Pinlock Subzero goggles Vespa

Always a clear view thanks to patented technology

pinlock subzero goggles

Pinlock® is the inventor of the fog-free motorcycle visors. The patented technology reliably prevents the helmet visor from fogging up by means of a double visor and a resulting enclosed layer of air. This technology is so sensational that the premium helmet manufacturer Shoei decided to cooperate with Pinlock®. Its helmets, which are already very high-quality, are upgraded again and also offer the driver Always clear visibility under the toughest conditions. Among other things, the popular SHOEI NXR helmet series is equipped with:

SHOEI NXR helmet with Pinlock visor



Cool glasses - the SUBZERO goggle with Pinlock® anti-fog technology

With its latest highlight, the Dutch manufacturer shows that the great Pinlock® anti-fogging technology is not only applicable to motorcycle helmets. The optically and functionally grandiose Subzero multisport glasses:

Area of ​​application, for example:

  • Fog-free ski goggles
  • Antismog snowboard goggles
  • Mountain bike goggle
  • Toboggan goggles
  • ...

The new SUBZERO glasses offer a bombastic look - for the wearer as well as the viewer! The glasses therefore also make on the Vespa a good figure:


Google's Pinlock Subzero ski goggles

Two visors and bag included

The glasses always come with two visors, both over the absolute freedom from fogging of motorcycle visors. The Subzero is delivered with a mirrored and an orange, contrast-enhancing visor including a practical and protective glasses pocket.

Ski goggles pinlock subzero

The mirrored visor offers one optimal eye protection, the orange glass in poor visibility conditions significant contrast improvement.

Scooters, skis, snowboards, mountain bikes ...

Highly functional and super design and flexible in use, the PINLOCK SUBZERO is not only one on the ski slopes real recommendation!

Pinlock mountain bike goggle


The Shoei helmets as well as the Pinlock® glasses can you find in Scooter Center Online shop!