Polini 207 - 210 Alu Vespa PX 200 Rally 200

Polini 207 - 210 Alu Vespa PX 200 Rally 200The new Polini aluminum cylinder for Vespa PX 200 and Rally 200 - is now with SCOOTER CENTER available.

Porting, timing etc. are identical to the gray cast iron cylinder.
Here you go directly to the Polini 210 aluminum cylinder Vespa


Here is a little outboxing video:

[youtube] g2-Hj5BnOKc [/ youtube]
Polini cylinder 207cc aluminum Vespa PX 200 Rally 200

Polini cylinder 207cc aluminum Vespa PX 200 Rally 200... more precisely Polini 210cc aluminum cylinder - because the new cylinder has the following data: Bore: 68,10 / stroke 57

Polini presents the new aluminum cylinder for all Piaggio Vespa PX 200 and Rally 200!

The war of faith Malossi 2011 or Polini 207 or Pinasco 213 In the maximum displacement class, the Vespa scooter with 200ccm receives new arguments.

The torque-heavy design of the Polini207 with steam in all situations was loved by many. But as is always the case with love, there are also days when things don't go quite so smoothly in a partnership.
Incorrect carburetor jets, poor ignition setting or other set-up problems quickly led the old Polini cast cylinder to its thermal limits, and in the worst case even beyond.
This ensured the reputation of the eternal piston clamp, which could be counteracted with expert screws.
Now Polini is making life and screwing easier for all of us, and competition tougher for the competition.
The successful design of the Polini 207ccm is now made of high quality aluminum. With a 68.5mm bore and a great piston with two piston rings, for stable guidance and good heat dissipation, a thermally much more stable starting point for tours and race tuning is created.
Whether simply with the Vespa Sito + exhaust , or thick Membrane aspirator and Resonance exhaust system , We are curious what we will experience with the Polini for performance values.
Visit the - one stop scooter shop - and look for the right ingredients for your engine.

We have ordered a pallet and hope that it will be here as soon as possible. We'll keep you up to date!

The crankshaft is considered to be the heart of the engine.
You should definitely not make compromises here. We were dissatisfied with the available shafts in close cooperation with bgm reinvented the Vespa PX 200 shaft.

The wave is in two versions.With the Standard tax time und mit Racing timing.

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