Vespa GTS Porco Nero Power brakes mirror

Porco Nero Power Brakes Vespa GTS - Super Power Braking

If you drive fast, you also have to be able to decelerate quickly. No problem, because with us you get them Porco Nero Power four-piston brake calipers from Spiegler. Together with the bgm PRO chassis for Vespa GTS with TÜV these brakes offer you a unique chassis comfort and safety advantage for your Vespa GTS.

The two colors silver & blue are new!

Brake Vespa GTS Porco Nero Power / SPIEGLER with TÜV - SuperPower Braking

GTS rear brake:

Article no.: Color
PRN002BL2 blue
PRN002GD2 gold
PRN002RD2 red
PRN002BK2 black
PRN002SL2 silver

GTS front brake:

Article no.: Color
PRN001BL2 blue
PRN001GD2 gold
PRN001RD2 red
PRN001BK2 black
PRN001SL2 silver

Convert the Vespa GTS brake

  1. Why you should definitely rebuild your brake: Porco Nero Vespa GTS brake
  2. How you can mount the brakes: Installation in the video Porco Nero Vespa GTS brake

Vespa brake conversion Porco Nero bgm

Designed for all modern Vespa GT GTS models

  • For front and rear wheels, with and without ABS.
  • Precisely matched to the GTS brake pump: for a braking point that is easy to dose.
  • Shorter braking distances - compared to the series, but also to competing accessories
  • Completely CNC-milled: weight saving meets high rigidity without any torsion.
  • Hard anodized in black, red, gold, silver, blue: no fading, easy to clean.
  • No adapter required: the brake calliper is screwed directly onto the standard bracket.
  • Suitable for 12 and 13 inch rims.
  • Equipped with sintered brake pads: for a very short braking distance and good feedback.
  • Low-friction brake pistons: for excellent braking performance, linearly adjustable.
  • Special seals: An inclined rubber lip ensures that the brake pistons run smoothly and guarantees full braking power - even in the long term.
  • Including TÜV certificate

Vespa GTS brake with TÜV certificate

Here we offer you the TÜV certificate for the Porco Nero Power / Spiegler brake for download:

The brake fits the following models

Note: The brakes do not fit the GTV and GTS SeiGiorni models with the headlight on the fender. These vehicles have an independent ABS system that is purely mechanically (space problems) not compatible with the Spiegler / Porco Nero Power brake caliper.


Porco Nero Power brake Vespa GTS

Brake caliper PORCO NERO POWER Vespa GTS

The Porco NeroPower We have you brakes for Vespa GTS here already presented. In the meantime there are the "really good" brakes for the front and rear:

Poro Nero Power brakes Vespa GTS

Now there is a great video from the workshop of the custom and tuning forge Cafe Racer 69. The Berliners are known for spectacular Vespa GTS conversions. In this great Video of the Scooteria Custom project will be shown to you clearly and in detail, how to mount the Porco Nero brake for Vespa GTS:

Porco Nero brake installation video

Vespa GTS 300 hpe "British Classic" Part 7 - Porco Nero Brakes Installation and Bleeding

4-piston brake caliper with TÜV / ABE

We have the Porco Nero Power Spiegler brake caliper for the front (4 pistons) and rear (2 pistons) and in different colors on offer. With us you get the Vespa GTS brake system ready for installation:

Exclusive and completely ready-to-install 4-piston brake caliper with TÜV / ABE Expert opinion from Spiegler, manufactured according to the specifications of Porco Nero Power (Stuttgart). This impressive brake was developed for all Vespa GT / GTS / GTV models with and without ABS constructed.

The brake caliper specially manufactured by Spiegler is precisely matched to the Piaggio brake pump and guarantees one easily adjustable braking point.

Finest workmanship and complete CNC milled Bodies promise high rigidity without twisting and low weight. The hard anodized surface not only looks great, the spectacular appearance also remains, because there is no fading and cleaning is also simplified!

The brake comes ready to assemble, no further adapter is necessary as the brake calliper is screwed on directly. The PorcoNero is also direct for 12 and 13 inch rims suitable!

The sintered brake pads, paired with 4-piston power, make one possible short braking distance and direct feedback.

Thanks to the low-friction brake pistons with special seals, we have a brake system with the Porco Nero Power comfortable handling paired with excellent performance and also a easy-care and durable product!

Treat yourself to the Porco Nero Power Brake for your GTS now


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Vespa GTS windshield tinted black

Vespa GTS windshield

It will take a while until Christmas - but the super small sports discs “Vespa GTS windshield” and the holders are now too in black back in stock! Vespa GTS Notte  greetings ...

Vespa GTS windshield flyscreen Sport with approval / TÜV Vespa

GTS tinted windshield

We know many have been waiting for this! Now has to wait for that smallest Vespa GTS windshield with TÜV an end. MOTO NOSTRA is one Scooter Center Brand! We are of course particularly proud, all GTS drivers, this great sports disc now also tinted in black again To be able to offer.

The screen fits on the original holder of the Cruise screen. But of course we also have the windshield holder in black for a perfect “Notte-Style” look!

Available as a set with holders or individually!

It goes without saying that it does Scooter Center everything individually or as cheap set are. As you need it right now!


Porco Nero Power Vespa GTS brake

Why should you upgrade the brakes on a Vespa GTS?

Porco Nero Power brake? As a Vespa fan and tuner you could give the simplest of all answers: Why not? But the subject is a little more complex.

To do this, we first take a small step back:

What does tuning actually mean?

Tuning = individual changes and modifications to improve or adapt optics or performance.

We derive tuning from the English word 'to tune' for “(the) tuning” and “harmonizing”. The term refers to individual changes and modifications that serve the purpose of improving performance or driving characteristics and / or changing the visual and acoustic design.

Porco NeroPower

Porco NeroPower

Porco NeroPower comes from Stuttgart and is the label of the Roller & Motorrad Box Stuttgart. The Scooter & Motorcycle Box specializes in modern Vespas, i.e. Vespa GTS, GTV, Primavera, Sprint & Co.

Here, like most of the others, Oliver Heda's team started with the optical tuning and then quickly got to the engine. In doing so, they had to experience that the original brake of the Vespa GTS reaches its limits very quickly.

"Life is not a straight line!"

Oliver, owner of Roller & Motorrad Box Stuttgart, says: “The brakes count before the curve and the chassis counts in the curve. Here, too, the GTS 300 series is more of a cozy bummerwhich, thanks to the courage and skill of the driver, can be flown quickly and diagonally. "

Over time, the experience at Porco Nero Power matured. Experience that the team couldn't gain by pushing their Vespas around the yard. The guys from Porco Nero Power drive and use the scooters in real life. Through the city and across the country. Comfortable to brisk, quick and radical. Because they want to know how well it works. On the brake, in an inclined position, over the bumpy track, in the dog curve.

The results are the new ones Porco Nero Power brake calipers. In-house developments in collaboration with Spiegler, which, in addition to their fantastic looks, offer excellent braking performance. With ABS, of course. Of course with TÜV and of course registered and compliant with StVO.

Buy Porco Nero Power Brake

Vespa GTS bgm chassis

Incidentally, the brake harmonizes perfectly with the bgm chassis for Vespa GTS

Porco Nero Power Vespa GTS brake

Front brake caliper PORCO NERO POWER made by Spiegler Bremstechnik

Exclusive completely ready-to-install 4-piston brake caliper with TÜV / ABE certificate from Spiegler, manufactured according to specifications by Porco NeroPower (Stuttgart).

Designed for all GT / GTS / GTV models

  • with and without ABS

Exactly matched to the GTS brake pump

  • For an easily controllable braking point

Completely CNC milled

  • High rigidity, weight savings, no torsion

Hard anodized surfaces

  • No fading, easy cleaning

No adapter necessary

  • The brake calliper is screwed on directly
  • Suitable for 12 and 13 inch rims

Equipped with sintered coating

  • Very short braking distance and good feedback

Low-friction brake pistons

  • Excellent braking performance without hooking

Special seals

  • The inclined rubber lip ensures that the brake pistons run smoothly and guarantees long-lasting braking performance

Very short braking distance

Including TÜV certificate

Buy Porco Nero Power Brake

20 meters shorter braking distance

A comparison on a Vespa GTS model with Brembo brake caliper resulted in a braking distance up to 20 meters shorter than the standard components.

Whoever is on the brake lever for the first time Brembo calipers stocked Vespa GTS pulls, notices immediately what it offers in abundance: braking power!
So strongly the tire claws into the ground, like this sensitive lets you dose the braking force. This combination of perfectly noticeable pressure point in connection with the enormous stability of the brake creates a trust that has cemented Brembo's reputation for decades.

A good reason the Brembo calipers on a Vespa to assemble. The problem so far: there weren't any high-quality ones Adapter for the Brembo brake with TÜV certificate.

Brembo - Adapter GTS with TÜV certificate

Exclusive from Scooter Center what you get now is the noble Brembo racing brake technology TÜV certificate for the Vespa GT / GTS / GTV Models! The high quality adapters are for the modern Vespas with and without ABS available!

[imagelinks id = "44903"]

Available individually or in an affordable set

You can get the adapters from us individually or in a practical set. The brake caliper included in the set comes from the Brembo P4 series and has four brake pistons (2x Ø30mm + 2x Ø34mm). It is delivered with an adapter suitable for Vespa GT, GTS and GTL from 2014 (with ABS).

  • Incl.adapter for Vespa GT / GTS / GTV models from 2014 with ABS
  • including TÜV certificate
  • Piston diameter 2 x 30 mm + 2 x 34 mm
  • 2 - part, cast, CNC machined
  • Hole stitch attachment: 40 mm
  • including brake pad 07BB1535
  • Brake fluid DOT 4 or 5.1

Brake caliper kit including front adapter (with TÜV certificate) -BREMBO, 4-piston

The story behind it

The Brembo adapter is also known as the Peter adapter. Our friend Peter von Peters Scooter Parts from Austria developed them. We took over the project last year and are now offering the adapters as Scooter Center - Product with certificate / TÜV.

Beware of cheap, inferior quality copies from, for example, Asia. Only real with the SC hologram!

Here is the info from Peter from the forum:

“… Hi dear Vespa friends! As some friends may already know, I have decided to hand over the PROJECT VESPA-GT-GTS-Brembo-TÜV brake adapter completely. After many positive discussions, I decided to hand over the entire project to the company SCOOTER-CENTER, which will now continue to sell all other TÜV adapters. I would like to thank all Vespa friends, whose I made it possible to officially drive this great brake system with TÜV blessing. Also a big thank you to Frank from the Scooter Center who is continuing this project from vonab ... ”TT

Brembo adapter Vespa GTS animation

Tip for the brake line

The brake line installed at the factory can still be used. To do this, loosen the cable from its original fastening clip in order to be able to lay the cable free of tension. Alternatively, we offer slightly longer, high quality Braided steel brake lines from Spiegler on. This also in a noble black version with anodized connection pieces. Please contact us directly regarding the color options for the Spiegler brake lines - many colors are possible here!

bgm Vespa shock absorber with TÜV

Finally there are super Vespa shock absorbers with TÜV!

The BGM PRO SC shock absorbers of the type BGM77 (see below) now have an ABE.

The following shock absorbers have TÜV / ABE:

Article no. BGM7780
Front shock absorber -BGM PRO SC / F16, 200mm- Vespa V50, PV125, ET3

Article no. BGM7783
Front shock absorber -BGM PRO SC / F16, 195mm + 205mm- Vespa PK

Article no. BGM7781
Front shock absorber -BGM PRO SC / F16, 255mm- Vespa PX80, PX125, PX150, PX200, T5 125cc

Article no. BGM7784
Rear shock absorber -BGM PRO SC / R12, 320mm- Vespa PK

Article no. BGM7782
Rear shock absorber -BGM PRO SC / R12, 330mm- Vespa PX80, PX125, PX150, PX200, T5 125cc, Vespa Rally180 (VSD1T), Vespa Rally200 (VSE1T), Sprint150 (VLB1T), TS125 (VNL3T), GT125 (VNL2T), GTR125 (VNL2T), V50, PV, ET3

Shock absorbers for the Vespa Scooters from the bgm PRO SC series are THE chassis for the Vespa with TÜV!
The chassis developed by bgm in Germany is equipped with a ABE available for almost all Vespa scooters.
The shock absorbers are fully adjustable and offer an incomparable driving experience that was previously unknown from a scooter.

  • with ABE
  • Available individually or cheaper in a set
  • athletic
  • comfortable
  • fully adjustable
  • very durable
  • massive CNC body, anodized
  • high-strength aluminum for low weight
  • large expansion tank directly on the housing
  • Rebound damping 12/16-fold adjustable
  • massive 13,5 mm piston rod
  • stepless adjustment of the spring preload
  • bgm quality assured

From very comfortable to sporty and firm, the bgm PRO SC dampers can do it!
Well-known racing drivers confirm the very good functionality and the great quality of these struts in numerous races. Including enclosed ABE and adjustment instructions for the bgm Vespa suspension struts.

Vespa bgm shock absorbers

Overview: all Vespa Suspension struts with ABE or Vespa shock absorbers with TÜV