Scooter Custom Show 2015


These are the photos of the Scooter Center Customshow 2015 in Cologne. The pictures from You can find the photo shoot here and the pictures of the Winner here.

Photo shoot Scooter Customshow 2015

These are the photos from the photo shoot on the Scooter Center Customshow in Cologne

The book

The video:


The photos:

These are the winners of the SCOOTERSHOW'15

Classic & Automatic Scooter Customshow

The Scootershow – our Scooter Center Scooter Customshow - took place on March 21.03.2015, XNUMX. We are totally flashed again by so much passion for scooters. Regardless of whether it was automatic or classic, there were again great scooters and great people at the start. The planning for the Scooter Customshow 2016 in Cologne is already underway!

150 scooters and 1.500 visitors, exhibitors and dealers from Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Austria, Switzerland and Poland attended the 8th SCOOTERSHOW'15 there. MANY THANKS!!


2015 Winner


result-scooter-customshow-winner-2015_2236 result-scooter-customshow-winner-2015_2237 result-scooter-customshow-winner-2015_2238 result-scooter-customshow-winner-2015_2239

Rollercorsp roll up aachen koeln

Rollercorso: common approach to the SCOOTERSHOW'15

This weekend the Scooter Center custom show took place in Cologne.

Scooter drivers from Aachen and Cologne meet in the Erftkreis, on the Cologne city limits and drive together through Cologne to the Scooter Customshow in Cologne Kalk.

There is more information, tremine and meeting point here.

Rollers to the Scooter Customshow Cologne

Rollercorsp roll up aachen koeln

Leif Reckert Sscootertuning Scooter Custom Show

Leif at the Scooter Customshow jury

We are very pleased that Leif Reckert has joined the Scooter Center custom show SCOOTERHOW´15 will support.

From the automatic scooter scene

Leif is a sore thumb in the scooter tuning and custom scooter scene and is known from the Team RR and Motor Movies. Of course, he himself has already been on the Scootershow exhibited.

Jury member

Leif Reckert will support the jurors team and help with his experience best customs scooter to be evaluated and awarded in the Automatk category!

Scootershow 2015

The Scooter Center custom show starts on 21.03.2015/15.03.2015/XNUMX in Cologne. You can still register until XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX. Participation is natural free!


The Scooter Custom Show SCOOTERSHOW#15 is presented to you by Scooter Center - PURE SCOOTERING since 1992!

customshow trophies 2015

These are the SCOOTERSHOW'15 trophies

The first two samples have arrived. We think it's great - for a size comparison - it's a 2 euro coin.

There are 2 designs: Classic / Automatic and then 1st and 2nd place respectively.
All Customshow categories.

As a sample, we first had a 1st place “Classic Best Engineering” and a 2nd place “Automatic Best Engineering”.




How do you like the trophies?

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Video Scooter Custom Show 2015

Countdown for the Scooter Customshow 2015

SCOOTERSHOW 15 in Cologne on March 21.03.2015, XNUMX

The countdown is running - only 4 weeks left to Scooter Custom Show 2015 - of the SCOOTERSHOW'15 in Cologne.

Super Customscooter at the start

We received a lot of great registrations again and will be sending out the first invitations in the next week. The free registration for Customscooter and dealers remains open.


Large range of scooter parts

We will also assign and plan the dealer stands in the coming week.


Your visit is worth it!

The tickets for the custom show cost only 5 euros, which is a very cheap entry price for a show that makes the heart of every scooter driver beat faster.

Scootershow 15 tickets Scooter Customshow tickets

Scooter custom show ticket


International participants

Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, last year even from Moscow. The Scooter Customshow attracts exhibitors and visitors from whole Europe. We are also on an international mission: this weekend we are first on the Alpen Customshow in Austria / Innsbruck, because we also have exhibitors from Austria at our custom show this year. Then we go to the custom show in Belgium / Antwerp and then we're in Italy / Rimini at the RLC OpenDay.

See you :-)


Scooter Customshow Ticket Admission Ticket

Admission tickets / Scooter Customshow tickets

The tickets for our custom show are now in Scooter Center Shop available.

Buy a Customshow ticket here


Visitors only pay 5 euros to enter.
Children and young people up to 12 years free of charge!

We were able to keep the low price of only 5 euros!

Scootershow 15 tickets Scooter Customshow tickets

Custom-Scooter exhibitors (plus one helper) naturally have free entry to the show.

Register here for free
Video Scooter Custom Show 2015

Scootershow'15 video

That's a little taste of that Scooter Center Scooter Custom Show 2015: SCOOTERSHOW'15

Free registration for custom scooters and dealer stands, used parts market here: Scooter Custom Show 2015

Vespa in summer

Today is the shortest day of the year

Mostly no snow yet, but still: cold. Wet. Winter. Your scooter is likely to be parked in the dark garage or basement for the winter.

It's just before Christmas - but that doesn't really comfort the real scooterist about the fact that now is not the best time to ride a scooter! In this deeply sad time we want to give hope to the scooter driver in you and show light at the end of the long winter tunnel.

You have to go over 7 bridges, seven tips to get over this winter:

1. Motivational video

2. Summer is definitely coming

Things are looking up: today is the shortest day of the year - that is, the worst is over and summer is coming! How about a new Vespa cup for hot tea or coffee while summer is still a long time coming. A new Vespa bath towel would also be great when summer finally arrives - it also looks good in the sauna during the already tense waiting time.

Vespa cup and Vespa towel

3. Become a scooter superhero now

Get your scooter out of the basement now and turn it into a custom project for the SCOOTERSHOW'15! This is the real one again Scooter Custom Show 2015 on March 21.03.2015st, XNUMX in Cologne

Scooter Custom Show 2015

4. Appearances are deceptive

Your motto is more like “Chrome won't bring you home”? Then now is the best time to have an engine overhaul on your scooter. With the Scooter Center Exploded drawings you can find the spare parts for your scooter quickly and easily! Select the scooter model here or visit all of them exploded.

5. Let it shine

But something for the optics: Paint care with our new ROTWEISS paint care products

Red and white paint care

6. Hard scooter boys

You don't even know what I'm writing about here? Are you always happy because you ride your scooter all year round? My advice: bgm PRO stainless steel rims and good winter tires. This is how you get through everywhere: Sticky is with them Vespa rims raced through the desert.

Vespa rim 0397

7. Christmas with friends

Now at the latest - when it comes to the desert - you should be warmer. But let's get back to the harsh reality: winter. Consecration! So to create a little Christmas spirit here too, you can visit our Advent Calendar look for bargains (TIP: also retrospectively) and a super cool one Bell Custom 500 jet helmet win!

We wish you a great Christmas time with friends and family!

Your Scooter Center Team



Scooter Center Custom Show 2015

On March 21, 2015 we will start with the eighth international Scooter Center custom show for Classic and Automatic Scooters in Cologne.

Scooter custom show Scootershow 2015

Scooter Custom Show 2015

The history of the Scooter Center Customshows goes way back. Before we get into the impressive Rental the AdventureHallenKALK, we already held custom shows in the open air 10 years ago. As part of our legendary Opendays before the Scooter Center Store in Bergheim. Back then, these custom shows weren't nearly as big as today's show - but the spirit was the same!


Pure scootering

We've always had great scooters on the show. The scooters were lovingly made with a lot of creativity and technical skill endless expenditure of time and often converted into really cool Customscoots with a lot of money. Crass paintwork, gold, chrome. Airbrush, more colorful, longer, shorter, higher, deeper, louder and mostly faster than the police allow or extremely rare and much older than the owner himself. It's a mixed bag of customs. PURE SCOOTERING

They all meet once a year in Cologne SCOOTERSHOW – the international Scooter Customshow in Cologne. The scooters changed, many new scooters were added. Many custom projects have undergone a real evolution and have been gradually enhanced. Other legendary custom scooters are being brought back from the basement and today are reminiscent of the wild beginnings of the Classic Scootersscene in the 80s and 90s.


The real heroes

Classic Scooter & Automatic Scooter . Vespa, Lambretta - Street Racers, Ladders, Dragscoot, Cup Racers, Streesleeper, Speedfight, Aerox and Co - the real heroes are the ones behind the scooters!

That's you, that's you and we appreciate that! We are already planning and organizing and are looking forward to a great custom show.
I'll see you SCOOTERSHOW'15 on March 21.03.2015, XNUMX in Cologne.

Customshow 2015 - True Heroes

You can register with your scooter here: Customshow registration

More than custom scooters

In addition to the scooter exhibition, there is a lot to see and experience. The meets in Cologne Scootersscene at the start of the season. The Scooter Center and bgm shows new scooter tuning products and for bargain hunters there are again many large and small parts stands. Of course, physical well-being is also taken care of.

As big as the similarities are - when it comes to music at the latest, the spirits often share. We have learned a lot and in 2015 we will be supplying the two halls with music separately - 2 floors.


Here is the official HD video from 2014:

Customshow 2014 tickets

Scootershow is she Scooter Center Custom show for scooters.

[youtube] Uptwv3QVsNc [/ youtube]

2014 finds the Scootershow for Vespa, Lambretta and Automatic Custom Scooter is officially taking place for the seventh time.

Tickets only 5 euros:

Admission ticket Scootershow 2014 CUSTOM SHOW Cologne

Customshow 2014 tickets

Info and website:

Customshow 2014 tickets

Scootershow news

Here's a little update for ours Scootershow – THE Scooter Custom Show 2014., that we organize together with the Twisted Pistons SC: in the Cologne: Adventure Hall Kalk, March 22.03.2014, XNUMX.

Info for visitors:
Entrance fee: only 5 euros
Opening times: 12:00 - 17:00

Info for participants
FREE Registration for participants here. Registration closes on March 16, 2014.

Cup ceremony, 17:00 p.m.
New categories for the Scootershow 2014:


(A price)

  • BEST OF ALL - best scooter on the show
  • BEST LAMBRETTA - the best Lambretta
  • BEST VESPA - best Vespa
  • BEST AUTOMATIC - best automatic scooter
  • BEST CLUB DISPLAY - coolest club stand


(First and second place)

  • BEST ENGINEERING - best technical implementation
  • BEST ORIGINAL CONDITION - show your oldie
  • BEST STREETRACER - focus on entries
  • BEST CUSTOM - best refinement “Chrome & Flames”
  • BEST STREETCUSTOM - (focus on daily use (signs of use) despite airbrush, chrome etc.)
  • BEST SPRINTER / CUPRACER - racing device (e.g. DBM / ESC)
  • BEST PAINT / AIRBRUSH - best painting and / or airbrush
  • BEST O-LACK RESCUE - only with documentation
  • BEST MOD - accessory bomber
  • CRAZIEST CONVERSION - without words


(First and second place)

  • BEST MODERN VESPA - GT / GTV / GTS / LX / LXV / 946 etc.
  • BEST CUSTOM - best refinement “Chrome & Flames”
  • BEST STREETCUSTOM - roadworthy ready to drive
  • BEST SPRINTER / RACER - racing device (DSSC, DM or similar)
  • BEST ENGINEERING - best technical implementation
  • BEST PAINT / AIRBRUSH - best painting and / or airbrush
  • BEST BODYWORK - best bodywork conversion
  • BEST DISPLAY - best presentation
  • CRAZIEST CONVERSION - without words

Customshow 2014 tickets

Essen MOTORSHOW Vespa scooter motor roller

Essen MOTORSHOW Vespa scooter motor roller

Scooter Center at the Essen Motor Show

Also this year we are at the Essen Motorshow. The fair for motorsport fans is from November 30.11th. - 8.12.2013 open. The Scooter Center You will find the booth in hall 4 booth 111.

Fans of motorized two-wheelers will get their money's worth at the ESSEN MOTOR SHOW.

There will be a whole hall full of motorcycles and scooters again this year and that Scooter Center is back! This is where the custom show comes together Speed ​​bike show with unusual, bizarre and fast machines with a large exhibition area for manufacturers and dealers. The rest will take place on March 22nd, 2014 Motor scooter exhibition Scootershow instead of. THE international scooter custom show for Vespa, Lambretta and automatic scooter tuning. The registration option / application phase for the 7th Scooter Center Customshow has already started: Sign up here.

Own hall for the motorcycles at the Essen Motor Show

Speed ​​Bike Show: In Hall 4 of the ESSEN MOTOR SHOW, visitors can expect extraordinary original compositions on two wheels. Whimsical, spectacular, super-fast - amateurs and professionals present spectacular custom bikes and that Scooter Center the Customscooter.

We look forward to seeing you: Hall 4, Stand 111
Scooter Custom Show 2014

Scooter Custom Show 2014

Save the date: Scooter Center Scooter Custom Show 2014 in Cologne, Saturday March 22nd, 2014

In 2014 we start our 7th Scooter Center Custom show for scooters in Cologne.
Reserve the date now: 22.03.2014

Finest international custom scooter
- Vespa Custom
- Lambretta Custom
- Custom automatic scooter

Flyer, details and registration options will be available here shortly:
Pre-registration for more information then here:

We are already looking forward to you!

Update Custom Show 2014

The entire SCOOTER CENTER Team would like to thank all participants, dealers and visitors of the SCOOTER CENTER custom show Scootershow 2011.

Over 1.500 visitors saw more than 120 international custom scooters. We have again given away 31 great trophies to even more great customizers.

Here are the pictures:
Scootershow Facebook page

SCOOTER CENTER Youtube video
RTL - TV report (only online until March 28th)





Admission for visitors to the SCOOTER CENTER custom show.

It is already now Livestream of the Customshow online:

You can also find current information on the Facebook page of SCOOTER CENTER Custom show:




custom show


Final spurt! The application phase for the SCOOTER CENTER Customshow is closed.
All exhibitors have received information, either a rejection or a confirmation of participation.

Find the list of all participants You here.
You will still get admission tickets for the Customshow here at SCOOTER CENTER or at the box office.


We look forward to seeing you!



In a few days the time has come:

SCOOTER CENTER custom show 2011 on March 19 in Cologne.

There is still the SCOOTER CENTER Free tickets:
If you order more than 150 euros, you will receive a Free ticket to your scooter parts!


SCOOTER CENTER Scooter tuning


- March 19, 2011 in Cologne -

The scooter tuning event of the year in Cologne:

Saturday 19.03.2011 - then it's that time again: In the Adventure halls Cologne-Kalk we present to you from 12-18 Clock for the fourth time the scooter tuning scene event.

150 international Customscoots
from Germany, Austria, Holland, Belgium, France, Italy, ...

You can still until Sunday, March 14.03.2011th, XNUMX HERE apply for participation with your scooter.

You can get tickets at the box office on the day SCOOTER CENTER Store sales or until Wednesday March 16 in Online-Shop.

Exhibitors / sponsors

  • Gyronetics
  • Maxiscoot (FR)
  • Optical Parts DF
  • lennes
  • Motul
  • Accounts
  • SRT
  • ADAC
  • ...

Brief overview of the program:

On over 1.200 sq.m. you will find everything that gets your heartbeat racing as a scooter:

  • fat customshow
  • big dealer mile & bargain alert!
  • SCOOTER-CENTER Girls & Photoshootings
  • Food & Drinks
  • live dj
  • big trophy ceremony with moderation at 16:00 p.m.

See you at the SCOOTER CENTER Customshow in Cologne!

From the scene for the scene!

Scooter Custom Show