Shock absorber bgm PRO F16 Competition

Test winner shock absorber now also for Sprint and Primavera

Our test winner shock absorber from the GTS (Vespa GTS shock absorber test) is now also available for the Vespa Sprint and Vespa Primavera (2013-2016).

Shock absorber bgm PRO F16 Competition

BGM PRO shock absorbers - the reference

The bgm PRO SC shock absorber series are among the finest chassis components that you can treat your scooter to. CNC-machined, high-strength aluminum (6061), which is finally equipped with an absolutely corrosion-resistant hard anodized coating, forms the basis for this High-end chassis. The very stable piston rods are machined in an extremely complex manner in order to obtain perfect surfaces with ideal sliding properties. This combines a sensitive response with absolute stability.

The diverse setting options offer a big bandwidth, which makes the bgm PRO shock absorbers both Tours- as well as that athletically committed driver allow ideal coordination. Sporty, firm or comfortable and gentle - everything is possible within a few clicks.



When it comes to Vespa shock absorbers, we differentiate between the SPORT and COMPETITION series.


The bgm PRO F16 SPORT shock absorber have an adjustable spring preload. The cushioning is fixed and offers a good compromise between comfort and sport.


The bgm PRO F16 COMPETITION shock absorber In addition to an adjustable spring preload, they also have 12 or 16-fold adjustable damping. The damping can be set separately in the rebound and compression stages and thus also meets the highest demands.

Vespa bgm PRO Competition shock absorber

Shock absorbers Vespa Sprint & Vespa Primavera

The BGM PRO Competition F16 The family has grown, suitable for the following vehicles:

Front shock absorber -BGM PRO F16 COMPETITION, 275mm-

  • Vespa Primavera 50 (2013-2016)
  • Vespa Primavera 125 (2013-2016)
  • Vespa Primavera 150 (2013-2016)
  • Vespa Sprint 50 (2013-2016)
  • Vespa Sprint 125 (2013-2016)
  • Vespa Sprint 150 (2013-2016)

BGM Pro SC COMPETITION shock absorber

- Sporty - Comfortable - Adjustable - With TÜV -

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The BGM Pro SC COMPETITION suspension impresses with its harmonious basic set-up. Intended for sporty driving on the road, the predefined specific damper setting and spring rate is an optimal balance of sportiness and suitability for everyday use. The damper can be adjusted 16-fold in the rebound damping. Thus, with a simple movement of the hand, the chassis can be set to be sporty, firm or creamy and comfortable.


With the BGM Pro SC SPORT chassis, the otherwise typical scooter immersion during braking, as well as the rolling movements around the longitudinal axis when accelerating strongly, is reduced. This results in an unadulterated directness. Together with significantly sportier handling, driving becomes a very safe and enjoyable affair.


For pure enjoyment without regrets, the BGM Pro SC SPORT shock absorbers naturally have a KBA test mark and an ABE.


The expansion tank of the front damper was deliberately designed to be very slim. Installation is quick and easy, without The brake line can be dismantled.

  • with KBA test mark / ABE
  • high-strength aluminum, CNC machined
  • hard anodized surfaces for optimal protection
  • front rebound damping 16-fold adjustable
  • sporty, harmonious damping technology
  • high quality components for a long service life
  • massive 13,5 mm piston rod
  • stepless adjustment of the spring preload
  • ready-to-install complete solution


A massive 13,5mm piston rod ensures extraordinary stability, the very finely machined surface guarantees extremely low frictional resistance. This is one of the reasons why the BGM dampers respond so finely). The body made of high-strength and corrosion-resistant aluminum is hard anodized in a noble matt black for additional surface protection.


Sporty, comfortable damper with approval and an unrivaled price / performance ratio!


The Vespa struts are also available in an affordable set:

Vespa Primavera and Sprint shock absorber set

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Vespa accessories

You can also find Vespa Sprint accessories in our Modern Smallframe Vespa special:

New modern Vespa Smallframe Primavera / Sprint catalog flyer



From now on we can finally offer repair sheets for the leg shield and the floor pan for the Vespa Rally / Sprint models, which are now quite expensive. Very often the frames of these models in the area behind the fender are severely affected by the brown plague. From the outside, the frame is mostly still intact, but the inside is as good as rusted through.
A doubled sheet metal inside keeps the moisture in place and slowly rots the frame.
This has already caused quite a few frames to be thrown away or cost a lot of working hours armed with tin snips and welding equipment, provided you have the skills to carry out such work yourself.

Now there is a fast, inexpensive and high-quality solution to restore the frame professionally to a perfect condition.
A complete leg shield including the associated base plate enables rapid restoration progress without having to learn the plumbing trade first. But the bodybuilder will not only be grateful, but also present a much smaller invoice as he can work in a considerably more time-saving manner.

The well-fitting sheets are 1: 1 according to the original, the upper part of the horn cascade is an exception. In the original, this is pressed into the leg shield plate, but the repair plate is smooth here. We therefore offer this part of the cascade separately, with the advantage that you can choose between two versions (hexagonal or rectangular logo). The lower part of the cascade is currently only available in the Italian version with the small horn opening.
In the original, a sheet metal is doubled in the middle of the tunnel in the inner radius of the transition from the floor panel to the leg shield in order to additionally strengthen the chassis. This should be done manually to make the restoration complete and perfect.
The leg shield is made of black sheet metal and is stored with us treated with anti-corrosion grease.

Buy the leg shield here now.


The following parts are useful or necessary:

Repair sheet
Horn / cascade -VESPA
Rally, sprint, GTR
Sprint Veloce, TS
Hexagonal Piaggio logo
Repair sheet
Horn / cascade -VESPA

Super, GT, GL,
SS 180
Hexagonal Piaggio logo
Frame strut VESPA
46cm floor pan
Rally, Sprint, TS, GT,
GTR, Super, SS 180, GL
Frame strut VESPA
43,5cm floor pan
Rally, Sprint, TS, GT,
GTR, Super, SS 180, GL
Frame strut set
-VESPA- floor plate
Sprint, rally,
TS, GT, GTR, Super, GL,
Frame tunnel VESPA
rear part, PX,
T5, rally, sprint, TS
Super, GL, SS180, GS160
Screw set
Rally, Sprint, TS, GT,
GTR, GL, Super,
Side panel set
Sprint, GT, GTR,
Metal, pressed

Scooter Dragster Race Scooter STS Nürburgring

Am Saturday June 14th has the SCOOTER CENTER took over the organization of the scooter sprint on the Nürburgring. The 100m short track sprint takes place as part of the Fans and Family Festival for the Superbike World Championship on the Nürburgring.

STS Dragster Race scooter

The interesting thing is that attendance and participation are free. The event starts with the packing of the van on Friday afternoon, which is always a sweaty affair. A lot of concentration is required here - nothing should be forgotten and the highly sensitive measuring technology of the traffic light system must be securely packaged.

Saturday morning. The alarm goes off 5:00.
Quickly 2 coffees, take the scooter to the meeting point and take the SCOOTER CENTER Team off to the Nürburgring. First on the A61 then on the A1. It rains while driving. Great, it can be cheerful, I think to myself, sprinting in the rain ...

Um 7:00 am at the Nürbrurgring When we arrived it wasn't raining anymore - but it seemed to have rained heavily overnight, as we were surprised by two huge puddles in the middle of the track. Sprinting impossible. So get on the brooms and shake water with everyone for an hour. The effort was worth it, now everyone is really awake and with the help of the rising sun, the track is quickly dry (and clean). So perfect conditions for a great sprint day.

The construction of the system, 500 meters of cable, several computers, monitors, start lights, displays, barriers, banners and flags is routine and professional. The whole team lends a hand, everyone knows what to do.

At 10:30 the first drivers arrive. After a short start-up time, the sprint system runs perfectly. It's really fun to send pair after pair out on the track.

In between it rains briefly from time to time. There are about 100 drivers and spectators SCOOTER CENTER STS scooter at the Nürburgring. A lot of fun, no waiting times, no pushing, but great track conditions.

We have trophies for the best 3 in each group. The winners shine.

Um 17:00 we dismantle. The dismantling goes smoothly and thanks to the nice help of some participants we are already sitting around 18:45 in the car. Just in time for the descent, heavy rain showers poured over the Nürburgring. Lucky for us that we got all the equipment dry in the van, otherwise there would have been a night shift.

20:30 p.m. back home. Another exhausting day, but I'm already looking forward to next weekend.
mzH08 Scooter - Sprint - Race with official NRW Sprint 2008 in Meinerzhagen.



See you in Meinerzhagen!

On Saturday, June 14th, 2008, as part of the Super Bike World Cup 2008 at the Nürburgring ( a short track sprint race (100m) with ours Scooter Center Traffic lights instead.

As part of the Fans & Family program ( of the IVM is possible free practicing at the traffic lights all Saturday.

Sprint, sprint, sprint is the name of the game in the FSZ 2 driving safety center. Free parking spaces are also available for participants.

Please contact us beforehand (will be activated soon), as the number of participants is limited. Sprinting is done according to the rules of the NRW SPRINT 2008.

Attention! This is none NRW SPRINT 2008 event !!!

We look forward to you and a day full of fun!

Your Scooter Center Team