Open Day SC September 2023

Our second #OpenDaySC this year was actually planned as a small end to the season. (see Open Day April here) With the fantastic sunshine continuing, there is fortunately no question of the end of the season.

In addition to our Open Day classics such as free use of the test stand, the large private and SC parts market, there were also some new program items.

Moped parts market
Lots of visitors on the Open Day

Galleries Open Day 23' - September edition

Here are the highlights, exhibitors, scooters and visitors

Vespa V98

This Vespa V98 was at the Open Day for the second time and on its own. When have you seen this before? And then almost in the wild...

The Vespa 98 was the first mass-produced Vespa from Piaggio. It was built between 1946 and 1947 and is divided into four series: V.98/1 and V.98/2 and from 1947 V.98/3 and V.98/4, although the modifications were insignificant. The V98 has a 98 cc engine, a three-speed gearbox and a top speed of 60 km/h. The leg shield is evenly curved. There is no main stand and for parking it is leaned on an outrigger that protrudes from the rear running board on the left and right.

Veybach Racing – Custom Paint Ciao 

One of the numerous highlights was the premiere of Dirk Hövelmann's Ciao, which tells us:

“Only through the support of the entire team, (my business partners @pulverdesigngibesch, @hapebikes, @scootercenter and my friend @rolfbubmann) the project was finally presented just in time for #OpenDaySC!”

All details will follow soon here in the blog!

SC program

bgm team

The bgm team was available to answer questions about new products and developments all day long. And not just about our own brand but also about the latest highlights like this CMV 244the Vape ignitionsthe bgm Big box exhaust algae and much more.

Photo box

At the nuclear Photo box Around 50 classic cars and their drivers gathered. The majority - as expected - Vespas. Followed by 12 Piaggio mopeds, four automatics, four mopeds, three Lambretta and two Royal Alloy. All of them will be presented in detail in the blog and the pictures will be available for download. 

Photo box in the Scooterist Weekender

Test stand

Auf dem test things were similarly lively. Arno and Roland made their debut in the role of P4 operators and did a great job. Despite everything, over 50 runs in 5 hours left my ears ringing.

Basti (Bastian Koch) delivered the most powerful Vespa with his VNB powered by a BFA360: 56 HP!
Meisi (Marc Meis) has parked the most powerful Lambretta on the roll. Marc rebuilt a Targa twin from scratch with the components of his choice and delivered 40 hp.     

The most powerful Ciao delivered a good 10 hp and came from René Klein.

Merchandising stand

The SC merchandise stand and we have adopted the photo box from our Scooterist Weekender from last year as an integral part of the upcoming Open Days.

Our new #RealScooterist shirts and of course the posters were very popular when it came to merchandise. A portion of the proceeds goes to “Halfway through the bar”. Greetings go to Everell!

Shopping at the parts market

If you love saving scooter parts, you can... Scooter Center Find quite interesting things in the parts market, even New Old Stock!

Scooters and scooterists!!

Your Scooter Center Open Day Team

Thank you all! Until next time Scooter Center Open Day SC!
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Nikos at the photo box, Dirk, Pina, Jürgen, Maryza…

Special thanks goes to Carsten Wisniewski: @Pottlinse

We had one last time Open Day was 2021 after corona times and OMG what an event! more than 1.500 scooter riders here it was amazing!! This time something wasn't so different... The second largest Open Day that Scooter Center ever had and we are so happy as the scooter family is growing, highlights were of course the weather but the #moped scene also stepped on the gas!!! 😱🔥
Beautiful scooters, nice people and a great atmosphere, that's what makes the #RealScooterists special!

Here our video Scooter Center Open Day - April 2023

Here is a short video recap of thousands of stories told at #OpenDaySC.

Lambro Fli 175

Lambro Fli 175

At minute 1:30 Markus Fröschen's Lambro appears, a vehicle that is so special that our hearts stop for a moment, whether because of its state of preservation or because of its handling skills. 😅

Galleries Open Day 23' - April Edition

Here are the highlights, exhibitors, scooters and visitors

Vespa Tribute to the 60's, 70's race cars

Vespower by Baratella

Ferdinand and his Vespa premiere, the "Tribute to the 70's 80's race cars", here are their technical curiosities:

144 Quattrini M1L60GTR,
Long 54mm stroke shaft,
39 carburetor VHSB,
Exhaust 2L Tech
and 2km old and with 28,4 PS or on the Scooter Center Open Day test bench :)

Scooters and scooterists!!

Team SC at Open Day

Until next time Scooter Center Open Day on September 23, 2023.
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Dirk, Pina, Arno, Roland S., Roland M., Tatjtiana, Maryza…

Video Vespa World Days At the moment everything is looking towards France, first the Vespa World Days and now the European Football Championship. We have the VWD? 16 video for you here:

Video Vespa World Days

Everyone is currently looking to France, first the Vespa World Days and now the European Football Championship. We have the VWD´16 video for you here:

In the next year the world will look to Germany:

Soccer world champions, soccer champions and Vespa World Days 2017 in Celle :-)


World Vespa Days 2017 Celle

VWD´17 - Celle

Next two years it became official: the Vespa World Days 2017 take place in Germany - more precisely in Celle.

But where is Celle and who are the Celle Vespa drivers?


Celle in Lower Saxony in the beautiful Lüneburg Heath

Celle is located in Lower Saxony, about 50km north of Hanover and has about 70.000 inhabitants. The city is on the? All and is considered southern gate to the Lüneburg Heath. Through the castle and the picturesque old town with over 400 half-timbered houses, Celle becomes one of the most remarkable cities on the German half-timbered street.

The Lüneburg Heath stretches from Lüneburg in the north to Celle in the south. The Südheide nature park has a size of approx. 500 km2. Forests and heaths with their origins in the Middle Ages are now one Nature reserve. Known in the region are the Heidschnucken who feed on the heather. A perfect destination!

Top starting point for great excursions

Celle is also the perfect starting point for various excursion destinations with beautiful routes for Vespa tours. Various destinations can be reached within 100 km, including: That Steinhuder sea, Northern Germany's largest inland sea with a circumference of 24km. Hanover, Lower Saxony's capital. The Deister with a variety of plants and animals.

Vespa Club Celle

The Vespa Club Celle, founded in 1986, is a group of passionate Vespa drivers who are best known for combining this passion for Vespas with family and community. The association organizes many activities with the annual highlight in August: the Heidetreffen. This meeting is one of the largest in Germany. It is known for bringing together scooter riders of all generations and origins and the planning ensures that a particularly family-friendly program is offered.

The Celle Vespa family: Community is a top priority.


Additional information:

Flyer WVD 2017:

world-vespa-days-2017-cell-info_2 world-vespa-days-2017-cell-info



Vespa World Days 2017

Vespa World Days 2017

We already heard rumors, now it's finally officially:

After 2017 years, the Vespa World Days 17 will finally take place again in Germany and from Vespa Club Celle aligned!

In 2000, the then Eurovespa took place in Hamburg. In 2006 there was the last Eurovespa in Turin. The follow-up event to the Vespa World Club is the Vespa World Days.

Here are the venues of the previous Eurovespa (1954-2007) and the Vespa World Days from 2007:

1954. Paris, France
1955. Sanremo, Italia
1956. - Munich, Germany
1957. Barcelona, ​​Espana
1958. Brussels, Belgium
1959. Paris, France
1960. Roma, Italia
1961. - Salzburg, Austria
1962. Madrid, Espana
1963. - Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italia
1966. Firenze, Italia
1967. - Mainz, Germany
1969. Viareggio, Italia
1970. - Lucerne, Switzerland
1981. - San Vicenzo, Italia
1982. - Reggio Calabria, Italia
1983. - Saarbrucken, Germany
1984. Verona, Italia
1985. - Frankfurt, Germany
1986. Barcelona, ​​Espana
1987. - Krems, Austria
1988. Aix le Bains, France
1989. - Kaiserslautern, Germany
1990. - Kreuzligen, Switzerland
1991. San Marino, Rep. San Marino
1992. - Pforzheim, Germany
1993. - Albano Treme, Italia
1994. Girona, Espana
1995. Aix en Provence, France
1996. Sanremo, Italia
1997. - Thessaloniki, Greece
1998. - Gronningen, Holland
1999. Girona, Espana
2000. - Hamburg, Germany
2001. - Nevers Fourchambault, France
2002. - Viterbo, Italia
2003. - Vienna, Austria
2004. - Lisboa, Portugal
2005. - Woerthersee, Austria
2006. - Torino, Italia

Vespa World Days
2007. San Marino, Rep. San Marino
2008. - Cefalu, Italia
2009. - Zell am See, Austria
2010. - Fatima, Portugal
2011. - Gjovik, Norway
2012. - London, England
2013. - Hasselt, Belgium
2014. - Mantova, Italia
2015. - Biograd, Croatia
2016. - Arcachon, France
2017. - Celle, Germany

Big, official Vespa meeting


The Eurovespa was a huge international Vespa meeting for which Vespa drivers from all over the world met.
The first Eurovespa took place in 1959 (!!) in Paris, France.
The last Eurovespa took place in 2006 in Turin, Italy city.

Vespa World Days

2007 was the starting shot for the Vespa World Days, as a follow-up event to the Eurovespa.
The Vespa Wordl Days also take place all over Europe. The Vespa World Days 2007 take place in Celle.

Vespa shop

SCK dynamometer at VCVD Vespa meeting in Düsseldorf.

Saturday morning, Alex and I meet at 8:00 am SCOOTER CENTER. We are a well-rehearsed team and at 09:15 am we have everything we need for the performance measurements at the scooter meeting. So we make our way across the Rhine to Düsseldorf - Eller zum Vespa meeting of Vespa clubs Düsseldorf.

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