Cylinder -SCK TS1 225 cc- Lambretta -? = 70mm

Lambretta TS1


We have now significantly upgraded the TS1 cylinder with our optimally fitting components from bgm PRO. The result is a complete one TS1 cylinder kit Impulse and Discussion

  • bgm PRO forged pistons
  • bgm PRO membrane type RD350
  • bgm PRO CNC head
  • and the small parts required for assembly.

The TS1 cylinder from AF Rayspeed is a legend and one of the great classics for the Lambretta. The basic layout is right and with manageable effort you can implement everything from touring steamers to 35 HP engines with a mobile and wide speed range.

AF Rayspeed leaves the TS1 cylinder Gilardoni produce what a very high quality and low manufacturing tolerances guaranteed. One cylinder is like another.

How complement the naked AF TS1 cylinder with our own components as follows:

  • bgm PRO cylinder head Made in Germany
  • bgm PRO forged pistons with two 1 mm rings
  • bgm PRO membrane type RD 350 with GRP plate, planed to the required size and with a matching hole for TS1 cylinder and intake manifold
  • Membrane packinplate
  • bgm PRO cylinder studs and nuts set
  • small parts required for assembly

The bgm PRO Racetour piston for Lambretta TS1

bgm PRO Racetour piston Lambretta TS1 Made in Germany

The bgm PRO Racetour cylinder head Made in Germany

Cylinder head / cylinder head bgm PRO MRB-Racetour 225 cc Lambretta TV 200, SX 200, DL 200, GP 200

In order to be able to mount the RD membrane in the cylinder, the cylinder must be slightly machined in the area of ​​the screw heads of the membrane.

Otherwise, simply select the appropriate intake manifold, carburetor and exhaust and you're good to go.

Cylinder -SCK TS1 225 cc- Lambretta - Ø = 70mm

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