overrev very much).


Any shaft with a stroke of 54mm and a connecting rod length of 105mm can be used as the crankshaft.
The connecting rod length not only benefits the better connecting rod ratio, but also reduces the necessary housing adjustments for the overcurrent channels to a minimum.


The motor housing must be spindled with a 54mm stroke for the required crankshaft.


In addition to the conventional screw connection, the cylinder head is screwed onto the continuous (longer, enclosed) cylinder stud bolts with 4 screws.


Recommended accessories / setup:

  • Crankshaft: P2100070 or comparable (54 / 105mm)
  • Exhaust system: P2000416 or similar
  • Ignition: P1710554 or similar
  • Dynamic ignition timing (with ignition P1710554): 4,8mm in front of the upper one
  • Piston dead center at 4500 rpm
  • Spark plug: NGK BR9EG or comparable


Very interesting alternative for normal engine cases to the often unavailable FALC Racing cylinder. If you are looking for performance in the range well above 25PS, you will find it here!


Installation instructions Polini racing cylinder


Fits on the following Vespa Smallframe:

Poini 133 Racing racing cylinder Vespa

Polini 133 racing cylinder available!

This is a classic one Polini racing cylinder for the Vespa Smallframe Models PV / ET3 / PK / XL / XL2 models, except PK automatic.

This tuning cylinder is the revised version of the legendary 133 Polini and offers a plug & play high durability with a lot of torque.

But the cylinder also offers a lot of potential for ambitious tuning of your Vespa beyond the 20PS. If that's not enough: Polini 152 Big Evo cylinder

Poini 133 Racing racing cylinder Vespa

The main innovation of this "racing version" compared to the classic 133 relates to the cylinder head, which is made of cast aluminum with a high silicon content. In addition, the head has additional cooling fins on the underside. This means that the heat is dissipated much better, both from the cylinder itself and from the head. The compression was also slightly adjusted.

The copper seal not only conducts heat better, it also contributes to a significantly better seal between the cylinder and the head.

The layout of the cylinder is unchanged and is determined by the six transfer ports. The ASSO piston is made of die-cast, which gives it very good durability and low weight.

With a 57 mm bore, 51 ccm with a 130 shaft and an impressive 54 cc with a 138 shaft are available.

Racing cylinder of the K5 in the ESC

The cylinder is used unchanged in the ESC (European Scooter Challenge) in the K5 class very successfully in races and has "put" around 15 hp.

We already had this cylinder, extremely revised, with 30 HP on the test bench!



Instructions Polini 133cc


140.0050 / R | | 1400050R | P1400050R


Fits on these vehicles

This is the original press release from Polini about the cylinder:


RACING GENERATION Polini Motori has revised the popular cylinder kit for the Vespa 125 Primavera ET3. This is now also available as a RACING version with a specially developed cylinder head for better cooling. The cylinder head itself is also available individually. TECHNICAL DATA: The cylinder is made of cast iron with lamellar graphite. As a result, it has a self-lubricating effect and is very resistant to mechanical loads. This reduces the working temperature and prevents possible loss of performance. The cylinder has a 57mm bore and 6 overflow channels. The piston is made of chill cast light metal with a high silicon content and has two “S10” chrome-plated piston rings. The aluminum cylinder head is equipped with two fins, which dissipate the heat better. Cooling and compression ratio are optimized. The new copper seal prevents gas from escaping between the cylinder and cylinder head and facilitates heat exchange.



Vespa GTS conversion, tuning -> Vespa GTS custom scooter 

Before we get to the Vespa GTS conversions come, first a little review:

The Vespa has been a collector's item since the 50s, which the owner has always liked to individualize. To convert the Vespa, accessories and add-on parts such as mirrors, crash bars, speedometers, badges, anti-theft devices, decorative strips, heated handles, child seats, pillion seats, fuel displays and chrome accessories from manufacturers such as Ardor, Appel, Ulma and Vigano were installed.

Vespa Wideframe Accessories

In the 80's

In England germinates with Mods are available as assessories. scooter boys a movement that soon spills over the canal to Germany and the rest of Europe and will cast its spell over it.
Vespa / Piaggio itself now offers a range of accessories.

There's no arguing about taste! Some people went overboard in the wild 80s and screwed everything on their Vespa that the aftermarket had to offer.

Vespa PX with accessories

The 90s and 2000s

That is the birth of the Scooter Centers: 1992. The Scooter scene is at its zenith in Germany and Europe. Thousands meet on the weekend Scooter meeting = scooter runs, such as the SCOOTERDIVE and many other events to celebrate the vehicles, the music, yourself and your lifestyle.

Find it "Custom shows”Instead, in the off-season these are independent events with a previous and / or subsequent party = nighter. The elaborately converted scooters will be exhibited at the Scooter Customshow and assessed by a jury. The biggest custom shows were, for example, in Hamburg, Munich or the Extravaganza in the Ruhr area and, of course, since 2008 ours too Scooter show in Cologne.

Today: 2020 Modern Vespa models

To date, not much has changed: The modern Vespa is more powerful and engine tuning may become a bit more complex due to the introduction of digital engine control, but the urge for individualization and optimization of the Vespa is unbroken. Not without reason: Vespa has regularly topped the motorbike sales list for years, so of course you want to stand out from the crowd! And the chassis of the Vespa GTS, for example, has significant potential for optimization. Not for nothing, our bgm PRO shock absorbers are for them GTS test winner and bestsellers. LED indicators and LED headlights for GTS & Co are also often converted.

In our Vespa shop we offer you with our own brands bgm and MOTO NOSTRA and selected accessories and tuning suppliers (such as Piaggio, bgm, Moto Nostra, Malossi, Polini, Remus, Scorpion, Akrapovic, Leo Vince, HD Corse, Power 1, a wide range of tuning and accessories for your modern Vespa GTS, Primavera or Sprint .

Do you already know our specials catalogs?


Then as now, there are of course stages of customization. You can do a lot yourself, but if you are talking about an extreme custom project, you are well advised to turn to a professional. As for example with our partner Cafe Racer 69 from Berlin:

Cafe Racer 69

Vespa GTS 300 HPE Custom


The Cafe Racer 69 in Berlin do you get one professional customization of your Vespa. As already said, even with the current Vespa models, be it 125 or 300, Vespa GTS or Vespa Primavera & Vespa Sprint, there is still a lot of room for optimization in the series state. Also because the creative Berlin team of us with, for example bgm & Moto Nostra is supplied, you can assume that only the highest quality parts will be installed!

  • Engine power,
  • Drive,
  • Suspension
  • Brakes,
  • Painting
  • etc.

The Berliners also offer queens Optic tuning Your Vespa on. The purely visual changes can, for example

  • Powder coated
  • Attachments,
  • Moldings,
  • Fittings,
  • benches
  • etc.

Vespa GTS tuning with TÜV 

Our bgm PRO Shock absorber for Vespa GTS are of course TÜV approved. For changes to the chassis, brakes and rims, adjustments to the axle mounts are sometimes necessary. This adjustment for a roadworthy seat without track offset and adjustment of ABS & ASR generally require a technical approval by an expert (DEKRA, TÜV) and can be done at Cafe Racer 69 be made.


Vespa GTS Custom Scooter Compilation

In this video you will find the ultimate Vespa GTS Custom and Vespa GTS conversion compilation. Get inspired!

Best Vespa GTS Custom TOP Vespa GTS Conversion Vespa GTS 300 Tuning Compilation

Vespa GTS 300 Tuning and Vespa GTS Custom Scooter by Cafe Racer 69

Polini box Vespa

POLINI ROAD BOX Vespa PX now available again

The Polini Road Box exhaust is now available again for small and large engines:

This Polini exhaust for Vespa is a very good alternative to the outdated SIP Road. The Polini surpasses the SIP Road across the entire speed range, both in terms of power and torque. The early and high use of torque make the Polini Box a ideal tour companion. The well thought-out construction of the exhaust system makes it possible to permanently maintain the low and pleasant noise level of the system.

Of course, we tested the exhaust ourselves and drove many kilometers with it. The quality and fit is good, even the exhaust paint on the manifold lasts longer than average. Harmonizes very well with that BGM177 cylinder.

TIPP: The Carburetor jets Choose approx. 2-3 sizes larger than a SIP Road

Vespa PX Polini exhaust box


The exhaust was designed specifically for the Vespa PX models. On older vehicles that were built before the PX series, ist es möglich that the stop tab of the main stand touches the manifold. In our experience, they only touched the angle plate of the main stand on Vespa Sprint, Rally and Co. very lightly.

bgm BigBox - a good choice!

Our bgm BigBox Of course, it always fits PX and the Touring also fits rally, sprint & Co. and is often not just for these oldtimers great alternative. Choose between the BigBox Touring or BigBox Sport, depending on the engine concept and characteristics.

Exhaust bgm Bigbox Vespa


EICMA News 2020

Motorcycle / scooter & two-wheeler fair EICMA 2019 in Milan

This year we were again at the largest motorcycle and two-wheeler fair in the world: the EICMA in Milan.

Here we meet partners and suppliers and find out about trends and new products for scooters directly on site. Words would not convey this particular spirit of Eicma so well; we have brought you videos.

All new products will now be available little by little, we will keep you up to date here in the blog.

EICMA 2019 Scooter News 2020

EICMA 2019 Scooter News 2020

Malossi News

Kevin Pohl from Malossi Racing Team Germany exclusively received and us the Malossi News 2020 gezeigt.
Follow Kevin here on his channels: INSTAGRAM | Website | FACEBOOK

Just in Milan, now in Scooter Center Shop: New 125 Malossi engine case Vespa PX 125 crankcase, get information here:

Malossi Vespa engine case -MALOSSI V-One, rotary valve- Vespa PX80, PX125, PX150, LML Star / Stella 125/150 ElestartMalossi item no .: M5718392
Malossi Vespa engine case -MALOSSI VR-One, membrane inlet- Vespa PX80, PX125, PX150, LML Star / Stella 125/150 ElestartMalossi item no .: M5718382

You can find all Malossi products in our Malossi shop!

Malossi News EICMA 2019 Scooter Tuning 2T, 4T & Vespa (subtitle)

Pinasco News

Patrick shows us Pinasco News 2020 exclusively in Milan!

Lots of great new Pinasco products, soon in ours Pinasco shop

EICMA 2019 Pinasco News 2020 (subtitle)

Carburetor spare parts via carburetor exploded view

Spare parts for DellOrto and Polini carburettors

Carburetor spare parts: In our shop we also offer you small parts to repair the carburetor of your scooter. We have great explodedwith which you can each part easily identify and order quickly and easily .

Simply select your Dell'Orto or Polini carburetor here to get to the spare parts very easily:


All you need - warehouse

Hello, my name is Maryzabel!

I am a trainee at Scooter Center. I come from Colombia and take you on my big and small adventures in the blog, take a look behind the scenes with you Scooter Center and take you to scooter meetings.

2. My first week

In my first week as a trainee, I got to know the details of the process from ordering to goods registration in the respective departments. Scooter Center not only markets its own brands like: BGM and Moto Nostra, but also more than 300 brands such as: Malossi, Polini, Pinasco, Piaggio and other major brands and manufacturers of scooter parts.

My tasks were to reorder products with modern IT systems depending on the inventory and demand. The receipt of goods, the addition of new products to the system and also the packaging and storage. With so many different parts I've had to deal with, how can so many parts fit on our little scooter?

From the base like Cylinder and carburettor from bearings, seals to all body parts such as entire frame sets or side panels and fenders, all the smallest screws, washers, nuts, split pins up to the accessories, original, restoration, tuning, customizing. Madness what it's all im Scooter Center Warehouse and in scooter shop gives.

Sooner or later, we scooter drivers come into contact with the parts on our scooter. Either planned and “just” for fun: Customizing or tuning, but if it goes stupid with a breakdown, in the middle of the country road. Good to know that you are with the Scooter Center have a partner who can help you quickly and cheaply with the necessary parts and service.


What I know is that so many parts are enough to fill meters, square meters and cubic meters of this huge warehouse over 3 floors and to fill the online shop with tons of data via a modern IT system.

What I also know for sure is that I can build a great Vespa from scratch with the parts from the Scooter Center Be able to build camps. I could build my dream scooter without worry, because in addition to the parts, operating instructions and all the necessary tools are available directly from stock.

I can assure you and have seen it myself. The Scooter slogan applies perfectly: ALL YOU NEED


Fair Eicma Livetiker 2016

Eicma 2016

It starts, we are at the Eicma in Milan and provide you with the trade fair live ticker:

Vespa / Piaggio

Electric Vespa

As already reported by us here, the comes from Piaggio Electric Vespa.

Piaggio E-Bike: WI-BIKE

The motor concept of the e-bikes shown is compatible with the e-Vespa. The Piaggio Wi-Bike is fully connected and can be operated with an app. There is also GPS theft protection. Electromobility seems to have taken an important part in Piaggio's portfolio here.

  • Let the technology guide you: your Wi-Bike and your smartphone communicate with each other.
  • Download the WI-Bike app. Connect your smartphone to your Wi-Bike via Bluetooth. Touch & Go, determine your personal setup.
  • Choose your destination. Take off.
  • Three special performance modes via app. You have the choice between: City, Hill and Standard
  • The variable motor support adapts to your needs.
  • Challenge yourself! Achieve your goals. Wi-Bike is your very own personal trainer.

Vespa models - new colors, less power and a lot of lifestyle

We had changes to the engine (Euro 4) in the exhibition news of Intermot in Cologne already discussed. In Milan, Piaggio is showing new colors and a lot of lifestyle.

A special model of the Vespa GTS 300 Super in green metallic with aluminum applications in CNC style, e.g. cascade, fender nipples. Interesting cascade with an even more interesting horn section - opinions will differ on this ;-)

More deets: Bitubo shock absorber in front, only for the trade fair or series? In any case, the adjustable levers are standard! CNC footrests, mirrors in CNC design, new oil control screw and vario cover.


Personally, I like the Vespa Seigiorni very much. Piaggio thus ties in with the early 50s, because sports models of the Vespa have been produced parallel to the series vehicles since 1947. The Vespa Sport, known as the “Sei Giorni” after the model that had great success in the 1951 international regularity race of the same name. An original Vespa Sei Giorni is incredibly valuable.


DellOrto has been the standard supplier for the Italian motorcycle and scooter industry since 1933. Dell'Orto was the largest supplier of two-wheeled carburetors in Europe from the 1960s to the 1980s; today the company works closely with Bosch and Mikuni. At the Scooter Center of course you get all available DellOrto carburetors and DellOrto spare parts such as nozzles, carburetor needles and slides quickly and cheaply.


The Scomadi with 300cc was never realized. Rumors say Piaggio has refused to supply 300cc engines to a competitor product. Today a prototype with me 400ccm. At the moment everyone at Scomadi is very busy, we will try to find out later which engine is being installed.

Polini - Scooter Center is an Official Polini Dealer


More Polini News:

Polini has beautiful scooters on the stand again. News from Polini: eg mounted pressure plate for the Smallframe.


Bell helmets - Our personal favorite helmets - The Bell Custom 500 and Bullit are now also available in a scrambler design.


Gogoro: innovative electric scooter with battery replacement system. The concept is probably the future, the design a matter of taste.


Also at Malossi: beautiful scooters on the stand. For many of us that was the beginning of scooter riding: the Ciao.
Malossi still offers an extensive tuning program, which you can get from us: Piaggio Ciao parts
Classic Vespa novelty at Malossi - a straight-toothed primary transmission for Vespa Cosa clutch.


Faco is a proven provider for Scooter accessories and chrome accessories meanwhile, of course, also for the modern Vespa models such as GT, GTS & Co.

faco-vespa-eicma-milano-2016-1 faco-vespa-eicma-milano-2016-2


In addition to Polini and Malossi, another tuning specialist with home advantage on the Eicma: Pinasco
In the last few years Pinasco has been offering the new Motor housings for Vespa Switch scooters or crankshafts with interchangeable balancing weights, again clearly gas.

intermot 2016

We are for you at the Intermot in Cologne

intermittent: Scooter Center Mandatory date!

Full throttle! When hundreds of thousands of scooters and motorcycle fans from all over the world come together in Cologne in October 2016 and for five days nothing counts other than displacement, horsepower and a lot of gas - then it's finally INTERMOT again and that Scooter Center is at the start for you!

Intermot live ticker:

++ Piaggio

+++ Ciao Bella - who would have thought that we would miss the PX one day?

The Vespa PX is history. Even if it will be exhibited again at the Intermot 2016, it belongs to the “old iron” with the Euro 3 standard. All orders that were received up to June 2016 will, according to Piaggio, still be delivered.

+++ GTS 300 special model Touring, with ABS and Euro 4 & less power

By converting to Euro 4, the Vespa Gts 300 lost half a horsepower and is now with it 21,5 PS delivered

+++ New GTS 125 with Euro 4 and new engine

The Vespa GTS125 also comes with Euro4 and has a completely new engine from the Piaggio medley 125 get.

++ New swallow

A new start for the Schwalbe in 2017? With the latest lithium-ion technology from Bosch and a Range of 150km should the swallow 2017 at a price of 5.000 Euros come on the market. I personally like this one Electric Vespa better.

++ Remus Vespa GTS 300 ie exhaust

Remus slip-on RSC Dual Row (carbon with EG / ABE)

  • deep special sound
  • sporty look
  • High quality material
  • Weight optimization

Now available from us:

++ BELL helmets with new designs

Bell helmets are cult and these are the new designs of the Custom 500 jet helmet:

++ Wilbers front shock absorber for the Vespa GTS - 799 euros

Wilbers - known as a manufacturer of high-end motorcycle suspension struts - now also has a front shock absorber for the Vespa GTS in its range. ABE and a 5 year guarantee may justify it high price of € 799 for the front shock absorber.

Click here for the bgm Shock absorbers for the Vespa GTS with ABE.

BGM Pro SC SPORT shock absorber -porty- comfortable -adjustable -with TÜV-

BGM Pro SC SPORT shock absorber -porty- comfortable -adjustable -with TÜV-

++ Moto Guzzi Tourer

Moto Guzzi shows its new MGX 21 tourer

Moto Guzzi MGX 21 Tourer

++ Polini Vespa GTS exhaust

So, last but not least, a shot of the Polini exhaust on a GTS. We had it Polini but during our visit we had already introduced you to the exhaust here: Polini exhaust Vespa GTS

That's all for today! Unfortunately no news for classic Vesps so far. Apart from the fact that the Vespa PX is now finally being discontinued, see above.
Have a nice evening! Tomorrow we will be on our way again to the nearby Cologne fair to check out the Intermot for you ...

Evening mood Cologne

Win a Polini shirt

Take part in our online customshow now!

Win a Polini shirt


In full anticipation of our big international one Scooter Custom Show 2016 in Cologne, we have one Online custom show started on Facebook.
Simply upload a picture of your scooter and let the Facebook community and a jury rate your scooter picture.

There are 3 categories and in each category the best four scooters win:


Best automatic
Modern automatic scooter without manual transmission. Automatic Scooter, Scootermatic, Twist & Go

Best Lambretta
All classic Lambretta scooters

Best Vespa
All classic Vespa scooters and also the modern Vespa are rated here.



1. 110 euro Coupon
2. 55 Euros- Coupon
3. 35 euro Coupon
4. POLINI shirt

Inside Polini Bergamo

Inside Polini

Part 3 of our trip to Italy takes place in Bergamo near Polini.

1. Rimini Lambretta Center 20th Anniversary Open Day / Rimini
2. Try Cromate Scooter Club Ride Out / Rimini
3. Polini factory tour / Bergamo
4. Casa Lambretta and Lambretta Museum visit / Milan


We still completely flashed from the Rimini weekend on the fourth day of our trip to Italy two more highlights on the program:

  • Visit to POLINI in Bergamo
  • Visit of the Lambretta Museum by Vittorio Tessera followed by a quick check of the new CASA LAMBRETTA parts

Scooter Center visits POLINI in Bergamo

Polini headquarters in Bergamo

Polini is known for Vespa tuning parts as well as scooter and motorcycle motorsport. The high-performance, high-quality tuning products are available from Scooter Center at a great price / performance ratio: POLINI scooter shop

The roots of the Family business lie in a small one Bicycle manufacture in Bologna. After World War II, Polini Battista originally built bicycles. During our visit we got to know his sons and grandchildren who run the company today very successful continue.

The video


A real Picture book family business. We meet at least three generations of the family who work in a wide variety of positions in the company. We were introduced to a different family member at almost every corner. You are working in the company as Engineers and designers, photographers, designers and managers.

Today only the plaque and a few old pictures at the entrance to the Polini headquarters remind of this origin. Today Polini has nothing to do with bicycles. Almost nothing, because Polini wouldn't be Polini if ​​she wasn't even one Would tune e-bikes...
A tuning kit for e-bike motors such as Bosch or Panasonic with a remarkable performance from 25 to 50 km / h has recently been available.
But now back to real motorsport.

Cup handover Customshow

We were really looking forward to the meeting because Polini is one of ours main suppliers and one of the oldest business partner. Polini supports us in ours Scooter Center Custom show SCOOTER SHOW from the beginning. So it was high time, now for the 8th year, to finally be there, personally and with a current one Customshow Cup thank you for that.

Polini Cup Winner Custopmshow Sponsor

The family showed us the entire sacred halls, from development to laboratories with stress tests, several performance test benches, workshop, assembly halls to warehouse and logistics.
We were very impressed with the size and above all about the very open and warm, sympathetic nature with which we were received.

But you know us, the long way has to be worth it, that's how it came about the business Not too short:

In the future we will expand our Polini product range even more, for example:

Polini CP - carburetor

We have had them in our range for a long time: The Polini CP carburettors.

Polini CP carburetor carburetor

Word has already got around here that this very easy to tune carburetor on too Vespa Smallframe and Lambretta excellent The range of application is limited, however, as only the following sizes are available: 17,5 / 19/21/23/24 (Evolution).

Polini in-house development, MADE in ITALY. PWK - nozzles fit!

Polini brake pads

The brake pads are used in the Polini Cup races and other racing companies and the drivers are enthusiastic.
Polini brake pads suitable for your scooter you will get from yours soon Scooter Center Scooter shop

Polini brake brakes

Polini Modern Vespa exhaust

It's brand new Polini exhaust for the new Vespa models. VESPA GTS125 / GT200 / GTS250 / GTS and GTV300 4Str. SUPER GT.

Polini Vespa Exhaust Muffler Marmita
Great lookwhich has been specially adapted to the line of the Vespa body. The workmanship and the finish are great! And as you can hear in the video, there are also nen rich sound on this.


With and without throttle / homologation in short Scooter Center Modern Vespa shop .

Thank you POLINI

At this point, too, many thanks again to Roberta and the Polini family, we know that they check our blog from time to time :-)


Pictures POLINI

The photos from our visit to POLINI

Simmerings PTFE shaft seals Vespa

Malossi follows suit: after Polini some time ago reinforced shaft sealing rings in PTFE / FPM brought to market offers Malossi now also has a large selection of these “Wedis”

More resistant to mechanical and thermal loads

For engines that are more speed-oriented and thermally stressed, these low-friction shaft seals are a real benefit!

7675875 Vespa oil seals Simmerrings in PTFE / FPM The PTFE (also called Teflon ©) sealing lips of these shaft seals are very resistant to mechanical and, above all, thermal loads. While the normal shaft seals made of NBR can only reach a temperature of 100 ° or 120 ° can withstand, the PTFE shaft seal are with a load capacity of over 150 ° significantly more resistant.

Available for many models, make sure you have a good crankshaft!

Malossi offers for a lot of Vespa and automatic engines PTFE shaft seals. However, you should pay attention to the combination of the shaft seal and the paired crankshaft. The reason for this is that the PTFE sealing lips are relatively tough compared to the normal NBR versions. So with the crankshafts you should Models with better material To fall back on. Polini crankshafts are case-hardened, P2100034 (1)and our bgm crankshafts oppose the die-forged 25CrMo4 and thus easily withstand the PTFE shaft seals. 7673153 (1) Mazzucchelli offers crankshafts in tough K2D Material.


Buy PTFE shaft seal here.

Polini 221cc cylinder

Update: Malossi MHR 221ccm cylinder for Vespa PX 200 available Malossi MHR 221ccm cylinder

As with the new one Malossi Sport and MHR cylinders , we also dedicate ourselves to the details of the Polini 221cc cylinder for 60mm stroke crankshafts. We had already measured timing & co for the Polini 221 cylinder for the Vespa here: Polini 221ccm 60mm long stroke.


The one included in the cylinder kit cylinder head is also with the current Polini 210cc used. Polini regulates the adjustment of the compaction simply by changing the pinch edge.

So let's grab the head and give it a suitable one Long thread spark plug and simply apply grease as a seal for our plexiglass instrument.

Cylinder head Polini221

With the Plexiglas plate in place, we fill the cylinder head with the burette in order to determine the exact cylinder head volume.

Cylinder head Polini221_2

The meniscus remains in our burette at 25ml. The volume of the combustion chamber in the cylinder head is therefore 25ccm.

To get the entire combustion chamber volume (Vc), we still need the volume of the domed piston crown. With a defined piston backing, in our case 6mm, we first calculate the volume of this “cylinder”.

piston head polini221
6,85 x 6,85 x 0,785 x 0,6 = 22,1ccm so is the volume.

Also sealed with grease and filled with lamp oil in a playful delicate rose, the burette reveals a value of 14,6ccm. So 22,1 - 14,6 = 7,5ccm for the Volume of the piston crown.

3_bottom polini221

The last ingredient is missing Volume of the pinch edge. Measured directly on the living object, i.e. directly on the engine, this is 2,2mm, which in turn has a volume of 8,1ccm requirements.

Combustion chamber volume

So we come to a total combustion chamber volume of:

Cylinder head 25ccm + pinch edge 8,1ccm - piston bottom 7,5ccm
= 25,6ccm

compression ratio

Does this result in a compression ratio? from
Cylinder displacement 221ccm + combustion chamber volume 25,6ccm / combustion chamber volume 25,6ccm
= 246,6ccm / 25,6ccm
? = 9,63

Polini 221ccm cylinder put to the test

Here is another example of the Polini 221 based on a customer engine.

So Polini 221cc, Polini crankshaft 60mm stroke, Dellorto PHBH 28, Polini intake manifold for rotary valve and ours bgm BigBox. With the original cylinder base seal, control angles of 120 ° / 170 ° result. For more information, see the diagram below.


For a motor that is only plugged together, i.e. has not undergone any machining of the channel surfaces, 26Nm is a reasonable amount of torque. Especially when power and torque are available that early.

At 4000 rpm, 20Nm are already available, which is at least twice the value that an original PX200 reaches as a maximum.

Depending on the gearbox setting and application preferences, one can confidently longer primary can be used to achieve a solid cruising speed at low speeds on the motorway. The low-vibration running of the Polini crankshaft then contributes to the rest of the comfortable journey ...

120km / h cruising speed

With this motor and a longer reduction ratio should permanent 120km / h to be possible. Here ** as an example, once with the original gearbox and once with our bgm Superstrong clutch and DRT pinion extended by one tooth on the original primary of the PX200 with 65 teeth.

PX200 24_65

Since there are still 7000PS at 20rpm, it is possible to crack the often cited 120Km / h mark.

** The gear calculator "GearCalc" was kindly made available to us by GSF member Motorhead. Thanks very much!

Cylinder -POLINI 221 cc aluminum, 60mm stroke- Vespa PX200, Rally200

Article no. P1400084

From now on is the new one Polini 221cc Vespa cylinder available from us.

What's new?

  • suitable for 60mm stroke (long stroke shaft)
  • reinforced outlet with steel ring
  • massive, centered cylinder head with large cooling surface
  • also fits E-start engines

Dimensions and data:

  • Cylinder height 99,7mm
  • Outlet height 39,2mm
  • Overcurrent height 50,2mm
  • Support channel height 53mm
  • Cylinder base gasket 0,25mm
  • Cylinder head gasket 0,25mm
  • Outlet chord 36,8mm
  • Compression ratio 10,2: 1 (with QK 2mm)

Polino 221 (3)

We took a closer look at the Polini 221ccm cylinder for you.

Polino 221 (5)

Solid cylinder head

At first glance, it impresses massive cylinder head. Equipped with additional cooling fins on the underside, it ensures sufficient heat dissipation at all times, even with engine concepts that are subject to high thermal loads. The spark plug thread is designed for long threads, i.e. a B9ES or Bosch W3CC for NGK.

Polini 221 centering pins cylinder head (4)

Precise centering thanks to centering pins

It also has centering holes together with the cylinder. With the included centering pins, the pinch edge can be set safely and precisely.

Polini 221 Centering Pins (7)

Reinforced outlet nozzle

You can find another nice detail on the outlet nozzle.

Polini 221 outlet nozzle (6)

Here the sensitive aluminum socket is reinforced by a resistant steel ring.
The steel ring effectively protects the sensitive aluminum nozzle from damage by exhaust systems that are fastened with a clamp. Exhaust systems suspended by springs no longer “gnaw” off the exhaust port.

Suitable for engines with an electric starter

A little trick in the truest sense of the word adorns the outside of the right overcurrent duct.

Polini 221 franking e-start pole wheel

With the 221, Polini offers one of the few cylinders available on the market that can be installed and driven with an electric starter without any changes.

Polini 221 franking e-start pole wheel (13)

Measurement results

Here are the usual ones Scooter Center - Measurement results:

Height cylinder: 99,7mm
Outlet height (from OK): 39,2mm
Overcurrent duct height (from OK): 50,2mm
Support channel height (from upper edge): 53mm
The piston residue is 2,0mm with the included cylinder base gasket

This results in the following control angles:

Outlet 168 °; Overcurrent 120 °; Support channel 104 °

Compression ratio and combustion chamber volume:

In order to determine the combustion chamber volume and thus the compression ratio, we rented out the cylinder head and determined the volume of the dome of the piston crown.

Polini 221 combustion chamber volume (11)

The combustion chamber volume of the head is 24,9ccm.

The volume of the elevation of the piston crown is 8,1 cm³

With a piston residue of 2mm and the resulting squishy edge (without the enclosed cylinder head gasket 0,25mm), the compression ratio is 10,2: 1

Based on the moderate control angle and the combustion chamber design, together with the Polini crankshaft, we would expect an engine with good running smoothness and a lot of torque in the lower to medium speed range.

We are excited to see when you will put the first real Polini 221ccm on our test bench!
Polini 221cc Vespa cylinder now cheap at Scooter Center Kaufen.

Polini 221 long stroke

Polini 210 goes Polini 221 long stroke! - Scooter Center - Version -
We wanted him from Polini and reported about it in 2011. Now the Polini 221 long stroke is finally here! From Monday, July 29, 2013 at Scooter Center Scootershop available

Polini 221 long stroke

Cylinder -POLINI 221 long stroke aluminum, 60mm stroke- Vespa PX200, Rally200

The “old” Polini 207 gray cast iron cylinder is a feared opponent thanks to its enormous torque, but due to the material used, it is not considered to be thermally very durable.

Thanks to the new Polini 210 Alu, this shortcoming is now a thing of the past. Due to the significantly better thermal properties of the hard-coated aluminum cylinder, the kit now runs thermally much more stable than its older cast iron counterpart. If the version for the standard hub of 57mm has already become a real bestseller, Polini is finally laying it at our request a version for the use of a long stroke shaft with 60mm stroke according to! This results in a whopping 221ccm, more than enough to get around quickly with a vehicle that usually weighs less than 100kg.

Overcurrent channels
The channel design of the cylinder was also adopted here from the well-known cast iron cylinder, but the control angles have been slightly changed / extended.

If the cylinder with 210ccm is already good for almost 15 HP and 20 Nm of torque on the rear wheel, the long-stroke variant adds several coals. The lower area, which is already very strong, is reinforced again, and the power peak and the band are expanded upwards.
Of course, the cylinder reacts with even more power to further expansion stages.

Depending on the purpose, ours is recommended here

And finally ...

The Polini is the tractor among the conversion cylinders. Its full torque and the good pulling power predestine this cylinder for the long tour as well as for the next traffic light duel! Now even stronger with an extra 10ccm!

Short facts:

  • Bore: 68,5mm
  • Stroke: 60mm
  • Connecting rod length: 110mm (series)
  • Displacement: 221ccm
  • Cylinder head: Included in delivery
  • Piston: cast iron, 2 piston rings
  • Special: crankshaft with 60mm stroke required


Please always assemble piston rings carefully. Piston rings made of cast material are only elastic to a limited extent and break relatively quickly.
Some pistons have trapezoidally profiled piston rings (so-called keystone rings), these only fit in one installation position. If the ring does not move freely, please loosen it carefully and turn it back into place 'upside down'.

POLINI 221 long stroke cylinder aluminum, 60mm stroke- Vespa PX200, Rally200

New Polini Vespa crankshaft

Polini Vespa crankshaft at Scooter Center arrived!
The brand new Polini crankshafts for the Vespa PX engines have just arrived.

Now available in Scooter Center Vespa shop. The is currently available Polini Vespa crankshaft for:

In detail

We took a closer look at the new Polini Vespa crankshafts for you.

First of all, the shape of the rotary valve cheek is striking. Here was a lot of material out of the way.

Polini Vespa crankshaft Polini PX 031

The relative is also noticeable strong cutwhich ensures a very quick intake closure and does not propel mixture out of the crankshaft housing again via a ramp. In return, the window under the rotary valve surface has been carefully processed so that there is no excessive imbalance within one crank arm.

Polini Vespa crankshaft Polini PX 032

The PX125 and the PX200 Vespa crankshaft with 57mm stroke is equipped with a 22mm crank pin. The crank webs for 60mm stroke are connected by a 20mm crank pin to ensure sufficient material coverage.

Polini Vespa crankshaft Polini PX 024

The cutout on the rotary valve cheek determines the period in which the inlet is open.
On a current PX200 motor housing, we come to a value of 110 ° from above. up to 75 ° n.Ot.

Overall, you get a very sporty steering angle of 185 °.

With the PX125 crankshaft we were able to get the values ​​110 ° from top to bottom. and 63 ° nth with a Degree disc

Polini Vespa crankshaft Polini PX 019

Polini has not changed the width of the rotary valve surface and is based on the original at 17mm.

Polini Vespa crankshaft Polini PX 029

Polini advertises the crankshaft as “balanced”, ie balanced to minimize nasty vibrations.
Therefore, we first looked at the balance factor. As a test victim, the PX200

Use a crankshaft with a 57mm stroke.

Vespa crankshaft Polini PX 006

On the roller block, the crankshaft oscillates almost at the 12 o'clock position.

The so-called balance factor allows conclusions to be drawn about the expected running smoothness.

If you would like to try something out with the balance factor, we have determined some values.

The translational part of the connecting rod weighs 60,25 grams

Vespa crankshaft Polini PX 002

The pendulum weight, i.e. the mass that is attached to the connecting rod so that the crankshaft can be brought to a standstill in any position on the roller block, is Vespa crankshaft Polini PX 009104,35 gr.

The Scooter Center presents the Polini Vespa crankshaft Vespa PX125 and Vespa PX200.

Vespa carburetor Smallframe Polini CP S

Vespa carburetor Smallframe Polini CPPolini Vespa carburetor Smallframe

Polini goes into the next round with the development of their CP carburettor. Every single part of these Polini Vespa carburettors is planned, developed and produced directly at the company headquarters in Bergamo:

100% Made in Italy.

The product range has now been expanded to include the new Vespa Polini CP carburetor.

2 sizes available

The Polini Vespa Polini CP carburetor is available in 19mm and 21mm. The carburetor fits on every 19 mm intake manifold and comes complete with a new throttle cable and air box (air filter). The Polini Vespa carburetor replaces the original Vespa carburetor of yours Smallframe.

Easy construction

The assembly should be very easy and possible without modifications to the original 19mm intake manifold.

The CP Polini have a plug connection and were specially developed for the legendary Vespa 125 Primavera ET3. Like the original carburetor of the Vespa 125, the Polini CP has a plug connection between the intake manifold and the carburetor. Delivery includes an airbox with a higher air flow rate. Available with 19mm and 21mm opening.

High quality

While the concentric layout of the extremely short intake section guarantees an ideal air flow, the mixture (regardless of the position of the throttle valve) can optimally flow into the mixing tube at any time. The inlet hole for the fuel supply and the larger float needle valve always supply the Polini Vespa carburettor with a sufficient amount of fuel, even under extreme conditions. In order to ensure that the standard is always the same, the exact float level and the functionality of the float needle are checked very carefully during production.

Easy adjustment of the carburetor

The high manufacturing quality and accuracy of these details then makes this noticeably easier Adjusting the carburetor. The flow properties as well as the selection of the main and auxiliary nozzles have been optimized in the direction of maximum power output with lower consumption. The compact dimensions of the new carburetor require optimal use of the limited interior space, as well as maximum efficiency of the built-in individual components, which are strictly controlled down to a thousandth.

The Polini carburettors have already been ordered and will soon be available in the Vespa scooter shop be available.

Polini Vespa carburetor - 100% Made in Italy

Cylinder kit 75cc Polini Racing modified for Vespa V50 1st series

Now available in the shop: Cylinder Vespa V50 first series 75cc Polini Racing

The early Vespa V50 models, colloquially known as the V50 first series, surprise their owners in some details compared to the widespread, later V50 models.

The early models include, for example, the chassis numbers V5A1 * 1001 * to * 92877 and V5SA1 * 1001 * to * 15325 *

Whether it is the front wheel suspension, the fastening of the rear brake anchor plate with M6 studs, the 3-speed gearbox, the 9 inch tires or the short wheelbase, the V50 models of the first generation are special in many details.
This is also the case when it comes to increasing the performance of the prime mover.

The first V1,2 engines put their drivers at the disposal of a little more than a horse, 50 HP in numbers. This is paired with a reasonably long translated primary of 3.72 and a miserable jump from gear 2 to gear 3 doesn't exactly make these engines into real sprinters.

So what could be more obvious than giving the engine a boost with a new, more powerful cylinder kit.

Here, however, the next surprise awaits. The early V50s have a smaller cylinder base bore in the engine housing - this probably dates from the time when the engine was used as a starter engine for Piaggio aircraft. As a result, the current cylinders do not match.

The motor would have to be completely dismantled in order to properly spindle the cylinder base bore.
In order to avoid this effort, we have machined cylinders appropriately. So you can install the cylinder directly.

Our choice fell on that Polini 75cc in the racing version. With a very nice speed range and an output of over 4HP, it is exactly the right candidate to pull the slightly too long gear of the V50. The wide speed range clearly helps to overcome the rather long jump from second to third gear.


The cylinder base is turned to fit ...

04.04.6 004

and the fastening point for the fan wheel cover and cooling hood shortened to match.

04.04.6 006

You will find one as an accessory in our cylinder kit Sheet metal nut M6, this serves the screwing point between Flywheel and Cooling hood and can simply be plugged onto the fan wheel cover for this purpose. This is necessary because the fastening points on the V50 are oriented 1 ° differently.

09.01.13 012

Polini specifies an ignition point of 17 ° for this cylinder. If you are still using contact ignition on the engine, you can use the test lamp to set the ignition point to 1,4mm before TDC.

1010003 Polini Racing 75

Depending on the exhaust and whether one Racing wave is built into your engine, you should have the Main jet adjust accordingly in the carburetor. In the installation instructions, Polini recommends a main jet of 16-66 for the SHB 68 carburetor. However, we cannot confirm this value in this way. Experience has shown that the carburettor should be equipped with a 74-84 jet.

Matching carburetor kits

SHB 16/16


SHB 19/19


When you are faced with the decision to open the engine and do the usual wear parts like Shift claw, Sealing kit and Shaft seals to replace, we definitely recommend using one Racing crankshaft ...


and a short 3rd gear think.


The racing crankshaft enables the engine to develop a higher torque and the short 3rd gear ensures a better connection when shifting from gear 2 to gear 3.

With such a powerful engine, you can enjoy the summer on your V50 even better.