Primary special tool for Smallframe

Little helpers in the form of the right tools make your work easier, they save material and your nerves. We have a large selection of tools ready for you. From a simple feeler gauge to a complete workshop trolley.

Doing a major engine overhaul on a Vespa scooter doesn't just take a few Special tools. Well thought-out tools like ours Work stand, Assembly aids or our multitool, contribute to the fun of screwing when repairing and maintaining your scooter.

Gentle assembly

With the Primary wheel insertion tool from bgm you can with every Vespa Smallframe Pull the large primary wheel gently into the bearing seat. The bushing of the assembly aid is only supported on the inner ring of the bearing. This means that no pressure can be transferred to the sensitive bearing surfaces, balls and the motor housing during assembly.

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The tool is designed in such a way that the sensitive gunmetal bushing or bearings of the primary gear and the bearing seat of the 16005 in the motor housing are not stressed.

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Safe and easy to use

The safe and easy handling of the pull-in tool, there is practically no possibility of damaging the motor housing, primary drive or bearing during assembly.

Suitable for all primary drives of the manually operated Smallframe models:

  • Vespa V50, V50N, V50L, V50R
  • Vespa PK50, PK50S, PK50XL, PK50XL2
  • Vespa V125, PV125, ET3
  • Vespa PK125, PK125S, PK125XL, PK125XL2
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