On Saturday, October 08.10th, the EST season finale was heralded in Jüterbog. In most classes, the champions of this year's European Scooter Trophy and the European PitBike Trophy were already certain, but behind them there were still important points at stake for the other places in the table. Despite the day event, the field of drivers was well filled and before the big party could start in the evening, the way was clear for a great motorsport Saturday in the EST racing circuit.

The results of the event by class:

Class 1 - Rookies by Scooter-Attack:

Hüske's fastest in his class also dominated the field in the first sprint race. Behind them came Piekatz. Jorgensen was able to collect Müller at the start. However, Jorgensen couldn't keep up the pace from the start and later ended up in 5th place. Winterscheidt was able to work its way up to 3rd place. Hüskes at the front turned a lonely race with a large gap to Piekatz and Hüskes could not hinder the laps on the way to victory. Piekatz took a good second place ahead of Winterscheidt.

Things didn't look good for Hüskes for the second race. Already in the warm-up he had technical problems and was only able to get onto his grid position with a delay. It was confirmed as soon as it started. Hüskes was passed through the field. Piekatz took first place with it, followed directly by Jorgensen. Winterscheidt and Kienzle in third and fourth place. Piekatz was under a lot of pressure from Jorgensen and had to give everything not to lose the lead. But soon it became clear that he could not stop Jorgensen. This grabbed Piekatz. In the chasing role, Piekatz was able to build up pressure again and went on the counteroffensive. Jorgensen held against it. It was also exciting behind it. Winterscheidt and Kienzle fought a great duel. Piekatz fell shortly before the end and robbed himself of valuable points for the day's victory. In the end he even had to give up completely, so Jorgensen won ahead of Winterscheidt and Kienzle.

Day class 1 - Rookies by Scooter-Attack

  1. #20 Marcel Winterscheidt 36 pts.
  2. #991 Jacob Jorgensen 34 pts
  3. #47 Sascha Hüskes 30 pts.

Class 2 - SuperSport

Triebs, who was already champion in Juvaincourt, also showed in Jüterbog why he is at the top of the SuperSport this year. Great performance, calm driving style and a lot of speed were also his godfather in Jüterbog. The Dane Diabelez tried to keep up. Triebs, however, was able to keep him at a sufficient distance. Behind them a three-way battle raged between Merling, Drath and Apostel. Here was for everyone, everything in it. Keep your cool and don't make mistakes. Merling's Scooter dropped after half-time. Drath and Apostel knew how to take advantage of this and were able to overtake. Drath, released from the three-way battle, was able to pull away from his pursuers. However, Diabelez was already too far away to attack again. Nothing burned at the front and Triebs won the first race.

Triebs thundered away from everyone in the second race as well. Diabelez had technical problems at the start and was passed through the field once. Depta on two and directly in a duel with Drath. This didn't hesitate and overtook Depta as well as Apostel. Things didn't go well for Drath during the race. The scooter lacked power. He lost more and more places. This enabled Apostle to take second place. Compared to the first race, Sperling improved significantly and moved up to third place. And he noticed that there was still more to it, so the challenge to the apostles was clear. Apostle and Sparrow fought.

Sperling had the faster scooter, but Apostel cleverly closed it. That went to the substance at Sperling. In the background, Just and Depta had fought their way up to the two. Just took advantage of Sperling's inattentiveness for a second and overtook him. Even apostles should still believe in it. Just did it very well and was able to concede it too. Triebs didn’t notice any of this at the top. This brought in his second win of the day.

Daily classification class 2 - SuperSport

  1. #313 Marcel Triebs 50 pts.
  2. #42 Bastian Just 29 pts.
  3. #32 Gabriel Apostle 29 pts

Class 3 - Expert by Scooter-Attack

As always, the Expert race was spectacular. Ong had secured pole position in front of Lukas and the champion Andersen. Andersen got off to a great start and immediately took second place. Lukas on three and Schnell on four. Andersen was also able to pass Ong on lap two. However, he didn't let him go away, but tried to keep at it. Two scooter lengths behind, Ong waited for Andersen to make a mistake. Lukas retired early from the fight for the podium after a fall. With luck he was able to get back into the race ahead of the large group of pursuers. In third place, Schnelle asserted itself. In the constellation it was round after round. None of the opponents made mistakes and so Andersen was able to win ahead of Ong and Schnelle.


In the second race, Andersen drove straight to the front of the field. Ong behind kept his eyes on the Dane and didn't let him pull away. Lukas also wanted to get involved and made a three-way fight out of the duel and so it went into a strenuous internal fight for laps. You could feel that Ong could get more out of the scooter but getting past Andersen was extremely difficult for him. However, Ong was able to seize his chance and brake from the inside, leaving Ong in the lead ahead of Andersen and Lukas. But Andersen didn't let that sit and took the lead back. In the end he was rewarded for a great performance with two wins. Second place went to Ong ahead of Lukas.

Day class 3 - Expert by Scooter-Attack

  1. #336 Stefan Andersen 50pts
  2. #169 Yannik Ong 40 pts
  3. #111 Andreas Lukas 29 pts.

Class 4 - Supramatic & BigBore

Hüser just sprinted away from the field. At the lonely top he raced to a flawless victory. Bickell dropped out with a technical defect. Second was Kazillas.

Second race, second victory for Hüser. The direct competitor Kazillas had no chance and took second place like in the first race.

Day rating class 4 - Supramatic & BigBore

  1. #81 Christian Hüser 50 pts.
  2. #191 Georgios Kazillas 40 pts.
  3. #21 Sven Bickell 16 pts.

Class 5 - PitBike Stock by Scooter-Attack

Ullrich in 1st place had to give up his ambitions to win early in the race. Technical problems brought him a big backlog. So Ullrich had no chance to get in the top three. Wittwer was able to take the lead directly and build up a large lead over Wolf. It was a hot battle for third place between Nabbefeld and Hartmann. In the end, Nabbefeld had the upper hand. Wittwer took the first win ahead of Wolf.

In the second race, Ullrich was able to get involved again as usual. This also went straight to the top of the class. Wittwer in second place had little to do against Ullrich. Wolf drove in third place. In the end, Wittwer was happy about the day's victory.

Day rating class 5 - PitBike Stock by Scooter-Attack

  1. #112 Jonas Wittwer 45 pts.
  2. #99 Paul Ullrich 36 pts.
  3. #58 Sebastian Wolf 36 pts.

Grade 6 - GP Open

Gras started the race from 1st place, followed by Florian Schweitzer. Both fought hard for first place. Gras was initially able to keep Schweitzer in check. Schweitzer got faster bit by bit and waited for his chance. And he should be rewarded. At a good moment, Schweitzer overtakes Gras. Julian Schweitzer in 3rd place could not quite keep up during the race. He let the duo go, who fought to the finish line until the end. Schweitzer remained steadfast and won in front of Gras.

In the second race, Gras Schweitzer didn't want to admit defeat. Compared to the first race, Gras was able to extend the lead to such an extent that Schweitzer was no longer within striking distance. And so both clearly pulled away from the field of pursuers. Florian Schweitzer took the place, but he could no longer pose a threat to the duo.

Day ranking class 6 - GP-Open

  1. #222 Henning Grass 45 pts.
  2. #86 Florian Schweitzer 45 pts.
  3. #306 Julian Ziegler 29 pts.

Grade 7 - Beginners

The start of the beginners was interrupted by several falls. As a result, the race was stopped. At the restart, Illic took the lead, followed by Weiland. Gaidecka had to pass right away due to a technical defect. Maas and Kalms followed in 3rd and 4th place. Illic quickly built up a lead over Weiland. Maas was able to increase his speed during the race and put Weiland under pressure. This could not defend himself against Maas and had to let him pass. At the end it got tight again for Weiland as Kalms caught up more and more. However, before he could overtake Weiland, the race was over. Ilic was happy about his sovereign victory in front of Maas and Weiland.

Daily classification Class 7 - Beginners

  1. #186 Danny Illic 25 pts
  2. #34 Sascha Maas 20 pts.
  3. #333 Tilo Weiland 16 pts.

Class 8 Endurance & 9 Endurance Split

In the shortened long-distance race, 16 teams duel at the start this time. The 1-day event traditionally covered the race distance of 1,5 hours. So the direction was to step on the gas and not tactically. And the 1,5 hour race was also turbulent and clear. At the latest after a short, heavy shower, the field was totally muddled at the end. At the end of the day, everyone was happy that the ambulance was able to stay in its waiting position despite various falls.  

Daily classification class 8 endurance

  1. #101 Twisted Knee24
  2. #196 Street Lights / R&D / Lukas Racing Team
  3. #265 RND Racing Team

Day classification class 9 Endurance Split

    1. #196 Xpear Factory
    2. #99 Blue Cougar
    3. #217 RaceFoxx Pit Bike Endurance
  1. ViSdP

    Andre Black
    (1st chairman EST eV)

European Scooter Trophy

The racing series was a guest from July 02-03.07.2022, XNUMX European Scooter Trophy and European Pit Bike Trophy at the Harz Ring. The third run was about significantly influencing the previous championship standings with a view to the second half of the 2022 season. The starting fields were also well filled at the Harz Ring and the conditions for an exciting weekend were perfect.

Race Class 1 - Rookies by Scooter-Attack

With 30 starters the most crowded class from the start. Hüskes was able to win the start ahead of Winterscheidt. Hermann had to give up pole from qualifying and found himself in 4th place. Buschsieweke worked his way up to 3rd place in round 2. Hermann kept getting passed and couldn't keep up with the speed from qualifying. The trio of Hüskes, Winterscheidt and Buschsieweke pulled away from the rest of the field. Hüskes could not tear himself away from the field of pursuers. Buschsieweke and Winterscheidt fought fair and hard. Buschsieweke was almost over. Winterscheidt cleverly closed it. Due to the early lapping, Buschsieweke had to slightly give up his attacking position. Still, he stuck with it. For this, Winterscheidt increasingly approached Hüskes. In the end, what Winterscheidt wanted was too much. He fell. Buschsieweke should also fall victim to being lapped again. When trying to lap in the infield, he was unfortunately forced to fall because the person to be overtaken drove into his lane. In the end, Hüskes won easily because he kept his cool. Buschsieweke came in second. In third place came Ebeling, who benefited from the falls of the other riders.

Mess at the start of the second race. Various participants did not arrive in time for the start time and had to clear the field from behind. Hüskes also won the start by far in the second race. Winterscheidt on two. Buschsieweke on three. Quite early on, Buschsieweke was caught by Ebeling, who took third place. Ebeling put more and more pressure on Winterscheidt and reduced the gap between the two opponents. From lap 8, Winterscheidt was able to maximize the lead again. At the top nothing seemed to be burning for Hüskes. He just had to lap safely. And he did, securing his second win in the second race. He was followed by Ebeling in front of Winterscheid. 

Daily ranking 3st run Harz-Ring 2022 Class 1 Rookies by Scooter-Attack:

  1. #47 Sascha Hüskes 50 pts.
  2. #265 Patrick Ebeling 32 pts.
  3. #120 Andre Buschsieweke 31 pts.

Race Class 2 - SuperSport by Deutscher Bauservice

The start winner in the first race was Apostel. Triebs found himself in third behind Diabelez. Triebs didn't want to settle for that, however, and went into attack mode. With success he was able to work his way up to second place behind Laugesen. Laugesen was significantly faster from lap 4 and was able to overtake Triebs. This opened the attack on Apostle. Shortly before exiting the pits, Laugesen was able to pass inside with a great driving maneuver and excess speed. Laugesen quickly built up distance to Apostel and Triebs. Triebs noticed that there was still something going on against Apostel and gradually fought his way into an attacking position. In the S, Triebs showed courage and nibbled apostles. So the first race was set. Laugesen wins ahead of Triebs and Apostel

At the start of the second race Triebs took the lead in the field. Laugesen was close behind him at the rim. Laugesen had a bit more speed and it looked like it was just a game for time until he overtook Triebs. In the meantime, Apostel had to retire due to a technical defect. Third place was hotly contested: Merla, Diabelez and Larsen fought doggedly and scored important points. First Depta had the edge, but was then conceded by Larsen. Diabelez was also able to slow down Depta after the start and finish. Triebs held off Laugesen lap after lap. It looked best for him at start-finish. In the end, the magic meter was missing. Absolute top performance of both pilots. On the penultimate lap, Laugesen was able to take the decisive trick and brake Triebs fairly on the inside of the curve. Triebs then under-braked a bit and Laugesen had the win in their pockets. Still, a great performance from both drivers. Third place went to Diabelez, who in the meantime also grabbed Larsen.

Daily ranking 3st run Harz-Ring 2022 class 2 SuperSport:

  1. #74 Jeppe Laugesen 50 pts.
  2. #313 Marcel Triebs 40 pts.
  3. #167 Niklas Diabelz 29 pts.

Race class 3 - Expert by Scooter-Attack

Dream start from the master of expert Andersen. He went straight to the front and dominated the field. Rapid didn't have a chance to stay tuned. He had to deal directly with Kovac, who wanted more than 3rd place. Schnell drove a good race and fought hard against an increasingly faster Kovac. Both drivers had to take a lot of risks. In the penultimate lap we went on to the wild fight for position. Kovac clawed fast. He immediately counterattacked and did it very well and was able to secure second place in the last lap.

In the second race, Andersen also started better than the entire field. Kovac was able to grab second place. He tried to keep up with Andersen. Behind was Schnell in front of Schmitt. Unfortunately, Kovac had to retire early with a technical problem, so there was no longer any serious danger for Andersen at the top. Although Schnell gave everything he had, but he could no longer become dangerous to him. Third place in the second race goes to Schmitt.

Daily ranking 3st run Harz-Ring 2022 class 3 - Expert by Scooter-Attack

  1. #335 Stefan Andersen 50pts
  2. #19 Dustin Swift 40pts
  3. #111 Andreas Lukas 26 pts.

Race class 4: Supramatic

In class 4 there was little competition at the start. Zehe won the first race ahead of Gronow. Both opponents forego a start in the second run.

Daily classification 3rd run Harz-Ring 2022 Class 4 - Supramatic

  1. #335 Stefan Andersen 50pts
  2. #19 Dustin Swift 40pts
  3. #111 Andreas Lukas 26 pts.

Race Class 5 Pitbike Stock by Scooter-Attack

In the pit bikes, Schweizer pulled away from the start. The driver, who is also leading in the championship, was able to distinguish himself repeatedly with very good speed and a great performance. Wittwer gave everything in second place. But Schweitzer's machine went off like lightning. Nevertheless, Wittwer fought to keep the gap from increasing. Rademacher and Wolf fought for third place. He had engine problems for a short time and therefore had to restart his vehicle and lost a lot of time in order to still be able to take part in the fight for third place. Rademacher was all the happier about third place.

In the second PitBike race, Schweizer took the lead again after the start. Wittwer and Fritzsch behind in pursuit of points. Schweizer drove his own race, completely safe. Wittwer only had to keep up the pace to survive against Fritzsch. Wolf and Rademacher took fourth place. The chasing field around Jostkleigrewe, Nabbefeld, Zanker and Hartmann offered exciting two or four battles. However, Jostkleigrewe had to retire due to a technical defect after successfully asserting himself in the field. In the end, Schweizer remained in the usual position ahead of Wittwer and Fritzsch.

Daily ranking 3st run Harz-Ring 2022 class 5 - Pitbike Stock

  1. #54 Julian Schweizer 50 pts.
  2. #112 Jonas Wittwer 40 pts.
  3. #217 Nikita Radermacher 27 pts.

Race class 6 - GP-Open

The absolute top driver in terms of driving style and lap times comes from Spain this weekend. Bartheld started as a guest starter in the GP Open and outclassed the entire field. The driving style is an absolute feast for the eyes. And so it was not surprising that Bartheld led the K6. Grass was second, followed by Krzyszto. Bartheld drove the victory confidently to the finish in front of grass. Krzystzto came in third.

The second race began just as the first ended. At least for Bartheld at the top. This shot again over the circuit of the Harz and gave the pursuers Gras and Schweizer little chance. Gras had to fight a lot harder in the second race against an equally strong Swiss, who was aiming for second place. Schweizer tried several times after the start and finish to pass with excess speed. Grass always closed cleverly. In the end it stayed in order. Bartheld won ahead of Gras and Schweizer

Daily ranking 3st run Harz-Ring 2022 class 6 - GP Open

  1. #13 Allesandro Bartheld 50 pts.
  2. #222 Henning Grass 40 pts.
  3. #86 Florian Schweitzer 29 pts.

Race Class 7 - Beginner

Gaidecka at the front set himself apart from the rest of the field. Weiland on two still had the best chances. But behind them was a great three-way battle between Kruger on the PitBike and Kalms and Wojciechowski. Little Kruger fought great on the pit bike and got the upper hand on the scooters. Wojciechowski was able to pass Kalm halfway through the race. In the end, Gaidecka won safely ahead of Weiland and Kruger.

Daily classification 3rd run Harz-Ring 2022 class 7 - beginner

  1. #268 Michael Gaidecka 25 pts.
  2. #333 Tilo Weiland 20 pts.
  3. # 132 Jonas Kruger 16 pts

Race Class 8 & 9 - Endurance & Endurance Split

A total of 18 teams registered for the three-hour long distance. It was a great race with many exciting lap battles. The top field Xpear, Racefoxx, hairdressers by AKA, Streetlights and AK Racing RND were all close together within two laps until the halfway point in the race. As the game progressed, XPear got stronger and was able to get a safe lead for all eventualities. The RACEFOXX team achieved a very good second place. It was much more exciting in the Endurance class, the first three teams were very close together and only one stop would have produced a different decision. The winning team came from Barbers by AKA Racing.

Daily classification 3rd run Harz-Ring 2022 Class 8 - Endurance

  1. #262 Barbers by AKA Racing 177 laps
  2. #196 Streetlights RD Lukas RT 175 laps
  3. #233 AK Racing RND Racing 175 laps

Daily classification 3rd run Harz-Ring 2022 Class 9 - Endurance

  1. #86 XPearFactory 180 laps
  2. #217 RACEFOXX Pitbike Endurance 176 laps
  3. #888 Team Bumblebee 159 laps

All race results as well as the championship standings are below accessible.



Andre Black

(1st chairman EST eV)

European Scooter Trophy EST Jüterbog race

Race report on the final race of EST 2021 in Jüterbog on October 09.10.2021th, XNUMX

The Scooter Center is a sponsor of the EST and the organizers of the European Scooter Trophy and the European PitbikeTrophy called all participants together for the season finale in Ju? terbog. Due to the corona, it was a short and therefore even more exciting season. In a full field of drivers the motto of the season was: Every point counts and failures cost the championship! After the turbulent 2nd run in Wittgenborn, the spell of the popularity was not broken. More than 100 sprinter drivers at a day event were another Record milestone for the 2021 season. And it was about everything. No participant in the 9 classes was already sure of the championship. And so it got fast and exciting. The conditions for the run were ideal. Asphalt, weather and mood were at their peak and so the full picke-pack schedule could be filled with life


The results of the weekend by class:

Class 1 - Rookies by Scooter-Attack:

Norman Neufang drove to the race in Jüterbog with a clear margin of 23 pts. Between the second-placed Drath and the third Kugel, it was much closer to the point with 6 points. The previous season impression was confirmed in qualifying. Neufang set the best time among the rookies with a gap of three tenths ahead of Drath and Janz. Kugel was able to keep up with the trio in 4th place.

The first race got off to a brilliant start right from the start. Drath collected Neufang straight away. However, he was able to counter quickly. Janz gave everything to keep up with the top duo. Neufang was able to pull away bit by bit. Everything was already out after a final victory when Neufang had to give up in the 12th lap. With that, Drath raced straight to the finish line in first place ahead of Janz, who had slipped to third place in the meantime, but was able to take second place in front of Kugel in the end.

Things went better for Neufang in the second race. Even at the start he didn't give Drath a chance and rightly showed why he is at the top of the championship among the rookies. But Drath was not impressed and attached himself to the rim of Neufang. The duo set themselves apart from the rest of the chasing field early on. For Drath it was the opportunity to reach for the stars again. A win would be enough for him for the championship. But Neufang stayed ice cold and made no mistakes. This time, Kugel took third place. Janz couldn't keep up the speed from the first race and had to let Kugel go.

In the end it was again wafer-thin for Neufang. The whopping advantage of 23 points melted down to 3 points ahead of Drath. For Kugel it was 3rd place in the final ranking of the 2021 season.

Day class 1 - Rookies by Scooter-Attack
  1. #92
  2. #65
  3. #23

Dustin Miles Drath Artur Janz
Kevin Ball

45 points 33 points 32 points

Class 2 - SuperSport

The championship in the SuperSport was characterized by a four-way battle. Richter was 2 points ahead of Thönnern and Sperling and Alles also had a good chance of winning the whole year with no more than 11 points difference in the ranking. In the qualification, Sperling first escaped the entire field. More than 1 second behind Depta, who placed second, was an announcement for the race. D`Alessandro came in 3rd place.

In the first race, Depta started confidently and immediately passed Sperling. He in turn countered immediately and was able to recapture first place. Pedersen showed a very strong performance, working his way up to second place. As in qualifying, Sperling at the top gave full throttle and raced away from the field. The duel of the race was fought by Pedersen and D'Alessandro. Both fought like lions. Richter could barely keep up with the pace. Sperling, who seemed to be the sure winner in the first race, retired shortly before the end with a technical defect. In the meantime, Pedersen was able to pull away from D'Alessandro and drove through the

Failure of Sperling as the winner of the first race across the finish line. Richter and Depta followed behind D'Alessandro.

The start of the second race was also turbulent. Depta leads the way as the starting winner, followed by Pedersen. In lap 2 the field was rearranged and Depta had Sperling on her neck, followed by D'Alessandro and Pedersen. Sperling fell and had to re-line up in the back of the field. On lap 5, D'Alessandro crashed into the tire wall before the start-finish. As a result, the race had to be interrupted. After an interruption of almost 20 minutes, the restart started. At the end of the race, Pedersen won, followed by a strong Rene? Judge. Third place went to Thönnern before everything. Everything had to plow through the entire field during the two races because the timed practice could not be completed and could collect important points for the championship.

In the championship, Richter was able to expand his narrow lead over his opponent Thönnern and can call himself the winner of the SuperSport 2021. Joshua Alles was happier third in the championship.

Day classification class 2 - SuperSport
  1. #551
  2. #98
  3. #43

Emil Peddersen Rene? Judge Philip Thonsen

50 points 36 points 26 points

Class 3 - Expert by Scooter-Attack

The championship in the Expert class was completely open before Jüterbog. The chaos rain race in Wittgenborn had brought the climax to tension. The Dane Andersen was 9 points ahead of Ong in the championship, who in turn was only 2 points behind Harder.

The first trial of strength was felt in the qualification. Ong thundered a perfect lap into the asphalt with 1: 04.369. The Polini Cup guest starter from Italy Lanzilao was only able to cross the line with a distance of 3 hundredths. With a view to the championship, Andersen was even further behind on starting position 5. Harder placed third.

The tension was bursting before the race. After the start lights went out, it got heated. Lukas fell after a braking mistake and pulled Schmitt with him, who tried to evade. Both drivers were able to get up again and continue the race. At the front, Ong gave everything and even managed to keep Lanzilao in check for the rest of the race. Andersen couldn't keep up with the speed of the management team. Harder was unlucky. After a fall in the fourth lap, he had to retire with a flat tire and put aside all hopes for the championship. The beneficiary was Andersen, who won a place. Ong was almost crossing the start and finish line at the front when suddenly there was no performance. Lanzilao and Andersen couldn't believe it and overtook Ong so close to the finish line that Ong had to give up important points for the championship to Andersen. Crazy.

In the second race the cards were reshuffled again. Andersen only had to stay on the scooter and Ong had to hope that the dawn would fail and that he could achieve a good position himself. And that's how it started right away. Ong ahead. Lanzilao, Andersen and Harder followed. Harder was snappy and quickly grabbed Andersen. But he has other plans and immediately went into a duel. Lanzilao retired in the middle part of the race after a crash. Andersen and Harder fought groove after groove for second place. In the end, Andersen was able to prevail with the blink of an eye. Ong finished his race flawlessly at the front and was able to secure the day's victory.

The new radiant EuropeanScooterTrophy champion in the expert class comes from Denmark and is called Stefan Andersen. Congratulations! Yannik Ong was able to take a great second place and showed the rest of the field in overall speed that he has a clear claim to the championship in 2022. Third place goes to the former master Marc Harder, whom nobody should write off. 2022 will certainly continue as brilliantly as 2021 ended.

Day class 3 - Expert by Scooter-Attack
  1. #169
  2. #135
  3. #8

Yannik Ong Stefan Andersen Simone Lanzilao

41 points 40 points 29 points

Class 4 - Supramatic & BigBore

The championship in class 4 was a three-headed race. Unfortunately Lövenich did not start as the leader, so the podium under Moutschka and Zehe should be settled. Both drivers were tied on points. And in the qualification Moutschka clearly stood out from toe. In third place was Kazilas much further down.

Moutschka was able to win both races. The scooter just ran perfectly. Zehe also had to pass early in the first race and leave the field. This allowed Kazilas to move up to 2nd place in the first race. Third was Gronow. In the second race, Zehe was able to get involved again and finished the last race of the season ahead of Kazilas in second place.

In the championship, Moutschka had an easy time with the two victories and was able to confidently take the victory in class 4. The second championship course goes to Zehe vor Lövenich.

Day rating class 4 - Supramatic & BigBore
  1. #53
  2. #191
  3. #24

Max Moutschka Georgios Kazilas Henry Zehe

50 points 36 points 33 points

Class 5 - PitBike Stock by Scooter-Attack

Brzeski against Wittwer was the duel of the championship. Brezski was able to pull out a 10 point lead to Jüterbog. For Förster there was more of a theoretical chance of making the leap to the top. In the qualification you could see the difference clearly. The two opponents were separated by 1,5 seconds.

In the first race, however, Brezski had to give priority to the guest starters. Ullrich and Andruchiewicz were significantly faster than Brzeski and led the top of the PitBike Stock. Ullrich and Andruchiewicz fought gripping duels. In the end, Ullrich was able to claim the top and won narrowly but confidently.

The second race had to be stopped early after a heavy impact after the start-finish line. However, both drivers got away with the horror and so the restart could take place. The first run was reflected almost 1: 1. Ullrich had to keep Andruchiewicz in check and be careful not to throw away the victory himself. Brezski had a lot of leisure to stay with the top duo. Wittwer followed at a considerable distance.

At the end of the third run, the first EuropeanPitBikeTrophy champion was Nils Brezski from the Kaktus Racing team. Jonas Wittwer came in second, followed by Cedric Förster.

Day rating class 5 - PitBike Stock by Scooter-Attack
  1. #60
  2. #6
  3. #469

Paul Ullrich
Marcus Andruchiewicz Nils Brzeski

50 points 40 points 32 points

Grade 6 - GP Open

The championship in the Open would actually have been predetermined if the unbeaten Erste Gras had been at the start in Jüterbog. So it got exciting again. Schmitt had the theoretical chance to catch up with grass. One win and a second place was enough. However, Lang did not want to let him go so easily.

The day's ranking was dominated by the guest starters from the Simson GP. Deisinger dominated the field in front of Lenk and Lang.

In the first race Deisinger was able to distance himself clearly from the rest of the field. Lang gave everything, but on average he had to let Deisinger go with more than a second. Third place was Postler. Lenk retired early in the race.

In the second race, Deisinger took a new lead and won unrivaled ahead of Lang and Postler.
The big arithmetic game began in the championship. Due to the dropping guest starters, Schmitt got 40 points in the end and reduced Gras's lead to 2 points. However, the decisive victory was denied him. This year's champion in the GP Open is called Henning Gras. Heiko Schmitt came in second ahead of Benjamin Lang.

Day ranking class 6 - GP-Open
  1. #2
  2. #70
  3. #237

Michael Deisinger Benjamin Lang Dirk Postler

50 points 40 points 32 points

Grade 7 - Beginners

In the beginners' category, Alexander Krawitz was practically in possession of the championship. Arrive and persevere was the motto.

However, Krawitz skilfully and ambitiously went into his last race. With a lead of more than a second over Ilic and almost 3 seconds over Beinlich, he created a good starting position for the race. The first steps in the beginners class took place exactly one year ago in Jüterbog.

In the race itself, Krawitz didn't let anything go and took a very good start-finish victory. Ilic in second place couldn't improve any further and had to keep third-placed Wels in check.

In the championship, Krawitz was the undefeated winner and we are excited to see whether he will be in the rookies class in 2022. Place 2 and 3 was a pure point battle. Wojciechowski's good placement made it really exciting in the fight with Rodens. In the end, both were tied with 43 points in the ranking. However, Rodens was able to achieve the better placement on the HarzRing and thus captured second place. Wojciechowski came in third

Day rating class 7 - Beginners
  1. #593
  2. #186
  3. #85

Alexander Krawitz Danny Ilic Benjamin Wels

25 points 20 points 16 points

Class 8 Endurance & 9 Endurance Split

In the endurance race, the Streetlights team and Simson GP 2 were eagerly awaited. Streetlights once again marked the claim to the championship with a gap of 2 seconds to the rest of the field. But also Ems Coast Tunerz had big plans for the long haul. For the women from ND Design it was about important points for the championship against NEKROX Allstars.

Streetlights had to retire early in the race itself. This cleared the way for Ems Coast Tunerz and she was able to take her victory with almost no resistance. AK Racing and Amp, on the other hand, had to fight a lot more and the driver changes were watched with excitement. Pumba Racing 2 and AKA Racing Team 1 were generally within striking distance, just waiting for a mistake that didn't happen in the end.

In the Endurance Split, Simson GP 2 gave everything, but was far less able to set itself apart from ND Design, who brilliantly defended their second place ahead of GT Racing Team.

In the endurance classification, Pumba Racing 2 won the championship, ahead of AKA Racing and AK Racing and Amp. In class 9, it was ND Design that showed the men properly and in the end brought about a surprising but well-deserved championship title. Second place went to NEKROX Allstars ahead of Learn2slide.

Daily classification class 8 endurance
  1. #411
  2. #233
  3. #168

Ems Coast Tunerz AK Racing and Amp Pumba Racing 2

25 points 20 points 16 points

25 points 20 points 16 points

Day classification class 9 Endurance Split
  1. #237
  2. #217
  3. #23

Simson GP 2
ND Design Solingen GT Racing Team

ViSdP Andre Schwarz (1st chairman EST eV)

Motor scooter scooter racing Mangy Cours

Challenge Scootthole

Project Paul at the 10-hour race in Magny-Cours

Finally it was time again! After what felt like an eternity, in which various long-distance races had to be canceled, the loaded Team Scotthole on September 12th to 10-hour race to Magny-Cours a. Full of anticipation, we followed from Paul project - in addition to about 30 other teams - their call.

A lot of time has passed since the last race, time that team boss Dennis has not wasted. So he devoted himself - with great support from Scooter Center - the construction of a completely new racing scooter, the sixth Paul since the formation of the team in 2015. The former PLC-Racer, a V50, with which Andy had already started in the ESC for years, served as the basis. Disassembled into its individual parts, the scooter was rebuilt from scratch and equipped with a lot of power. After a day of testing on the test bench, Paul number 6 with starting number 6 was ready for his race in France.


On Saturday, the day before the race, there was a lot on the program. In addition to the construction of the pit and the technical acceptance, the final adjustments had to be made during the training runs before qualifying, in which we actually ended up in first place - the test was passed, the race could come!

Exciting 10 hours in Magny-Cours

The alarm clock rang early on Sunday morning. The closer the race got, the more the stage fright increased - not only among the drivers, it simply infects everyone. So off to the track, which Paul woke up and Felix put in the station wagon. Up to this point everything went smoothly. About ten minutes before the start - we were already in position - we noticed with Paul that he was "leaving it to himself" ... Without thinking long and losing unnecessary time, we went back to the pits. The reason could be found quickly: a screw on the clutch cover was not properly tightened. Fortunately, no big deal, just the ten minutes left before it started was not enough to fix the problem. So the start took place without Paul, who only took up the chase half a lap later with Felix. Starter after starter, the two began to roll up the field from behind. Arrived at position 17, bad luck caught up with us again when the membrane plate flew around our ears. The associated stay in the pits cost us six places, so we took up the chase again from 23rd place.

Arrived in 14th place, the rubber carburetor thought that this would be a good time to make the number a little more exciting and spontaneously parted with the carburetor. Driver Andreas was forced to push Paul off the track into the already familiar pit. Equipped with an additional clamp, it went back into the race to make up for lost places. And this time it should work! Team by team and round by round, Andreas, Felix, Thomas, Andy and Wolfi worked their way up to Place 1! For the remaining one and a half hours we had to “only” defend it - no easy task, because we didn't get anything for free from the French team “Superbordel”. The drivers, who are also very strong, always came close to us with their fast PK. Now just don't make a mistake ...

The (planned) last driver change took place 40 minutes before the finish line. Andy was able to hold his position, and Andreas started the last stint when the red light came on less than ten minutes later. Termination of the race. All drivers from the pits. But where was Andreas? The ambulance and service car sprinted onto the track towards a part that was not visible from the pits. Minutes passed, puffed up like chewing gum. The ambulance left the route first and drove straight through to the medical supply room, followed by the service car loaded with our number 6. Our hearts stopped for a moment. Part of the team ran straight away to inquire about Andreas, the others ran to the service car. Andy still had his station wagon on and grabbed his helmet while Dennis, Thomas and Felix Paul checked briefly and started again. The drivers of the other teams were right next to us in the starting position and were waiting to be let out on the track again. Andy lined up, it could actually go on! We were still in the lead with a good two laps gap, and Andy crossed the finish line with Paul in first place after a nerve-wracking ten hours!

With the award ceremony, that has been beneficial for Project Paul so far most exciting racing weekend a happy ending, because Andreas was also able to attend - despite severe pain in his shoulder - and receive his very own trophy: with a time of He has the fastest lap in 1.29.3 minutes burned into the asphalt!


Powered by Scooter Center

We thank the Scooter Center, which supports us with the parts supply at all times, as well as our supporters KR Automation, Egig Performance and FalkR, without whom the construction of such a vehicle would not have been possible without further ado. We would also like to thank the organizer, who realized this great event despite adverse circumstances, and of course all the other teams for a fair race! It is always a great honor for us to be able to share this passion with friends. Thanks a lot for this!



Paul project

Since 2021 that is Scooter Center official sponsor of the Vespa racing team "Project Paul". On the weekend of July 03rd / 04.07.2021th, XNUMX the team will go to the Scooter Center Cup at the Nürburgring and we keep our fingers crossed for you. We asked Dennis, the team leader from Project Paul, to introduce himself and the team. And Dennis gives us an insight into the genesis of Paul and what is behind the sport.


My name is Dennis Krawatzki and I am the team manager of "Paul project".

Even as a child, I spent a lot of time on racetracks and loved the atmosphere. My entry into motorized locomotion was a PX 1992 in 80. I quickly noticed that such a Vespa is great for tuning. The PX 80 was the entry level and soon I was taking part in various quartermile races with my Rally 200.

In 2008 I - with Support from Scooter Center - participated in a circuit race, the 4-hour race on the Cologne exhibition grounds, for the first time. Since then I've been infected with the racing bug!

With friends, we already founded our first team in 2009 (DART Racing), with which we were able to successfully complete a number of races.

In 2015 the decision was made to set up their own team. It was clear to me from the start that this team should only be supported by friends. Since my father was not only at my side with words and deeds, but also helped a lot with the construction of the chassis (welding work), I decided to secure a permanent place for him in my team. From now on, the new vehicle was to have its second name: “PAUL”.

“Project Paul”, the resulting team name, started with a Falc Racing rotary valve engine in the first year. Over time, I worked with my friends and companions on optimizations and planned until we decided on an M200 motor and the corresponding setup.

Over the years we have grown into a friendly and familiar group with “Projekt Paul”, and that across national borders. Friends from the Netherlands and France have joined the team. I am delighted by your enthusiasm for this project, the shining eyes of everyone involved (whether they are helpers with the construction, our graphic designer Yoleila or fans with specially made T-shirts at the racetrack) when Paul comes around the corner and it starts again every time again. That encourages me again and again to get better and to further optimize the vehicle. This is an important partner - besides my friends, who are always thinking about the setup Scooter Center, for which I have also been working part-time since the 90s, i.e. producing special parts. Here, too, a long-term friendship has developed between Ulf, Oli and me who now want to support the “Paul Project”.

That fits in with our team spirit: FRIENDSHIP.

My friends as drivers, supporters and fans are there with heart and soul at every race. Whether at the racetrack or online from home, they are excited about every race! And because we would like to (experience) this in the future, we are very happy about the support from Scooter Center and look forward to spending time together. For this, our entire team would like to thank you, the Scooter Center team, from the bottom of their hearts!



Team boss Dennis with Ulf and Paul

Current drivers

Teams of the past years

Racing scenes


Our ULPA fan club


On July 11.07th and 12.07th, after a long waiting time, the time had finally come and the start of the EST championship 2020 could take place at the Harzring. The event was entirely under the sign of Corona and despite the conditions for the race, the encouragement on the part of the drivers was in no way interrupted. But on the contrary. It was clear to many drivers that they were happy and relieved to finally be able to get a taste of racing again after the long wait. And so the starting field recorded a total of 95 participants, which was a clear success compared to previous years. With the first race on the Harz-Ring, the concept of the new beginners' classes, such as the PitBike Stock, also started for the first time. In particular, the starting field of the Pit Bike and GP Open was well represented with a total of 25 starters. The beginners' concept of giving the up-and-coming drivers in the EST the opportunity to try things out under competitive conditions also met with great approval.

The schedule on Saturday's training session at the Harzring - due to the lack of a long distance - was characterized by a lot of driving time. And so, despite the large starting field and the great anticipation of the event, every driver was able to collect enough driving time on the track.

In the timed training, the first competition was about the best time in the respective classes. In particular, class 1 Rookies by Scooter-Attack was filled to the last place with 38 registered drivers. Sometimes the call was already loud for a separation of the class, with such a tight field of starters - the first 27 drivers were within 4 seconds - a separation was then rejected together with the driver's spokesman, as the competition was preserved. This decision is always made individually for the future races and also has a lot to do with the local conditions. In class 3 Expert by Scooter-Attack, it was eagerly awaited to see how the field would be reorganized. Many drivers from previous years have hung their station wagon in the corner, so that a whole new field would arise.

The results of the qualification and the starting grid are available on the homepage:

As a special feature of the new season, the first beginners' race took place on Saturday evening. In the end, various interested parties turned into 5 permanent starters who wanted to gain their first racing experience. J. Krahn and A. Moosmann fought at the top. Some distance behind were Drath, Bang and Knoth. Just before the checkered flag, Krahn got it. With a technical defect, he was eliminated with one lap to go and cleared the way for Moosman. As a result, Drath came in second and, surprisingly, Bang was able to take his first podium place. Nice gesture from the young drivers at the award ceremony. Moosmann dedicated his victory to Krahn and already showed true sportsmanship.

Results Grade 7 - Beginners

  1. Place # 22 T. Moosmann
  2. # 6 R. Drath
  3. Place # 197 L. Berg


Race Sunday:

Race class 1 - Rookies by Scooter-Attack

Full house at the pre-start. Space was tight with 38 drivers. Still, all drivers wanted to find their place in the race. At the start, Klingenberg fell over which Mayerle fell. Depta, Triebs and Thönnißen fought like hell out of the lead and set off bit by bit from the rest of the field. On lap 4 Jänicke fell in the last corner before the start and finish and remained motionless in the run-off zone. The race management decided to abort in order to take care of the injured driver. The restart is delayed quite a bit due to medical care. After the restart, Depta kept his nerve and was able to hold his own against Thönnißen. Drühe followed in third place.

In the second race Thönnißen dominated the field. Depta was able to keep up until the second third, but then dropped out. As a result, Triebs manifested itself in second place. Drühe took a second, third place.

Daily ranking 1st run Harz-Ring 2020 Class 1 Rookies by Scooter-Attack:


  1. # 43 Philip Thönnißen 45 points
  2. # 188 Andreas Drühe 32 points
  3. # 313 Marcel Triebs 29 points

Race class 2 - SuperSport

Denis D'Alessandro started in the SuperSport for the first time. Particularly committed, with top Italian paintwork at the start, they started the race from pole. D'Alessandro was absolutely unrivaled in both races. Behind it there was a real three-way battle with Schmitt, Herkli and Hasemann. Schmitt retained the upper hand in the three-way battle and was able to confidently win second place. In the first race, Herkli prevailed ahead of Hasemann. In the second, the picture rotated and Hasemann took 3rd place. As a result, Hasemann secured third place,

Daily ranking 1st run Harz-Ring 2020 class 2 SuperSport:


  1. # 249 Denis D'Alessandro 50 pts.
  2. # 33 Carsten Schmitt 40 pts.
  3. # 96 Philip Hasemann 29 pts.

Race class 4: Supramatic

Unfortunately, there was not much competition for Zehe at the Harz-Ring. It was easy for him to win qualifying and both races. His colleague Gronow could not be dangerous to him and drove to second place in the qualification as well as in the first race. Gronow had to pass in the second race.

Day rating class 4 - Supramatic

  1. # 24 Henry toe 50 pts.
  2. # 144 Jan Gronow 20 pts.



Race class 5 pitbike stick

The newly installed PitBike Stock class was extremely popular. The unanimous opinion from the field of drivers was that there will be even more starters in the next race in Wittgenborn.

Nils Brzeski had planned for the weekend to fall and after his qualification was able to confirm his performance in the race. The sovereign first place could not be taken from him. N. Radermacher was also strong and always within easy reach of the Brzeski, but could never be dangerous for him. Nabbefeld and Reese drove outside of range, fighting for third place. In the end, Nabbefeld had the upper hand and was able to take third place on the podium.

Daily ranking 1st run Harz-Ring 2020 class 5 - Pitbike Stock

  1. # 469 Nils Brzeski 50 pts.
  2. # 217 Nicole Radermacher 40 pts.
  3. # 59 Tobias-Alexander Nabbefeld 32 pts.


Race class 6 - GP-Open

Bähr was on pole in the open GP class. The lighter pit bikes with Jorewitz and Lang had the better starting position at the start. Bähr was able to bring himself back into striking distance relatively quickly and fought his way to the top position by position. Jorewitz tried to make life difficult for Bähr, but had to admit defeat by Bähr at the end of his dominance in performance. Bähr came in first place. Jorewitz with a whole starting driving performance in second place followed by Benjamin Lang.

Daily ranking 1st run Harz-Ring 2020 class 6 - GP Open

  1. # 73 Achim Bähr 50 pts.
  2. # 101 Dennis Jorewitz 40 pts.
  3. # 70 Benjamin Lang 32 pts.

Race class 3 - Expert by Scooter-Attack

The new constellation of the expert class was tough in the first race in 2020. Despite the small number of participants, there was no lack of tension. Especially at the front, the field was very close together with a gap of less than a hundredth. Tire on tire duels were preprogrammed. Mirko Schröder, who had big plans for 2020, just had to hand over the qualification to guest starter Gaspar from Hungary. The trio Gaspar, Schröder and Lukas dominated both races.

In the first race Gaspar had better nerves and was able to keep the field of drivers in check with Schröder and Lukas. The asphalt burned, but Gaspar didn't give either rival a chance and deservedly won the first race. Lukas was second ahead of Schröder.

In the second run the battles for positions got tougher. Lukas felt that something was going and that he had a chance against Gaspar. Lukas fought for first place early and led the field until the last lap in front of Gaspar. Schröder was waiting for a mistake by the opponents. In the penultimate corner Gaspar overtook Lukas and then there was a contact before the last corner because Gaspar overtook Lukas in the penultimate corner and thus left the ideal line. When Gaspar wanted to get back on the racing line, Gaspar came into contact with Lukas. The duel was unequal due to the different weights. At least 117 kg fighting weight against a narrow 75 kg from Gaspar. Gaspar then fell. Lukas was first and Schröder was also able to pass in second place. The situation smelled like an unfair attack. The race management delayed the decision and asked the marshals and the EST driver's spokesman behind them. Both could not record any conclusive wrongdoing. Even the examined video recordings could not certify any misconduct on the part of Lukas. And so Lukas drove to his first win of the season in the Expert by Scooter Attack class.

Daily ranking 1st run Harz-Ring 2020 class 3 - Expert by Scooter-Attack

  1. # 111 Andreas Lukas 40 pts.
  2. # 40 Mirko Schröder 36 pts.
  3. # 74 Attila Gaspar 25 pts.

All race results as well as the championship standings are below accessible.



Andre Black

(1st chairman EST eV)

ESC scooter race Cheb 2020

The ESC - European Scooter Challenge scooter races

The Scooter Center supports motorsport and also the ESC - the European Scooter Challenge. As the name suggests, it is a circuit racing series with classic scooters made of sheet metal, predominantly Vespa and Lambretta. The first circuit races were held in Austria and Germany as early as the XNUMXs.

The main goal of the ESC is to offer a broad platform for scooter racing enthusiasts with all demands.

The various racing classes, which cover beginners to professionals and women, are based on these ideas.
In particular, the one-size-fits-all classes are to be emphasized here, in which real top-class motorsport can be realized with low maintenance costs and costs.


ESC race report - Cheb Challenge 2020 - Kartarena Cheb (CZ) - 01.08.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX


After the year 2020 had hardly offered any opportunities for sporting activities on old 2-stroke scooters, the time had finally come on August 01.08.2020st, XNUMX!

The first race of the European Scooter Challenge of 2020 could take place. The kart arena in Cheb in the Czech Republic opened its doors and over 40 Vespa racers came out

  • Germany,
  • Österreich,
  • France
  • and Poland

to finally let the asphalt glow again.


Heat battle of Cheb

With temperatures of over 30 ° C and bright sunshine, that was an easy exercise for the whole weekend. Those who arrived on Thursday or Friday could use the time to get hold of the last shady spots in the paddock and to extensively test the racing scooter on the track.

race day

On Saturday the time had come. Race Day! The start was in 5 classes, including 3 “one-size-fits-all” classes, two for Smallframes, one for Largeframe, where the scooters with uniform engine components must be equipped to enable the same conditions and exciting duels as possible.

The smallfames were particularly exciting. 17 starters competed for places on the podium in the small one-size-fits-all class K5. Including Vespa legend Stoffy Maier and newcomers Valentino Randazzo. The old master and the young daredevil offered gripping duels with daring driving maneuvers at the head of the field. Shortly before the end of the race, however, the two leaders were involved in a crash and so victory began Markus Moderer, who drew attention to himself with fast lap times. Valentino saved himself to 3rd place, 2nd place went to Felix Richter.

The second thrilling duel of the day was the faster one Smallframe Unit class K4 between Achim Wolf and Robert Leibfarth. The latter was able to secure pole position in qualifying. With a rocket start, however, Achim sat directly at the head of the field. After a few duels at the front, Robert was able to squeeze past the leader with a hard braking maneuver and drive home the race. The podium of the K4 was finally completed by Benedigt Neuberger, who only crossed the finish line a blink of an eye earlier than his colleague Albert Heigold.

The other racing classes also showed exciting racing on this wonderful racing day. Congratulations to everyone on the podium.


New starters welcome!

The ESC was also able to welcome three new starters this weekend. The newcomers were warmly welcomed into the group of drivers and - like every new participant in the ESC - were exempted from the entry fee in their first race.

If you are now in the mood for scooter racing: there will be 2 more ESC races this year. The ESC Polish GP on 29.08.20/26.09.20/XNUMX in Zielona Góra (PL) and the "KR automation" race at the Harzring on XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX. Registration and login under

Thanks to helpers and organizers, as well as that Scooter Center for the support.

See you at the next race ...;)


The results in detail:

  • K1: 1. Romain Baguet; 2. Thomas Lenkeit; 3. Marten Schnitzler
  • K3: 1. Toni Fattorusso; 2. Christian Gattinger; 3. Marco Abbate
  • K4: 1. Robert Leibfarth; 2. Achim Wolf; 3. Benedigt Neuberger
  • K5: 1. Markus Moderer; 2. Felix Richter; 3. Valentino Randazzo
  • K6: 1. Matthias Sinkovits; 2. Maiko Jandl; 3. Igor Kulesza


Fastest race lap: Achim Wolf (1: 03.102)


Author: RL




PMT Tires

PMT tires - uncompromising sports and racing tires for scooters

Have you already ridden the new PMT tires? If you're also involved in scooter racing, you'll be around the enormous importance of tires knowledge.

It is not only the tire profile that matters, but also the right rubber compound. The optimal tire is matched:

  • suitable for the weather
  • matching the track
  • to match the vehicle
  • suitable for driving style and ability

We now have a wide range of tires from PMT Tires

What a huge difference in performance there is Motorsport tires there, it becomes immediately clear to everyone who the legendary PMT tires was allowed to try.

Buy tires now to be prepared for the racetrack

PMT Tires scooter tires for scooter racing

Made in Italy: PMT Tires

The Italian tire manufacturer PMT (Pauselli Model Tires) has been around since 1990. Originally, the company produced tires for RC cars and the mini-bike racing series popular in Italy. Since then they have also made tires for motorcycles and above all Racing tires for scooters develop, they quickly secured a top spot among the racing drivers' favorite tires. the PMT tires are available in perfect mixtures for the various soil, weather and temperature conditions.

PMT Tires

PMT Tires Rain & Intermediate

Slick, mix: hard

The slick with a hard compound is ideally suited for routes with high asphalt temperatures and heavy use from many alternating curves and braking maneuvers. The hard mixture is the most abrasion-resistant and can therefore be used very well in endurance / long-distance races. The warm-up phase for the optimum operating temperature (~ 80 ° C) is significantly longer with this mixture than with the "medium" or "soft" mixture.
The recommended air pressure for the front is 1.2-1.3 bar and the rear between 1.4-1.9 bar.

Slick, mix: medium

The medium bridges the gap between the hard and persistent as well as the extremely well adhering but also quickly wearing soft mixture. The medium thus covers a very large area of ​​application. Its optimal operating temperature is ~ 75 ° C and, like the hard mixture, requires a longer break-in period than the soft mixture to get up to temperature.
The recommended air pressure for the front is 1.2-1.3 bar and the rear between 1.4-1.9 bar.

Slick, mix: soft

The soft PMT mixture offers full grip even at lower temperatures. Accordingly, it wears out quickly at higher temperatures and then no longer offers its full grip level. In return, it very quickly reaches its optimal operating temperature of 70 ° C.
The recommended air pressure for the front is 1.2-1.3 bar and the rear between 1.4-1.9 bar.

Slick, rain

With the rain slick PMT offers a new interpretation of an intermediate. An intermediate with a slick profile was created here, based on the rubber compound of the pure rain tire. Ideal for changeable weather with equal proportions of wet and dry sections of the route.
The recommended air pressure for the front is 1.2-1.3 bar and the rear between 1.4-1.9 bar.

Rain racing

The rain tire from PMT plays in the highest league of rain experts for the circuit.
Whoever has mounted this tire needs a good excuse if it did not work out with a good placement ...
The recommended air pressure for the front is 1.2-1.3 bar and the rear between 1.4-1.9 bar.

Drag Race

PMT's drag race tires are ideal for all quartermile engines.
No grip is lost here and all of the power is transferred to the asphalt without slipping.
But that also means that there is no mercy for clutch or transmission ...

Buy new PMT tires here

bgm Pro Vespa shock absorber Vespa racing motorsport

bgm PRO Vespa shock absorbers successful in ASCC races!

Just like we did at our Scooter Customshow, the Austrians also do common cause: The ASCC - Austrian Scooter Challenge Cup - is the racing scooter series in Austria for Switch scooters, automatic and electric scooters.

Seven races of two runs each are held each season. Of these, you have 2 racing days as discarded results.


With Scooter Center and bgm products on the road to success

Surprise driver Lukas Schossmann drove this year on a racing scooter from sQooter - Rennteam four times as winner through the finish line. The team relies on many tuning parts from Scooter Center Cologne. Quattrini engine with M1L-60 cylinder and 51mm stroke crankshaft. Landing gear: bgm Pro shock absorber for Vespa PK front and back. The braking system is also BGM with a radial brake pump at the front.

bgm Pro Vespa shock absorber Vespa racing motorsport


Only 5 Euro postage to Austria

The Scooter Center delivers with UPS and DHL very quickly for only 5 euros shipping costs to Austria - up to 31kg, something fits in there.

Now in Scooter Center Order scooter shop


ASCC - innovative and modern scooter racing series in Austria

The ASCC relies on trying out known and new products during the training phases. For example, it is possible to borrow and try out chassis. Many racing drivers then also drive these products in their street scooters and recommend them to friends and acquaintances.

The ASCC organization team spared no expense and effort and invested a lot for the 2015 season! So they have their own timekeeping and from race day # 2 in Greinbach on April 25.4th. all races are documented via MyLaps live timing. This is the next generation of timekeeping with a live app on smartphones and tablets, live timing on the web and on on-site monitors, as well as the option for drivers to have various information played back on their display. Race results can be found on or on (slightly under country selection à austria)


Race day 1: Premiere in Tulln - a complete success

On April 11.4.2015th, XNUMX the time had finally come: the first race day of the new season was about to begin. And with him 23 racing scooter drivers who made it before several thousand spectators and fans at bike in Tulln could not wait to finally compete in the first race in 2015. In addition, a motorcycle trade fair (the largest in Austria for 2015) is a great opportunity to present the ASCC, the teams and yourself to an interested audience. And so it happened…

... that was already in qualifying on Saturday morning Large audience interest. The weather just right. The drivers are fully motivated. And the surprise perfect: the newcomer Lukas Schossmann from the team took pole position with a lap time of 22,8 seconds. Starting place 2 went to Thomas Lukaseder from GP-One and in third place went to the overall winner 2014, Thomas Prasch from the Horny-Hornets.

At 14 p.m. the starting gun was fired for race 1, which, like almost all ASCC races, lasted 15min + 2 laps. The track turned out to be not too fast, rather narrow and, above all, very selective. Race number 1 was characterized by many crashes and failures, most of which ended with minor problems. Surprise driver Lukas Schossmann got through without any problems and celebrated his first victory. Second place went to Thomas Prasch and third went to Christoph Lafer. Organizer Ron said: “We knew beforehand that it would be tight and short. From then on it was driven very fairly. "

In race 2 there were even more spectators at the edge of the track. They got great racing action and exciting duels again. There were tight times, changes in leadership, lapping. The drivers agreed: “Tulln was awesome. Cool with the crowd. ”. At the end of race 2 Schossmann again prevailed with his bgm PRO Vespa chassis, ahead of Prasch and Kirchhofer.

ASCC Vespa Racing Austria Austria


Race day 2: Greinbach All or nothing!

The drivers of the ASCC agree on this: on the racetrack of the PS Racing Center in Greinbach there is only one motto: all or nothing! Anyone who does not fully pull through the long, high-speed curve (over 100km / h), who is afraid of the bumps at the end of this curve and who does not apply various load changes in the infield perfectly, has no chance to ride up front here.

And that's exactly how it was on April 25.4.2015, 2 at race day # 3 of the current season: only the most fearless and experienced racers were involved for the podium places. After local hero Gerhard Konrad from the HG racing team had to end the day prematurely (cylinder damage during training), the way was free for the 3 best of the season, Lukas Schossman, Thomas Prasch and Rainer Kirchhofer. It was surprising that Christoph Lafer from the VorResoSchalter team kept putting the first 2 under pressure and even crossed the finish line third in race XNUMX.

The most exciting scenes of the day were delivered by Schossmann and Prasch, who matched each other for a few laps for first place in run 1. Schossmann lost his pole position right at the start - the reason was a badly adjusted clutch - but was still able to win the race, ahead of Prasch and Kirchhofer. Also in run 1 Schossmann got the full 2 points with the bgm shock absorbers, again ahead of Prasch and this time Christoph Lafer in 25rd place.


ASCC Pictures / Photos

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ascc vespa racing pictures photos



ASCC results / score

The actual Overall rating:

ASCC scooter race points result

24h Vespa race

24h Vespa race

Even before the first ESC racing events are held in Germany, a 24-hour racing spectacle takes place every year in Spain on the Circuito Internacional de Zuera. 24h Vespa race At 30 o'clock in Zuera, with summer temperatures of over 12 ° C, 62 teams started the 24-hour hunt. Including 6 teams from Germany and 1 team from Austria.

24h Vespa race Le Mans start

Zuera 2014 start of the 24h Vespa race After the Le Mans start Within the first hour, the lead changed between Scuderia ESC and Team Germany GSF / SCK before Team Germany took the lead for long hours. That 24h Vespa race is divided into 4 different classes.

What is allowed is allowed

You can find the fastest teams in the so-called Proto classes for Vespa Large and Smallframe. In these classes what is allowed is allowed, the performance is only regulated by the fact that the engine should keep in racing trim for as long as possible 24 hours at a time. Less powerful but also by no means unexciting are the classes Vespa Small and Largframe with original components. In this class you will find a PK75 as well as a PX125. The original engine components may be optimized, the original chassis unfortunately not. For the Protos, some of which are equipped with up to 30HP and have a good chassis, it became an experience here and there to plow through the field of the original classes. Some PK125s appear at night as a small, red taillight point on the start and finish straight in front of a fast driver and then grow into a whole scooter in a fraction of a second, which is apparently on the track. Nevertheless, the original classes are very popular, as a vehicle that is competitive in its class is available with few resources. Just like the claim of class 5 in the domestic ESC. IMG_1257 In relation to the distance of the race, some teams already showed failures after a short time. IMG_6968 Fortunately, in most cases the defects were minor. The premature death of some of the plug connections is probably one of the most common causes of short breaks, also taken with pleasure, the slipped carburetor ... In the meantime, could Team Germany (Powered by Scooter Center) continue to expand leadership. Up until the early evening, a good lead on the also very powerful team Laranja could be driven out. Zuera time table

At night with the Vespa on the racetrack

Driving on a racetrack at night is a special experience - fortunately, all teams had enough time in the light to memorize the course of the route. IMG_1339 In order to drive well through the night, the teams were allowed to compete with up to 6 drivers. Thus, sufficiently long breaks are possible for every driver. 24h vespa race massage Unfortunately, as the race distance increases, the material begins to suffer significantly. The tires and braking systems in particular are subject to very high loads. Fortunately, tubeless rims are standard in the racing circuit. If the tire is defective, the air escapes much more slowly than if the tube could simply collapse. Flat Unfortunately, with a comfortable lead of 20 laps, the first components also began to tire at Team Germany. The piston and cylinder had to be changed shortly before midnight. With a backlog that could be made up after the repair, now in second place, the hunt for first place could be resumed. Unfortunately, the race to catch up was stopped a short time later by a defective crankshaft. After 2 laps with a predominant portion of leadership laps, the number 1 had to be turned off. The Laranja team, now in first place, was also only able to enjoy the lead for another 539 laps - here too, the water-cooled Yamaha unit went on strike. As is so often the case, this became the third member of the group, after inconspicuous, even keeping up, Team Tarragona Happy winner of the crazy 24h event and crossed the finish line as the first team after 24:00:46. We congratulate everyone who survived this madness and, above all, drove it to the end. Special respect to the only all-women team that 70's Scooter Girl'z, who finished the race in a remarkable 31st place. 70ties girls 24h Vespa race See you next year for the 24h Vespa race in Spain and a fall-free ESC season!

Short report from Zaragoza:

Team Germany / Scooter Center Team has cleared a lot in Zaragosa. Here the 1st place in the overall ranking and in the class ranking (Smallframe) achieved. In addition, our team drove the fastest race lap during the Zaragoza 24 hours. More information and pictures will follow shortly.

24 hours vespa zuera 2012.mp4

BMC / RH Scooter Cup 2011
Harzring 9/10.11.2011/XNUMX/XNUMX
Double victory in the Harz!
After a long break due to the cancellation of the race at Easter, Scooter Racing was finally back in fashion.

Unfortunately, the second event had to be moved from Embsen to the Harzring at short notice, as there are currently major problems with noise pollution. Thanks again to Wolfgang vom Resin ring that this was possible at such short notice!

There was a lot of free training time on Saturday, which I could really use. I had built a new engine for this race that I still had to run in and set up.
The engine ran surprisingly well and so I was able to secure a place on the front row as the second fastest in qualifying in the afternoon.

In the warm-up on race Sunday, I actually wanted to break in a new set of Sava MC31 tires for the two races. But that was literally "into the water" because the track was still wet from a rain shower during the night. So I had to try to break in the tires in the first race.
The start of the 1st race was quite successful with 3rd place. In the first few laps I didn't want to risk a fall because of the new tires. After the tires started to really stick, I was able to push Arne Paulsen out of 2nd place and set out to pursue Oktawian Jezierski, who was in the lead. Oktawian didn't make it easy for me to overtake him by skilfully driving tight corners. I already thought that I wouldn't get past him, so he made a little mistake and I was able to slip through. (See picture) Then I was able to pull out a small lead and the 1st place to the finish.
The second race was almost the same for me. After starting in third place, however, I was able to overtake Arne and Oktawian in the first third of the race and then pull out a good lead to the finish. 1st place again !!!
After the not so great start to the season in Jüterborg, this event went really well for me. In the overall standings of the BMC / RH Scooter Cup championship, I am now up with 72 points behind Arne Paulsen (73 points) Place 2 advanced.

The next races will be held in Templin and on the Sachsenring in August, maybe we'll see you there.

Until then


Last weekend the 3-hour long-distance race took place on the GP track at the Nürburgring for the third time.

As usual, we arrived on Saturday evening to have a leisurely barbecue, talk about gasoline and carry out final tests and approvals on the scooter. Everyone was in good spirits with the sunshine and mild temperatures.

There were 53 starters from Germany, England and Switzerland registered, so a very mixed field, which made the Le Mans start exciting. Unfortunately, the weather gods didn't mean it so well with us again. It rained heavily most of the time, both in practice and in the one-hour race that followed. The one who did well beforehand Rain tires mounted, which was a huge advantage. But even without the appropriate tires it was fun, because arriving safely was the top priority! Unfortunately there were also some failures. Of over 50 starters, only about 30 crossed the finish line.

Alex took 1st place in the fun class, Torsten took 6th place Klet 2 (Setup Alex: Polini EVO, Ludwig & Scherer exhaust, bgm crankshaft, Keihin carburetor - Setup Torsten: identical except for Cylinder Parmakit W-force).

Thanks to the DART Racing Team (for the nightly screwdriver help), the girls for the food and of course that SCOOTER CENTER for supporting our racing team!



Sponsored by SCOOTER CENTER:

The 6. Challenge Scootentole Vespa and Lambretta - races in Magny Cours was a huge success.
The Cahllenge Scootentole is the largest racing event for scooters in France and therefore involves a lot of organizational effort - but our friends from the Scootentole team did a great job!
This year 100 drivers took part in the race for classic scooters (Vespa & Lambretta), which is an increase of 20% compared to the previous year. The starting field was well filled internationally. There were even participants from Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Belgium!

The open class 1 in particular was in great demand, in the so-called tourist class, newcomers could get a taste of racing or scrape the tight curves of the kart track in Magny Cours with their vintage cars under racing conditions.

A highlight was the visit to the local Vespa Club “Vespa Club de Fourchambault”. They enriched the meeting with a great selection of beautiful Vespa scooters.

On a great late summer's day there was no boredom, one race followed another and the battles on the racetrack were very exciting.

Despite spectacular accidents and stunts by some pilots, there were no notable injuries thanks to the respectful and sporty behavior of the drivers.

Here are the results and some impressions from Magni Cours. You can find many more photos here: or in the Scootentole forum:

6th Challenge Scootentole, rankings

C2-class 2-street class
N ° 259-Benjamin Lauby-F-Vespa Cosa 177Pinasco
N ° 233-Benjamin Robillard-F-Vespa PK 133Polini
N ° 203-Patrick Vengeon-F-Vespa PK 125Quattrini
N ° 288-Jérôme Satragno-F-Vespa PX 200 stock
N ° 205-Jean-Luc Nobleaux-F-Vespa PX 213Pinasco
N ° 222-Aurélien Grosmaire-F-Vespa T5 152Polini
N ° 277-Stéphane Barbot-F-Vespa PK 133Polini
N ° 231-Grégoire Fallay-F-Vespa PX200 stock
N ° 202-Philippe Boyer-F-Vespa PK 133Polini
N ° 218-Lionel Mahous-F-Vespa PX 177DR
N ° 257-Stéphane Keckeis-CH-Vespa PX 210Malossi
N ° 255-Minh Bettolo-F-Vespa PX 213Pinasco
N ° 200-Benjamin Arneguy-F-Vespa PX177Polini
N ° 278-Samuel Carrette-F-Vespa PX 166Malossi
N ° 220-Marc Lacombre-F-Vespa PK 133Polini
N ° 272-Jean-Marc Couilleau-F-Vespa PX 166Malossi
N ° 217-Stéphane Garcia-Flores-F-Vespa PX 177DR
N ° 269-Frédéric Deluy-F-Vespa Rally PX210 Malossi
N ° 274-Jean-Michel Excoffier-F-Vespa PX 166Malossi
N ° 239-Harold Guérin-F-Vespa PX 200 stock
N ° 207-Alice Renault-F-Vespa PK50-75Malossi
N ° 210-Jo Contrino-F-Vespa PK 136Malossi
N ° 213-Jordane Vacher-F-Vespa PX 177DR
N ° 201-Clémence Desmercières-F-Primavera 133Polini
N ° 264-Jean-Luc Finantz-F-Vespa PK 125 stock
N ° 209-Laurent Joffre-F-Vespa PK 133Polini
N ° 208-Vincent Birolleau-F-LML 125 stock
N ° 204-Frédérique Desmercières-F-Vespa V5A 130Parmakit
N ° 215-Jean-Paul Wenger-CH-Vespa GS 172Malossi T5
N ° 219-Georges Luthy-CH-Vespa PX 177DR
N ° 206-Laurent Schektman-F-Vespa PX 213Pinasco
N ° 221-Philippe Bardon-F-Vespa PX 125 stock
N ° 285-Alexandre Grolleau-F-Vespa PX 125 stock (NP)

C3-Class 3-Doped small frames
N ° 375-Maik Persch-D-Vespa V5A 125Quattrini
N ° 306-Mickaël Betz-D-Vespa PK 133Polini
N ° 318-Xavier Labarère-F-Vespa PK 125Quattrini
N ° 326-John Friedrich-NL-Vespa 50 Spe 152Falc
N ° 302-Lucien Jules-F-Vespa Primavera 125Quattrini
N ° 310-David Palloume-F-Vespa PK 144Fabrizzi
N ° 367-Antoine Fleury-F-Vespa 133Polini
N ° 386-Ottmar Hornung-D-Vespa PK 136Malossi
N ° 204-Max Di Palma-F-Vespa V5A 130Parmakit
N ° 232-Merinj Van Raaphorsf-NL-Vespa 125Quattrini
N ° 312-Felice La Rizza-B-Vespa Prim 125Quattrini
N ° 399-Luc Penfold-F-Vespa 50 Spe 125Quattrini
N ° 304-Eric Bazard-F-Vespa 50Spe 125Quattrini
N ° 340-Mickaël Fritz-F-Vespa ET3 133Polini
N ° 315-Nicolas Di Palma-F-Vespa PK 125Quattrini
N ° 359-FX.Bres-F-Vespa Primavera 133Polini
N ° 361-Germain Dugas-F-Vespa PK 125Quattrini
N ° 335-Antoine Jalabert-F-Vespa V5A 135Polini
N ° 356-Jérôme Satragno-F-Vespa PK 125 origine
N ° 389-Julien Desnuelle-F-Vespa Primavera 125Quattrini

C4-Class 4-Doped big frames
N ° 407-Max Di Palma-F-Vespa PX 210Malossi
N ° 495-Andreas Putz-D-Vespa PX 166Malossi
N ° 468-François Di Palma-F-Vespa PX 172Quattrini
N ° 458-Jens Fischer-D-Vespa GL 172Malossi
N ° 403-Lucien Jules-F-Vespa T5 172Malossi
N ° 429-Eric Daca-F-Vespa PX "home made"
N ° 401-Guillaume Bordas-F-Vespa PX 166Malossi
N ° 420-Gilles Fraval-F-Lambretta TS1 230
N ° 411-David Palloume-F-Vespa PX 210Malossi
N ° 488-Eric Lauzet-F-Vespa PX 177Polini
N ° 427-Romain Gerbier-F-Vespa PX 177Polini
N ° 400-David Grand-F-Vespa PX 172Quattrini
N ° 418-Jérôme Bradier-F-Vespa PX 166Malossi
N ° 412-Jean-Marc Halitim-F-Vespa PX210Malossi
N ° 415-Richard Beaudet-F-Vespa PX 172Quattrini
N ° 472-Arnaud Bouland-F-Vespa PX 172Malossi
N ° 417-Benjamin Arneguy-F-Lambretta SX 225
N ° 428-Ulysse Blanc-F-Vespa PX 177Polini
N ° 469-Guillaume Bradier-F-Vespa PX 166Malossi
N ° 404-Eric Bazard-F-Vespa T5 172Malossi
N ° 499-Patrick Vengeon-F-Vespa PX 210Malossi

All results:

6th Challenge Scootentole à Nevers-Magny-Cours, from 17th to 19th September 2010

Super scooter race for the classic scooters Vespa & Lambretta.
The SCOOTER CENTER is sponsor and of course supports the meeting again!

The race weekend takes place at a great location, for example:

  • international kart track 1,2km
  • Camping possibility
  • Restaurant / catering on the premises
  • Terrace / viewing platform on the racetrack

Scooter race at the Nürburgring 2010 Reinoldus Cup

On September 26.09.2010th, XNUMX it will be said again at the Nürburgring: "Gentlemen, start your engines!"

2nd Int. Scooter Cup Nürburgring as part of the Reinoldus long haul of the DMC.

2nd Int. Scooter Cup Nürburgring on September 26.09.2010th, XNUMX on the
Grand Prix course of the Nürburgring
with one workout and one one hour long distance race. Complete Grand Prix course with a length of 5,1km.
The race is organized by Vinoteca Vinespa, in cooperation with the Red Wine Racing Team and the DMC as the host SCOOTER CENTER is sponsor / supporter!

approx. 80 minutes driving time for only 99, - EUR.
A training session (approx. 20 min.) To find the starting point and 1 long-distance race (60 min.)!

3 classes, run together
1. Switch scooter "Largeframe / Wideframe with more than 78 cc. Entry fee 99, - EUR
2. “Smalframe” scooter with more than 78ccm. Starting fee 99, - EUR
3. "Fun class" scooter for less ambitious drivers. Entry fee € 99, ​​-

Starting field
Maximum starting field of 80 starters. It goes according to the order of entry. There is no legal right to participate.


You can find the short description "HERE!"
You can find the technical regulations "HERE!"
The Entry form do you think ...? Find "HERE!"

Vespa races at the Nürburgring

Classic Race at the Nürburgring scooter race

Last weekend the 19th run of the “Cologne Course” from MSC Porz took place.

We from SCOOTER CENTER TEAM were again represented in large numbers.

After the final preparations and joint inviting of all the equipment and the racing scooters on Saturday morning, it was finally around 14:30 p.m. towards the ring. Once there, we met many familiar faces. The large CONTINENTAL TENT, the grill, the racing scooters etc. were quickly unloaded and set up.

Nürburgring Classic Scooter Race 2009 Scooter race on the Nürburgring

After the technical acceptance, transponder assembly and the legendary driver briefing, the final preparations were made on the scooters.

Luckily got that SCOOTER CENTER TEAM still the box no. 25. So the very rainy Saturday evening with a barbecue under the tent, music and the typical gasoline conversations was a complete success for those present from the Classic Scooter racing scene.

It wouldn't be the ring if it weren't for rain and sun on a weekend, an old Nürburgring rabbit once told me. The same thing happened on Sunday at 8:00 a.m. with the first coffee it was still quite humid and punctually at 10:00 a.m. for training it was nice and dry.

Almost all of our 12 scooters got through more or less well, but even our “T-Roller” was still used.

Fortunately, a lot of spectators came to the ring. Many familiar faces from the scooter scene were present. Overall, drivers from all parts of Germany but also from AT, GB, BE, FR and even Canada were represented.

Vespa races at the Nürburgring

Scooter Center successful and with a lot of fun at the start

At about 14:00 the start finally took place, the one with a
- 2nd place in regularity,
- the fastest "girl scooter" and
- with 12 scooters from 70 starters, on our part
was generally very satisfactory. We are already looking forward to the next race.

Greetings to all contributors - see you soon and get well soon to start number 6.


Torsten Wengeler

Oliver Kluger Vespa Racing Nurburgrin 2009

Scooter race on the Nürburgring 2009

Since 2004, regular scooter races have taken place on the Nürburgring again.

We owe this opportunity to the MSC Porz, who offers a “regularity run” for classic scooters as part of the Cologne course. For most of us that means: evenly full throttle! ;-)

The SCOOTER CENTER has been represented by the racing team every year since 2004.

On Saturday was heavy rain in the dry SCOOTER CENTER Box grilled and screwed in the paddock.
We were able to greet many friends and familiar faces again. The hard core was swept out of the box at 1:30 - after all, the first training session was scheduled for 10:40 on Sunday.


Sunday came up with the best weather. During training we had 20 minutes to determine the fastest drivers and then to determine the starting grid. In the first row of the grid there were 1 starters from SCOOTER CENTER Team (Harry Barlow & Christian Schneider).

If the weather was fine, repairs and maintenance work could be carried out in the open air after the first training session. After the SCK grill had given everything again at noon, the race started.

The Green Hell took its toll: of 65 starters, only 45 made it to the finish (cancellations, no accidents)

The SCOOTER CENTER Team was able to record several successes:

Place 2 Christian Schneider (Regularity evaluation)
Tanya Kluger - fastest woman in the field ;-)

The next appointment at the Nürburgring for classic scooters is September 13 “Renoldus Sprint”

The SCOOTER CENTER is looking forward to it!


Scooter race on the Nürburgring Cologne circuit 2006

Finally again scooter races on the Nürburgring

We've been hooked since 2004. It is a highlight of the year every year and in 2006 we were again with our classic Vespa & Lambretta scooters at the Nürburgring to take part in the Cologne circuit.

With the routine, the excitement disappears and you become a little more relaxed, which is also noticeable to the full at the evening events Scooter Center Team box. Somebody had Vodka - effervescent included. I wonder how the British drivers managed to be so fit in the morning ... it was another great event!



Scooter race at the Nürburgring Cologne course 2005

5th Cologne course - May 1st, 2005

The Motorsport Club Porz celebrated its 50th anniversary last year and we were able to celebrate with our classic scooters - with a scooter race on the Nürburgring. All participants were enthusiastic, we too! So it goes without saying that we will be doing this again this year Scooter Center Team were at the start again.

It is a great feeling to be standing at the start with your scooter and driving where Niki Lauda, ​​Michael Schumacher and Senna have already been on the track. And we don't need to tell you anything about the atmosphere and atmosphere with many international scooter riders and friends in the evening. Scooterists stop :-)!