Daily worldwide shipping under Corona conditions


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Here you will find an overview of the best and fastest way to get your parts right now. Unfortunately, there are restrictions due to the restricted movement of goods and people. Here you will find a daily updated list of conditions that may change. (You can find the full list at the end of the list.)

We offer you shipping with DHL, DPD and UPS

In Europe it comes - provided the appropriate shipping service providers no restrictions.

The situation is different for most overseas destinations. Shipping by DHL in particular is currently considerably restricted here. Shipping with UPS is currently at least unrestricted.

About ours Postage calculator you can quickly get an overview of the postage costs.

DHL free postage from 99 euros Scooter Center

Scooter Center - Free shipping with DHL from 99, - Euro for end customers within Germany!

The new year is off to a good start: For end customers we are now delivering with the extremely fast Germany-wide DHL shipping Free of charge from 99 euros!
Our great service remains: you order Products that can be delivered immediately by 16:00 p.m., the goods are dispatched on the same day of the weekg out to you! Experience shows that our customers usually make deliveries on have next day. If you need guaranteed delivery by 12:00, we offer express delivery. Information about the shipping costs

Fastest shipping of your scooter parts

Our well-known fast shipping is no coincidence: Thanks to our great teamthe modern logistics and ours strategically optimal location and perfect infrastructure, we are able to offer the best possible service.

DHL Hub Cologne

The main transhipment points for DHL and UPS in the metropolis of Cologne are only a few kilometers away from us, perfect preparation for shipping and the most reliable service allow us to deliver extremely fast worldwide with DHL, UPS and DPD.

“Cologne, Bonn - DHL Express, the world's leading provider of cross-border, time-critical transports, officially opens its newest and environmentally friendly logistics center at Cologne Bonn Airport today. State-of-the-art sorting technology is used in the 15.000 m² hub. However, the latest energy and air conditioning systems for the 12.000 m² cargo hall and 3.000 m² office space are particularly groundbreaking. In cooperation with Cologne Bonn Airport, DHL Express uses a large iron energy storage system, which, with a capacity of more than 1,3 million liters and a total line length of 18 kilometers, ensures that all rooms are adequately cooled in summer and supplied with the necessary heat in winter. In combination with a heat pump and photovoltaic systems installed on the hall roof, this technology is completely emission-free. " DHL

Try it out now:

Hello, my name is Maryzabel!

I am a trainee at Scooter Center. I come from Colombia and take you on my big and small adventures in the blog, take a look behind the scenes with you Scooter Center and take you to scooter meetings.

3. From the ground floor - the logistics

Although in the middle of summer and with a little over 40 °, this week in the shipping department I felt like I was in the middle of Christmas because I prepared packages like a Santa Claus elf.

It was one thing to receive goods from suppliers, it was important because this is where supplies come just in time for our customers. But it is much more fun to pack the packages with the wishes of the customers. Each box tells its own story that I can imagine:

  • an urgent repair in the express service
  • a restoration project
  • a great custom scooter with fine parts
  • a blatant racing scooter with racing parts
  • a fast Vespa with tuning products from bgm
  • or just a little optics tuning according to aesthetic taste, mirrors, handles, chrome parts etc.

Our Online-Shop is currently five languages, other languages ​​are in preparation. That's how I packed orders for all parts of the world. The Spanish-speaking countries are of course a particular pleasure for me. Led by Spain, countries like: Argentina, Peru, Mexico and also Colombia, my home in Latin America, follow. That made me feel a little closer to home.

worldwide shipping

And since we want to be served scooter riders all over the world, it is Scooter Center a concern to offer global coverage. Thanks to reliable partners such as: DHL (connected with local post and directly with DHL Express), UPS, DPD (only for Europe).

Our climate concerns us all!

My heart started beating even more than I did from the environmentally friendly attitude of the Scooter Centers learned about everything from fully recycled cardboard boxes to helping reduce emissions with every delivery.

Your personal scooter project

Every passionate scooter driver knows this: Our scooters are projects in constant development, which, thanks to endless possibilities, can easily become individual vehicles. YOU make each copy unique, within the diversity of a world that knows no borders and that Scooter Center supports you here!


Free delivery for end customers and dealers

The Scooter Center you get your scooter parts without additional shipping costs, regardless of whether you are an end customer or a dealer! Nice from 149,00 Euro value of goods (see table below) we will cover the shipping costs for you in most European countries. This does not, of course, apply to bulky / heavy items that have to be sent by a forwarding agent. See marking at the article.

Free delivery with DHL / Deutsche Post

dhl Postage exemption limit
End customers
Postage exemption limit
Germany, Austria €149,00 €149,00
Denmark, Croatia, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, San Marino, Switzerland, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Vatican City €149,00 €179,00
Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Greenland, Guernsey, Ireland, Iceland, Isle of Man, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Macedonia, Montenegro, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Serbia, Spain, Ukraine, Cyprus €199,00 €199,00

Free delivery with dpd

DPD Postage exemption limit
End customers
Postage exemption limit
Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Slovak Republic, €149,00 €179,00
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland €199,00 €199,00

We ship the same day!

How and when will my scooter parts be shipped?

The Scooter Center offers different shipping options to get you one worldwide cheap and fast delivery to enable. We pack and send your order on the same day (for orders received by 16 p.m. Monday to Friday). The shipping costs are displayed directly in the order process / shopping cart and depend on the country of delivery, the value of the goods, weight and the type of delivery. You are also welcome to use our shipping costs Shipping cost calculator calculate by entering the recipient country and weight.

Our shipping service providers Germany Europe Worldwide
DHL (German Post) X (X) X
DHL Express - Economy Select - X -
DHL Express Worldwide - X X
DPD Classic X (X) -
UPS standard - X -
UPS Express Saver X X X

How long does it take for the delivery to arrive?

On the one hand, this depends on whether the goods ordered can be delivered immediately from stock or whether they have to be ordered for you. And then which shipping method and service provider you choose. Express is always the fastest, of course. Often, however, standard shipping is sufficient, as we usually ship on the same day anyway (for orders received Monday to Friday by 16:00 p.m.).

To make it easier for you to choose one of the transport service providers, we have created a short list of selected countries and the corresponding expected delivery times: maturities

Delivery by DHL, DPD, UPS and EXPRESS

Delivery by DPD or UPS or DHL - as you want it!

Scooter Center Shipping also with DPD

DPD was the first private parcel delivery service in Germany after the fall of the Deutsche Post monopoly. DPD was founded in 1976 by German freight forwarders. DPD has been in the hands of the French Post Office since 1999.

Delivery by DPD or UPS or DHL - as you want it!



In our experience, it is better to travel with DHL in one area, with DPD in another and then better with UPS in another. Sometimes it's just personal taste. Does not matter. For the best customer service, it is also important to us that you can choose which parcel service you want to have your package delivered with. Click here for the Scooter Center Shipping cost calculator.

Live parcel tracking via GPS

We will send your delivery on the same working day, if your order is received by 16:00 pm. Usually the delivery is with you the next day!
Do you feel the same? I can often hardly wait until I can hold the parts in my hands and install them on the scooter. Live tracking from DPD is a nice feature. With the live tracking you can see where the driver is with your parcel, how many stops he has to go and at what time the parcel is expected to be with you.

Do you actually know what “DPD” means?

Many people still think today that DPD is the abbreviation for German parcel service is. DPD has long been an international company and in the course of this, DPD was given the international name in 2008 Dynamic parcel distribution changed. DPD = Dynamic Parcel Distribution!

DHL strike Alternative UPS

Delivery delays due to DHL / POST - strike

Due to the strike at Deutsche Post / DHL, which has been going on for weeks, there are considerable delays in delivery. Unfortunately, we also have no influence on this, the parcels are picked up from us normally and then processed or not, depending on the strike situation in the region.

Order now via UPS

Information on the current strike situation

As part of the ongoing collective bargaining with ver.di, there are work stoppages with an impact on mail and parcel operations. Here DHL / POST informs you about the current status every day:

DHL strike Alternative UPS

Safe and fast alternative: UPS EXPRESS

In our shop you have the choice. You can of course continue to have DHL delivered, but you want to make sure that your package is with you quickly and safely: please choose UPS.


  • Free of charge to Germany from a turnover of 149 euros
  • UPS Express Saver: ordered by 15pm, goods guaranteed by 12pm with you (DE)


  • no delivery on Saturday
  • For orders under 149 euros, 2 euros more expensive than DHL (DE)

shipping rate Scooter Center

You can find shipping costs for all countries here in our shop:

Order now via UPS
scooter parts express delivery

scooter parts express delivery

Scooter parts express delivery

With UPS Express Saver you can get your scooter parts from us guaranteed until 12:00 delivered the next working day.
The Scooter Center This scooter parts is even express delivery for orders of 150 euros or more free!
For orders that are lower, this costs Premium service only 6,90 euros.

In this case, however, the order must be received by 15:00 p.m., UPS does not deliver on Saturdays.

After we got the super cheap for Europe Postage flat introduced for 5 euros have is this Scooter parts express delivery another thick one Scooter Center Service Plus and underscores our pursuit best customer service.

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