Ves'part des Anges

The last weekend (May 24/25.2024) took place the first event of the Vespa Club Cognac: Ves'part des Anges

They started off on the right foot by creating this beautiful graphic and choosing an amazing name, inspired by the small amount of the cognac that evaporates from the wood in the barrel, this loss of liquid is known as that “part des anges” (the angel's share).

They welcomed old people scooters from France and Europe to discover the region, a tour through the vineyards, the heritage and the gastronomy of Cognac.

Véronique Chenu, President of the Vespa Club of Cognac tells us a little bit about it:

“Our event ended with an extraordinary weekend, our participants are delighted, walks, restaurants, tasting, concert, great, thank you Scooter Center for the participation, each #RealScooterist had their welcome bag filled with treats…”

Thank you for letting us participate and we wish you many more editions of Ves'part des Anges, cheers!