dsc00304The heat battle of Aldenhoven!
That was the case with very summery temperatures last Saturday RTP Aldenhoven Race 1 instead of .
The SCOOTER CENTER was at the start as support for this event. We had ours with us SPRINT SYSTEM and the mobile bunting bat SCK - TEST BENCH.

The sun was laughing from the sky all day, the sunburn was inevitable, as were sweaty station wagons. But there was excellent grip on the track.

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highway race

RTP - Scootermeeting in Aldenhoven. With the SCOOTER CENTER at the beginning.
We support the meeting with
- the SCK sprint system
- the SCK test bench

The RTP Meeting “Autobahn Community Race” will take place on Saturday May 02.05nd starting at 10 o'clock instead.
Arrival is possible on Friday around 18 p.m.

There you can park your vehicles on the area. You can sleep on camp beds next to the cars, in the cars or in your bullies, etc. Camping is prohibited. Barbecuing on the premises is also prohibited.

Admission 17,00 euros

Tickets: 02238-30 74 30

More Info:

The SCOOTER CENTER Team was at the RTP - Autbahnrace in Aldenhoven.

With great weather and lots of nice people and interesting conversations, there was no heck of a sprint.

The first DSSC run in Saarbrücken went very well for us, we immediately set the fastest time with Lorraine. The 2nd DSSC run of the season took place on our doorstep in Aldenhoven.

With a total time of 6,809 seconds and a reaction time of 0,059 seconds, we drove a great time for an uncharged full body sprint. Our top speed this weekend was 130,00 KM / H! Only a charged scooter with NOS was slightly faster.

We were able to maintain our first place in the overall ranking of the premier class with 18 points.

We look forward to exciting fights with the other drivers at the next events.

With our new test bench, we were able to supply over 150 scooters with around 450 runs. The power output ranged from 1,9 PS (!, friezed back original scooter?) To just under 29 PS (Maxi). The most powerful 80 cc was a 2Fast with almost 24 hp. The test stand crew had a lot of fun with you and thanks the organizer Scooter de Luxe for the good cooperation.

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