Vespa and Lambretta fans at Classic Day 2019

Maryzabel has your impressions described here very nicely - I don't need to write much anymore and prefer to let the pictures speak for themselves. The weather was great, the exhibitors were great and so were our customers, visitors and friends! All in all a super great day:

Here is our video:

Vespa & Lambretta @ Scooter Center Classic Day 2019 interviews / 58PS Vespa

Photos Classic Day ´19

Maryzabel Classic Day Vespa Lambretta

Hello, my name is Maryzabel!

I am a trainee at Scooter Center. I come from Colombia and take you on my big and small adventures in the blog, take a look behind the scenes with you Scooter Center and take you to scooter meetings.

6. The big day has come!

Thanks to the restaurateurs, manufacturers, event organizers, partners, clubs and many participants who attended the Scooter Center Classic Day 2019 were present, I was lucky enough to learn more about highlights and rarities:

  • Getting to know the Twin Vespa with the two PX Malossi 244 engines and Christian personally, which is just as much fun as Christian's reason for building it: “too much space on the left and too little power on the right”
    Xtreme Vespa Tuning Twin Vespa PX 58HP Scooter Center Motorino Diavolo

  • The level of specialization that can be achieved with the classic beauties of the
    Hoffmann racing relay & factory hall the, the tubular handlebar model (Wideframe: Lampeunten, Faro Basso, ..) the Vespas of Piaggio and licensed buildings ACMA, Douglas, but especially those Hoffman Vespa, which were made in Germany by Hoffmann in the years 49 to 57, received in perfect condition and, above all, also drive !!
  • Testing from Raging Rhino, a magical support that keeps the scooter in place during transport - literally one of many “Crazy” solutions in a positive sense from Wolfgang /Crazy Monkey Development,
  • Scootering goes green: The renouncement of plastic (for packaging ;-)) and Franz's idea that every participant of the Alp Days will plant a tree in Zell am See.

What amazes me again and again and what you can see in the interviews that I did to you - If you manage to understand my “German” ... I have to say that the events in Germany were a great challenge for me and are. Because integrating myself into a group of native speakers, understanding technical details and humor, and that with my shyness, which makes me forget my knowledge of German, was clearly a major barrier.

But on Classic Day I somehow felt in “my flow”, I don't know if it's because I already speak a little more German (just a little more) or because it was a room in which I could be whoever was again I am: surrounded by scooters, engine noise, 2t smell, offers of super tempting spare parts, music and friends? Look for yourself:

Video Scooter Center Classic Day

Vespa & Lambretta @ Scooter Center Classic Day 2019 interviews / 58PS Vespa

Vespa & Lambrette forever!

I am glad that there is the myth of scootering with Vespa and Lambretta. Events like Classic Day and companies like that Scooter Centerthat supports the scene and with bgm and Moto Nostra produces and improves forgotten products and develops great new products, there will be scooters like Vespa and Lambretta for a long time to come!



Hello, my name is Maryzabel!

I am a trainee at Scooter Center. I come from Colombia and take you on my big and small adventures in the blog, take a look behind the scenes with you Scooter Center and take you to scooter meetings.

5. Experience Classic Day 2019 up close

There has been a special atmosphere in the SC offices since the arrival of a complete container with Vespas from Japan!

Vespa Smallframe for sale

Everyone is preparing for the Scooter Center Classic Day 2019 before. A meeting that, by the way, will be very exciting for me, not only because I'm the first from our club, the den Scooter Center Attended OpenDay, but because it will be the only event of its kind that I have ever attended.

Usually the events that I have attended and even organized have the Vespa community as a common denominator. But on that next open day on Saturday August 31st, everything revolves around the scooter!

Of course, the scene cannot be missing:

  • the music,
  • das Essen
  • and the friends

I am especially looking forward to friends I will meet again and new scooterists I would like to meet.

We will have international visits from Belgium, Netherlands, Austria, Luxembourg and England. But it will also be the scooters that will grab my attention. I'm looking forward to the performance that's on  Scooter Center Test bench is shown.


It's crazy what awaits me: scooter parts special sales, returns, B-goods. The used ones Smallframe Vespas from Japan in great condition. Lots of new products to touch and special offers. In addition, there are stands from manufacturers, organizers and partners and the private parts market for scooters and scooter parts, many of our customers and friends have cleaned out their garages and cellars and are selling at Scooter Center ClassicDay their best parts. The Vespa and Lambretta used market will be the perfect place to look for treasure!

I'm really excited because I have to get a new Vespa as a partner for my adventures. I will keep you up to date here, because this is just the beginning!



Vespa 50 special

The special Vespa in our offer

The containers with Vespsthat the Scooter Center imported from Japan have already given us a lot Collectible and also some Oddities brought to Bergheim-Glessen.

This special scooter is a cross between the two - when do you have an aold Vespa 50S with real 334km (three hundred and thirty-four!) on the speedometer in front of you?

vespa-50-special- - 10

Super general condition

The general condition of the scooter corresponds to the mileage ... - and then, when you look a second time, you get an incredulous: "That can't be true !!"

If you look at the left side view, you can immediately see what happened here: The scooter was apparently under water with the stern for a loooong time. So long that even the waterline can be seen on the side panel.

That wouldn't be the worst, but unfortunately the running board and parts of the frame tunnel were also under water. There the rotten struck badly. Unfortunately, the engine is also solid.

So here we have two in one:

  • Great Collectible and nevertheless
  • blatant Restoration object.

If you are not afraid to use sheet metal here with precision, you can original optics received - or simply put aside as a collector's item.

The Vespa V50S is for sale

The good piece can be viewed here in the Scooter CenterWhoever puts 1.600 € on the counter for us can take it away ;-)

The following repair sheets would be required for a restoration:

  1. Frame tunnel:
  2. Footboard:

Vespas for sale

This particular scooter is not to your taste? We have a large selection of used scooters, the range is updated regularly:

Vespa scooters for sale

We have some Vespa for sale

You can find our range of used Vespa scooters here: Used Vespa and Lambretta scooters

We are currently still in the process of maintaining all scooters, check back regularly.

Vespa scooters for sale

Used Vespa in Bergheim near Cologne

Vespa 50SS for sale

Rare Vespa 50SS Smallframe for sale

We currently have special interesting Vespa Smallframe with round handlebar for sale: Three Vespa V50 SS, originally made in Taiwan from the company "Taiwan Vespa Co. Ltd.".



Very rare Vespa models!

Even if the Taiwanese Vespa SS doesn't do much with the rare ones Smallframe SuperSprint models from Italy has in common, it really is interesting and in our latitudes very rare Vespa!

Bild_3_Vespa_50SS-for-sale Bild_4_Vespa_50SS-for-sale


The special features of these Vespa models:

It falls straight away Links eye, which is slightly larger than a Primavera steering head. It has something of a shrunken Rally 200 steering head, but the proportions fit perfectly with the rest of the way original Vespa Smallframe frame (So ​​unfortunately nothing with a nice narrow SS leg shield ...)

The headlights has a diameter of 140mm, but due to the flat stainless steel trim ring does not appear as big as a PX or Rally headlight of the same size. There are no test marks on the headlight except for a "NL" in a circle.

The plastic Light and turn signal switch resemble those of the PX old, the speedometer is identical in size to the Primavera, ET3 or Rally Tacho, but is made of gray plastic and is labeled "Taiwan Vespa Co. Ltd.".

The angular one Fender nipple, the Vespa emblem on the leg shield and the clutch and brake levers are painted or coated black. the Rubber doormat on the frame tunnel is not executed as in the Rally and Primavera or ET3, but in square "knobs" as in the old Vespa PX.

Likewise, the remembers Bench to a Vespa PX old bench in small, the closed ones Four-hole rims have a light green metallic paint.

A Ignition lock is located directly to the right of the fuel tap, in the Tool compartment under the bench is the 12 volt voltage regulator for the 12 volt PK ignition installed. When you remove the tool compartment, you can see the flasher relay for the two of them underneath Handlebar end indicators.

And now finally to what the Smallframe to the "SS" - above the original ET3 rear light emblazoned on a prominent place the lettering "Vespa 50 SS“In chrome on black.


The prefix of the chassis number is V5SA2T.

Vespa for sale

If you are interested in getting such a rare treasure:
We currently have two Vespa 50SS for sale as restoration objects.
Including proof of customs clearance and invoice from the Scooter Center including 19% VAT, the good pieces should cost € 2000 in silver or € 1500 in white.

If you are interested, contact us at:
Vespa for sale

Used Vespa scooters for sale


You can find our currently available scooters on offer here: USED ​​SCOOTERS

Vespa for sale

The Vespa has been a huge success story from the very beginning until today, and not just for us: the Vespa was exported worldwide - including to Pakistan.

The scooters were manufactured by Piaggio in Italy and imported to Pakistan as complete vehicles. Later the Vespas also came in individual parts from Italy and were only finally assembled on site in Pakistan. The last Piaggio assembly plant in Pakistan closed in the XNUMXs.

With us you get everything for a Vespa restoration

The Scooter Center specializes in the sale of spare parts, accessories and tuning parts for scooters. With us you get everything you need Restoration of a Vespa need. But we don't restore scooters ourselves and we usually rarely sell scooters. Nevertheless, we naturally strive to meet the demand for affordable restoration objects.


Vespa VBB and Vespa Sprint

So we put a lot of time, work, nerves and money into importing used Vespa models. Last we have Italian Vespa S round handlebar Smallframes from Japan worried and now 24 Italian Vespa VBB, Vespa Sprint first and Vespa Sprint second series and import some exotic species from Pakistan to Germany.

Prices are between 800 euros and 1.200 euros

Many vehicles are unrestored, some painted over, partially welded, entire sheet metal parts replaced, some with rust perforations. But also vehicles that “only” have to be blasted and the substance is still in good condition.

The scooters are all here at the Scooter Center in 50129 Bergheim-Glessen, and are sold with a proper invoice from the Scooter Center including 19% VAT. A certificate of customs clearance and a copy of the original papers are included.

The prices are between 800-1200 euros including VAT, we cannot provide any information on individual vehicles - just come by and take it with you. We do not reserve scooters and the call center cannot say anything about the individual vehicles, except to inform you of our opening times: these are Mon-Fri 10:00 a.m. - 18:30 p.m. and Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 14:00 p.m.

  • no telephone inquiries
  • no reservations, no deposits, no exchanges
  • Cash payment upon purchase decision
  • All prices are fixed prices (prices are marked with a marker on the headlights)

We are looking forward to your visit !


You can find our currently available scooters on offer here: USED ​​SCOOTERS

Vespa for sale

Vespa V50S round light for sale

Vespa V50 S round handlebar - the most beautiful 50s Vespa

The legendary Vespa 50 S Smallframe is the most beautiful 50cc Vespa Piaggio has ever built. We have this Vespa V50 S round light for sale: Used Vespa scooters

With their round handlebars and the classic round speedometer, the solid sheet metal cascade and the closed 4-hole rims with 10 inches, the model built until 1971 is the one most wanted 50cc Vespa!

Vespa V50S round light for sale

Vespa from the 70s

But wait a minute, why 1971? This only applies to the Central and Northern European market!

Because, for example, after Greece and the Balkan countries at that time, the round handlebar Vespa V50S continued to be built until the end of the 80s. This model was even made for the Japanese market until the 90s pass.

It was in Japan that the vehicles were cherished and looked after. With a little luck you can get a Vespa V50S in exceptional original condition in the original paint. The mileage usually varies between several hundred kilometers and a few thousand kilometers.

Until 1999, among other things, the Vespa V50S, the Vespa 100 and the Vespa Primavera 125 ET3 as "Vintage Vespa“Sold in Japan. click

Even after that, if you bought the corresponding number from Vespa in Italy, you could buy ET3s and V50S directly from the factory. In 2002 it was time for the end of the working day - the corresponding production line was unfortunately dismantled and scrapped.


Original Italian Vespa Piaggio scooter

So these Vespas are original "Made by Piaggio in Italy". The scooters rolled off the line all the time parallel to the Vesps available from us. There are no "Replica or licensed constructions “but real Italian Vespa Piaggio productions!

There have been some small improvements over the years. Due to the mandatory blinkers introduced in Japan at the beginning of the 80s, the "vintage" models with the Original Hella handlebar end indicators Mistake. The original 105mm headlights come with the Ba20d Bilux pears equipped - that is, instead of the 15 watt bulb that was installed at the end of the 60s, the Japanese V50S and V100 came with 6 volt 25/25 watt normal and high beam bulb. All models have the original rear light of the ET3.


V5SA1T & V9B1T

The chassis numbers for the Vespa V50s have the prefixes " V5SA1T"Followed by a six-digit number, the Vespa 100s have the prefix" V9B1T ", also followed by a 6-digit number. The ET3 chassis numbers are indistinguishable from the numbers of earlier years of construction, except for the higher number.


German authorization

The decisive difference to the European model of the V50, however, is the maximum permissible speed of 60 km / h which was achieved through a "long" 4th gear.

We are lucky enough to be able to sell some V50S from a private collector. Working in Japan for years, he fought his boredom by starting to get a considerable collection of V50S in the most beautiful conditions. After finishing his job in Japan, he packed his household and his collection in a container and thus enriched the German Vespa scene with some beautiful collector's items.

At the same time, we were just about to provide some Japanese V50S that we re-imported from Thailand with a German approval. As I said, the 60km / h models can also be registered with us, but only as a small motorcycle with a large license plate. But our ambition was to get the Vesps on the road at 50 km / h and with insurance numbers. Fortunately, by collecting our “Japanese”, we were able to divide the costs by a few more vehicles and then tackled the approval process.

Some performance measurements, noise measurements and top speed measurements at the TÜV Furthermore, all vehicles now have a German operating permit with 50 km / h!

Vespa V50 S round light for sale

Our reimported V50S and some private V50S with German operating license are now for sale, as well as some V50S and V100 for restoration.

The prices are between € 1.200 for restoration objects and € 3.200 for finished vehicles with German registration!

If you are interested, please send an email to:


used Vespa scooters at Scooter Center

Vespa V50 S round light for sale HERE


NEW: Used Vespa scooters at Scooter Center

Vespa V50, V100, ET3 125, PX125 and Sprint 150

If you want to buy a classic Vespa, come to Scooter Center-ClassicDay on 27.09.2014/XNUMX/XNUMX at his own expense:


Large selection of Vespa scooters

We have 20 Vespa scooters on offer especially for Classic Day.
There is something for every Vespa fan: from the restoration object, to patina and top original condition
We have everything on site, including fully restored vehicles. Different scooter models such as

  • Vespa V50
  • Vespa V100,
  • Vespa ET3 125
  • Vespa PX125
  • Vespa Sprint 150

Fair and affordable prices

Good part carriers are available from 1000 euros. There are also fully restored Vespa with 2 years MOT for 3500 €.
All other vehicles and prices are in between.




The sales start is on ClassicDay. Unfortunately, advance reservations and information are not possible.
Scooter Center ClassicDay 2014 on 27.09.2014/XNUMX/XNUMX in Bergheim Glessen
"First come first serve…"



Vespa spare parts, accessories and tuning cheaply.

10% discount im Scooter Center Store at the Express checkout.
On ClassicDay there are also endless bargains with the large remaining stock sales of Vespa and Lambretta parts:

  • B-Stock
  • Returns
  • Samples and unique pieces
  • private submarket for Vespa and Lambretta scooters and parts.

Used Vespa scooter from Scooter Center am Classic Day 2014