Happy Birthday German Scooter Forum

I still remember the year 2000 and the start of the GSF very well; At that time I had a small private website ( with appointments, run reports, technical tips and a guest book that was widely used.
At some point René wrote to me:

"... let's move the communication: to the new forum ...",
"New forum?"
"Yes, there is something news: GSF - German Scooter Forum"...
Madness, this is now 20 years ago!

German Scooter Forum / Screenshot 2002

German Scooter Forum / Screenshot 2002

Largest scooter driver forum worldwide

According to its own information, the GSF is the oldest and largest forum for Vespa and Lambretta scooters in Germany ... and worldwide.
The online community has grown rapidly and today there are over 66.000 members who discussed, asked, made fun of, annoyed, praised, insulted and informed in almost 360.000 topics in over 5 million posts, sometimes more and sometimes less seriously.

Supported by Scooter Center

The Scooter Center has supported the GSF from the very beginning and of course also actively uses it as a support forum. Several times we became Best scooter shop voted.


Interview with “Mike” Michael Betz, German Scooter Forum

Michael Betz German Scooter Forum

Who started the GSF?

I am the father of the GSF, Michael Betz. At that time I was still an active member of the “Low Rider Scooter Club”, later an enthusiastic ESC and long-distance racing driver / team boss with several championship titles.

I have increasingly withdrawn from the ESC racing scene since the birth of my children. I'm still fully involved in the long haul, but only as team boss from 2021 due to an accident. We are by far the most successful team at the VTR24h race in Zuera / Spain. No team has won there twice, not three times, but we've already won four times… plus a few podium places and mostly at the same time with the fastest race lap. We are absolutely at the top with 60 opposing teams, but that's another story.


How exactly did the GSF come about?

The nucleus for the GSF came into being in December 2000, when I was doing an internship in Berlin and had a lot of time on the side. At that time I set up the Low Rider SC homepage and didn't want to use a guest book as it was then. It bothered me that the already few scooter riders on the internet were spread over many guest books and the entries always disappeared downwards and no clearly structured and continuous discussion was possible. I wanted to create a central platform and knowledge database. That is why I used a forum that every club could integrate into its own club homepage.

At that time you could not access the forum directly, but first had to go to one of the club websites. The own domain “” came years later.

The first time was pretty tough, people weren't that much online yet and back then there were already big names like “The Scooter Driver Guest Book”, which we first had to assert ourselves against.

We are celebrating 2020 years of GSF in December 20!


Who will help you with the flood of questions and contributions?

While I mainly take care of the technical side of the forum myself, there are some selfless supporters who manage to keep the content side of the forum running. Without these guys, the whole thing would not be possible. You invest many hours, nerves and heart and soul in the cause, which deserves the highest respect. So many thanks to my moderators Thisnotes4u, Gertax, t4., Subway, pfupfu, reusendrescher, sähkö, Florian, Vic and all alumni. Without you, the GSF could wrap up!


How many members does the forum currently have and what statistics are there?

As of the end of 2020, the forum had a good 66.000 members, making it the undisputed oldest and largest platform forum for classic scooters on the internet. The unimaginable number of well over 5 million contributions alone speaks volumes.


Is Facebook & Co. a threat to the GSF?

We have of course noticed that a lot is happening on the social media platforms on the subject of classic scooters. But it is still true that a recurring, in-depth discussion of technical topics and looking up knowledge is only possible in the GSF. Similar to the above-mentioned guest books from the year 2000, the contributions at fb disappear into nirvana after a short time.
Furthermore, I am firmly convinced that the hard core of scooter riders continue to predominantly move in the GSF, while more commercially oriented people or only sporadically interested people tend to stay on the other platforms.

So I look forward to the future calmly, the right people are still in the right place.


How can you support the forum?

At this point I would like to thank all supporters of the forum. Without you, the GSF would no longer exist today.
If you want to know how you can support the GSF:

Supports the continued existence of the GSF


Where can I find the forum?


Happy Birthday German Scooter Forum!

Best Scootershop Thank you 1% discount

100.000 fans on Facebook & best scooter shop 2015

Wow - the last few days have been overwhelming! First we reach at Facebook's 100.000 likesBrand and then we're going to the fourth time in a row Best scooter shop in the GSF elected and on top of that, the summer is already a rendezvous in April. Scooter riding is really fun for us!

100.000 THANKS with a 10% discount

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Best scooter shop - for the fourth time in a row

The German Scooter Forum (GSF) voted and we - Scooter Center - have won again.
Thank you to everyone who took part in the vote and voted for us.

We are very proud and take that as a further motivation to keep going full throttle, never stopping and constantly looking for improvements. Promised!
One thing is already certain: in 2015 we still have a few big surprises in store, which many will certainly not be expecting - so watch out!

Best scooter shop 2015

GSF Dealer of the Year Award 2014/15

For four years now, the largest German-speaking Vespa and Lambretta community, with almost 50.000 members, has been voting on the best scooter parts dealer every year. That Scooter Center was able to get his customers through here Service, performance and innovation convince and win.

Place 1 Scooter Center Cologne with 215 votes = 21,2%
2nd place at FalkR with 161 votes and a good 16%
3rd place LTH with 109 votes and thus a good 11%


Original comment from the organizer:

“Dear shops and shoppers - the 2014 / (15) winner is hereby confirmed, followed by his comrades-in-arms. The ScooterCenter team, FalkR and LTH convinced their customers to a particularly high degree after this result. My person, who started this bet a few years ago, stands with their thanks, respect and appreciation for around 500 GSF members and probably for a very representative section through the German-speaking scooter community. You three winners, as well as all other dealers and service providers, please keep up the good work in order to keep scooter driving attractive for a long time to come with your friendly and fair manner. "M210 / GSF


As a thank you, we'll come up with something else.
More then soon here in the blog ...


UPDATE: 10% discount voucher Scooter Center






Now take part in the GSF vote for Dealer-of-the-Year-Award 2014/15

We are always very open to feedback from our customers. We are interested in your opinion and what we can do better and of course what we do particularly well.
That is why we actively obtain customer opinions, for example about ekomi and trust shops.


The Scooter Center has been a very trendy scooter shop for over 20 years. Did you know that we stand behind bgm Tuning? bgm is the Scooter Center House brand! Of course we drive all scooters ourselves and support clubs and meetings. At least twice a year we organize large events like this ourselves custom show or ClassicDay. The German Scooter Forum (GSF) is also an important source for us. The Best Dealer Award has been given regularly at the GSF for several years. This year is the Participation rate there is unfortunately still very low:

Voting only until April 15, 2015

Are you already a member of the GSF? Then we ask you still participate there!
If you are not yet a member, this is a good opportunity to finally be there. That GSF offers you an almost inexhaustible source of information, tips and tricks about Vespa & Lambretta and by the way also a community.

The vote will only run until April 15.04.2015th, 21 at 30:XNUMX p.m.

You can vote here directly

Scooter Center is again the best scooter shop of the year

You decided! The users of the oldest and largest Forums for classic Vespa and Lambretta scooters (GSF) have that Scooter Center Elected Dealer of the Year 2012:

Scooter Center Team best scooter shop

The Scooter Center is with its store in Bergheim Glessen and the online shop, according to the GSF again best scooter shop.

We were thus able to defend the title from last year and maintain our position.

We are very happy about this honor!

But success is not by chance, it is hard work. That is precisely why we are pleased with this important award from the GSF:

  • We love scootering!
    In 2012 we celebrated our 20th anniversary. 20 years Scooter Center - there is a lot of experience behind it, but we never stop learning and we have a lot of fun - like on the first day in 1992!
  • From scooter drivers for scooter drivers
    The Scooter Center Almost all of them drive their own scooters.
  • Huge online shop
    We just brought the relaunch of our new online shop online in March. With a new design, 30.000 products and many new features:
  • Scooter Scene Support
    For many years we not only attend events, we also organize our own meetings, custom shows and ClassicDays.
  • Sponsoring
    Many events are held by Scooter Center unterstützt.
  • Successful in motorsport
    For many years we have sponsored various racing teams in various classes and racing series. The team Scooter Center / GSF, for example, has won the toughest Vespa race again.
  • Scooter Center home of bgm
    We are dealers, wholesalers but also manufacturer: we develop high quality and really innovative scooter tuning parts under the brand bgm.

Also rate us on Trustpilot:

Here the chic one Cup Best Scootershop
“Dealer of the Year award German Scooter Forum 2012”

Best scooter shop

We are proud to announce that we from the members of the oldest and largest forum for classic scooters, the German Scooter Forum (GSF for short), were voted Dealer of the Year 2011!
We would like to thank you very much for this great honor!
In 2012 we will continue to accelerate so that the service is even better, the parcels even faster and the quality even higher!

At this point a big thank you to “M210” from the GSF,
who brought this vote to life completely unselfishly!
Thanks also to Maniac, the head of the GSF, who supported this campaign!

Your Scooter Center Team!