Customize your Vespa GTS

Tuning and customizing Vespas has a long tradition. From the beginning, the Vespa was much more than just a means of transport. Already in the 50s there were a lot of accessories such as luggage racks, speedometers and ornaments to buy.

A Vepsa according to your taste - your Vespa!

If you want to design your Vespa the way you like it, you're at it Scooter Center precisely. We offer you over 40.000 products including a wide range of accessories and tuning for your Vespa GTS.

What is relative quickly and easily with a Vespa, we will show you using Frank's GTS 300 from the Scooter Center-Team.  Here you can click through the parts:

Accessories Vespa GTS examples


Click-Scooter accessories Vespa GTS

For the Vespa GTS and GTV we have some high quality accessories in our range. Among other things, some carbon style covers. True to the motto “Chrome won't bring you home, but mat-black will bring you back”! For illustrative purposes, we have attached the parts to a Vespa GTS 300 ie. You can already see them in the picture above Cascade of the GTS in carbon look as well as the Vespa Cruiser window tintedwhich significantly improves the CW value. The disc is also available in one transparent version. For the classic look we also have headlight visors in Chromium and Black Releases.

The cover for the is also nice to look at Variator cover in carbon look as well as the side panel the Vespa GTS also in carbon style.

It is subtle and sporty Exhaust cover in carbon style from our range of accessories.

We also have those Swing arm cover in carbon style for you in the program. Currently not in stock but you can still order it at any time Fender nipple in carbon look.

Last but not least, we have the very reliable Schwalbe Weatherman tires ahead and behind assembled. Regardless of the weather, this tire is a must-have. Schwalbe also has this as a whitewall tire for ahead and behind in program.

All items can be ordered and delivered at short notice. Here is an article overview with the corresponding article numbers:

Carbon cover Vario - item number 7673728

Carbon cascade - item number 76737529

Carbon swingarm cover - item number 7673730

Carbon exhaust cover - item number 7673731

Carbon side panels - item number 7673732

Carbon fender nipple - item number 7673733

Tinted cruiser screen - item number 7670220

Cruiser lens colorless - item number 7670054

Black headlight shield - item number 7670337

Chrome headlight shield - item number 7670336

Schwalbe Weatherman whitewall rear - item number SVWV004

Schwalbe Weatherman whiteboard front - item number SVWV003

Schwalbe Weatherman rear - item number 6000129

Schwalbe Weatherman front - item number 6000128

Piaggio Vespa GTS 300 in test & tuning

Another test of success - Vespa GTS 300 Super.

This time the b2b trade magazine is dedicated bike and business the Vespa:

Vespa 300 GTS Super: Tradition put to the test

Accessories and tuning you can find in Vespa GTS 300 - Shop.
The right Vespa helmet is available here: or directly in Vespa shop

Piaggio Vespa GTS 300 in test & tuning




Vespa GTS 300 Super Test & Zuning

Vespa GTS 300 Super Test & ZuningFOCUS has here a test of the VESPA GTS 300 Super published.

As Lambretta lover we got over the mistake in the first paragraph ;-)

Vespa tuning and spare parts for your modern Vespa scooter can be found here in the Modern Vespa shop.

Piaggio says: “The Vespa GTS Super brings exclusive elegance to the class of large-volume scooters with more than 250 cc displacement. The unique classic Vespa styling, the sporty, modern look and the clear lines give the vehicle a determined, distinctive appearance. In addition to its sporty design, the GTS Super also embodies the typical qualities of the Vespa brand in terms of functionality, comfort, safety and robustness. The ultra-modern four-valve engine with liquid cooling and electronic fuel injection works extremely powerfully and is characterized by its high elasticity and agility. "

In the 2-wheel registration statistics, the Vespa GTS has been leading the field for months. Here are parts for individual scooter tuning, e.g. Exhaust systems as AKRAPOVIC, PM. REMUS, LEO VINCE, PIAGGIO