Lambretta street racer book

This book is the fifth part of the Lambretta technical series by Stuart Owen and deals with all topics related to the construction of a so-called street racer.

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Stuart Owen

Before we get into the details of the book, first a word about the author, Stuart Owen. He became involved in the history of scooters in the mid-80s in England's Midlands through the mod scene. He controls the first meetings in the van of the Birmingham band the E Types! at. But then he went to Scarborough in August 1987 on his first restored Lambretta, a Li 150 Special (Pacemaker).

Lambretta street racers

For a short time Stuart worked for Disco Dez Gran Sport in Birmingham before setting up his own business 100mph Lambretta Club becomes self-employed and deals with almost everything to do with the Lambretta, from rather ingenious restorations to quite uncompromising tuning.

Here you can find more about Stuarts Racing and the countless successes on the racetrack: Click!

In any case, it has absolute cult character Duel against the Ferrari F40:

The restorations built by Stuart and the preserved vehicles, which are worked up with a lot of love and understanding for the original substance, are similarly uncompromising. Among other things, the original Lowline Supertune 666 CRK.


As a technology expert, he has been supporting Scootering Magazine for many years and is happy to share his fairly wide-ranging expert knowledge.

A book -Lambretta street racers - technical series

In this fifth volume of the Lambretta technical series Stuart highlights the special features of the street racer category, also in contrast to custom scooters and explains planning, implementation and the finished result, the ultimate Lambretta street racer.

TUNING RACE – for professionals

Book -Lambretta concessionaires the complete story 1951 to 1971- Stuart Owen

In his book about the Lambretta Concessionaires the specific features of some Lambretta models for the English market are dealt with. And more importantly, it explains how and why the English market for Innocenti is becoming the second most important in the world after Italy: