real deals September

REAL DEALS September is our monthly selection! In this edition the range is expanded to include the classics, with Vape now also offering products for Wideframe offers; naraku debuts in our shop! The long-awaited ones are coming for the GTS at the end of the month bgm rims. In addition, Lambretta offers us two top products!

The VAPE 12Volt ignition system is the perfect choice for anyone looking to take their Vespa to a new level of performance. Manufactured by the renowned European manufacturer VAPE, this ignition system is a high quality component that ensures reliable and powerful performance. Perfect for a contemporary conversion to contactless ignition and bright light even at low speeds. Easy engine start included.

The bgm PRO clutch cover is the professional solution for assembling a modern CNC clutch quickly and easily. The lid has been fundamentally redesigned and is optimally designed in terms of both the inner diameter and the overall depth.

Real Deals Lambretta

“I have combined my knowledge as a suspension technician and scooter driver to improve the handling characteristics of what I believe to be the best stock shock absorber for your Lambretta.”

Rob Gray

The main shaft is a central component for safety, it represents the connection between the engine and the rear wheel. Original Innocenti main shafts are more than 50 years old and no one can be sure what has happened to the main shaft during this period of time. Especially if the assembly is incorrect and the torque is too high, the main shaft can shear off at the transition between the thread and the main shaft. A huge danger that can be avoided with a new, good quality main wave.

GTS 2023

With a 13 inch diameter and approved tire sizes up to 140mm wide, the rim offers a visual and technical upgrade for all Vespa GTS models. Despite the larger dimensions (series 12 inches), the rim is a real lightweight at only 2900 grams.

September highlight

Powerful 70cc cylinder kit from Naraku with 45mm bore suitable for Puch Maxi moped. The cooling fins are longer than on the original cylinder and thus have improved heat dissipation.
Real deals August

REAL DEALS Aug is our monthly pick! In this edition we have the new gearbox for Smallframe, the pole wheels with the largest curved blades that are available again, shock absorbers in silver, the popular Longtail seat for the Lambretta and irresistible discounts for the GTS.

Deals Lambretta

A long quilted seat, gray piping and a harmonious integration into the vehicle silhouette make the BGM Longtail a real eye-catcher.

Real Vespa

Fully assembled and cleanly spaced gearbox - ready to install.
Gear gradations as original.
Shorter, sportier gradations possible by simply changing the secondary shaft (see accessories).

The bgm PRO flywheel is a perfect replica of the original PX200 and PX200 Elestar pole wheels. With its large curved blades, this has a high fan performance, ideal for large cast iron cylinders such as the Polini 210.
Real deals July

REAL DEALS July is our monthly pick! In this issue we are very happy to have the popular PK fork as a so-called conversion fork for the much older Vespa Largeframe and smallframe models used. The limited edition of Javier's new book, special products for the GTS 2023 and essential items in every glove box.

Deals Vespa

The steering tube of the Vespa PK XL2, in addition to its actual use in the Vespa PK XL2 and HP3 models, is very popular as a so-called conversion fork for the much older Vespa Largeframe and smallframe models used.

Real Lambretta

This is a 168-page book limited edition, written in British English, filled with color pictures, tables, graphs, specifications about the Fiberglass family or the Eibar Lambrettas with fiberglass or plastic components. 

GTS 2023

RIZOMA is the first to have great styling pieces for you Vespa GTS 2023/keyless models.

Moto Nostra also brings us items that fit the GTS 2023!

indispensable in the glove compartment.

Have you seen the details of the valve yet? let go bgm-Catch a fever!
with the perfect dimensions for your moped
Real deals June

REAL DEALS June is our monthly selection! In this edition we have exclusive products for Lambretta lovers. Feet on the ground with a good tire at a better price and your head on the road with the helmet bag. and for our little mopeds a product that you can get going with a single pull!

Lambretta Real Deals June

AC version

New Lambretta V3 bgm rear shock absorbers. The setup of the damper was made by @RobGray by its nature suspension specialist and with the kick back garage quite successful Youtuber has been massively refined.
To do this, Rob worked deep into the inner workings of the damper and adjusted the spring rate.

The black damper is also available in a limited edition of 50 pieces @RobGray Exclusive edition available.

There is a beautiful one from the Lambretta Club Spain Book on the plant in Eibar and everything related to it.

Real Vespa

A special offer not to be missed
Practical nylon bag that fits in almost every storage compartment.


CNC machined from high quality aluminum
and black anodized.

Real deals May

REAL DEALS May is our monthly pick! In this issue we feature new products that we are very proud of, recommended reading to turn your Lambretta into a racer, Mighty parts that are back in stock and details that complete a moped.

Brand new from bgm - Real Deals May

We are proud that we can now offer you the bgm Pro Silk Liners for what are probably the smoothest train sets for Vespa and Lambretta.
Take a look at our blog with the teststhat Alex made.

Very stable transmission components with an excellent price-performance ratio.
Vespa Smallframe

Book - Lambretta street racers

In this fifth volume of the Lambretta technical series Stuart highlights the special features of the street racer category, also in contrast to custom scooters and explains planning, implementation and the finished result, the ultimate Lambretta street racer.

CNC-manufactured, extremely reinforced aluminum dust protection plate 'Mighty Kong' with integrated auxiliary shaft mount available again after a long time

Vespa Largeframe

The real deal specifically for Piaggio Ciao models

Real Deals promotion with a pink Vespa

REAL DEALS April  is our monthly pick! In the April issue we have essentials for automaticscooters, conversions for Px80-125 owners, a great styling kit for GTS and news for mopeds and so that the oil level is not a problem we have two practical solutions for GTS and Lambrettas.

Which driver of a Vespa with only 80cc, 125cc or 150cc has not dreamed of experiencing the torque and sovereignty of a 200cc engine in his vehicle?

Now the conversion 208 and 220 is possible for every PX 80-150 owner!

The intake control angle for the crankshaft and the intake window, as well as the cylinder control times can be determined using this stainless steel degree disc.

BGM6651: Piaggio 125-180cc LC 2 stroke 
BGM6652: Piaggio 125/150 2T AC, TPH 125-150, SKR 125-150, Skipper 125-150, Aprilia SR 125-150, Gilera Typhoon 125-150-

BGM6653: Vespa ET4 (ZAPM0400 – for vehicles without immobilizer / convert to non immobiliser), Piaggio Sfera 125 RST (ZAPM01000), Liberty 125 (ZAPM011000), Hexagon 125 4-stroke (ZAPM15000), Aprilia Mojito Retro 125 (ZD4PM – Piaggio engine)

With the CDI boxes from bgm the immobilizer on some models can be bypassed. So if you lost the key, this is your solution to start the scooter with a spare key too!

fuel dipstick 

Lambretta LI, SX, GP, D, LD - suitable for standard and XL tank

Knowing how much fuel is left in the tank is often a problem for Lambretta drivers because they do not have a clear view of the level. This sometimes causes the tank to overfill leaving no room for the oil in the tank. But there is an elegant solution that solves this old problem.

Real Deals April special for GTS

sump– Moto Nostra

Vespa GTS HPE 300, Super 125, Super HPE 300, Super Sport 125 and GTV HPE 300

The oil pan with oil sight glass makes the cumbersome and imprecise checking of the oil level with the dipstick superfluous. You can simply take a look in the oil sight glass before every ride and see immediately whether the oil level is sufficient or oil needs topping up.
With this innovative solution, you can fully concentrate on the ride and don't have to worry about the oil level.

Styling Kit - Moto Nostra “Black Collection”

Vespa GTS300 (2016-2018), Vespa GTS 125 (2016-2018)

Styling has always been an important part of the Vespa and now Vespa GTS riders can personalize their Vespa even more with this styling kit.

Real Deals March

REAL DEALS is our monthly pick! In the March issue we have everything in one, in the new Catalog for Modern Vespas, the new expandable Luggage rack for the Spanish Motovespa, Toptul brings us super useful tools and discrete solutions for Lambrettas.

Rear rack, extendable

Vespa PX, Rally, Sprint, TS125, GT/GTR, SS180, Motovespa DN, Iris, LML Star, Deluxe, Stella

It features a spring-loaded, extendable luggage carriage. Even a crate of drinks can be transported without any problems. When retracted, the rack is compact and unobtrusive.

Brake pump set

incl. lever and gas shaft

Lambretta LI (Series 1-2), TV (Series 2)

MOTORINO DIAVOLO, hidden assembly under the steering head cover

Our latest Vespa Modern 2023 catalog is ready : )
You can get the catalog with your next order in the Scooter Center just order it for free. and here you can already leaf through the catalogue, all article numbers are linked and come directly in the shop to the current price and current availability display! 😉

intake bgm PRO

for Polini SpeedEngine and Pinasco Powercasing

Piaggio Ciao, Bravo, Boxer and Si

The shape of the BGM intake manifold is chosen so that the engine housing itself
as little as possible has to be removed so that the carburettor can be installed.

New from Toptul

Quick-release mechanism ensures sockets are held securely and are easy to remove

real deals logo on a red Vespa gts

REAL DEALS is our monthly selection and in the February issue we have discounts for modern Vespa riders and news for Smallframes as well as highly recommended items for Lambrettas and mopeds.


Vespa GTS

Indicator set

Vespa GTS

This new technology increases the optical width of the rear end in the dark, improves perception in traffic and now drivers of modern Vespas can issue the set for a limited time* at a special price
MN623KTB,   MN624KTB   and MN629KTB :  €229,00   199,00 €

* 03/03/2023.

The bgm PRO SC shock absorber series is one of the finest suspension components you can treat your scooter to and now modern Vespa riders can get their shock absorber at a special price until 03/03/2023.

Bgm7788NB  €329,00    299,00 €

Bgm7749NB       €369,00   329,00

Exhaust Smallframe bgm 

Vespa V50, 50 Special, 50N, 50S, 50L, 50R

Our bgm touring exhaust family has a baby.
True to its name, the touring exhaust system is ideal for a fast, powerful but visually and acoustically inconspicuous street engine. It harmonises very well with the common tuning cylinders with displacements of 75-112ccm, but is also more than clearly superior to the standard exhaust on a 50ccm series engine.

Horn -GPM 6V/12V, Ø=85mm DC

Lambretta LIS (1968-), SX (1968-), DL, GP

Something with horns today!

More in userem SC Blog

Ciao, si, bravo, super bravo

Footrest set -MC PROPARTS

Piaggio, Bravo, Ciao, Boxer, Si, SuperBravo

The stylish & high quality plug and play solution for your Piaggio moped,
if you want to convert to footrests.
Unpack, install, ready!

REAL DEALS is our monthly selection of recommended, new, best selling or just products, among the thousands of items for classic and modern Vespa, Lambretta and mopeds that Scooter Center in its online shop.

rear shock absorber


lamp grid -OEM 

Piaggio Ciao