Vespa scooter mounting stand

Scooter repair stand Cheap adapters for Lambretta and Vespa Smallframe individually available

For the Vespa assembly stand V2 -PX GARAGE Nienburg- are now additional brackets suitable for Vespa Smallframe (V50 / PV / ET3) and Lambretta (S3) available. Are you looking for a maneuvering aid for scooters for parking, parking and maneuvering? Maneuvering aid for scooters

Assembly stand for Vespa Largefame, Smallframe and Lambretta

Secure hold and flexible working on your scooter. For this you need:


Quick and easy assembly - secure hold

The additional brackets for the Work stand are cheap as well as easy, fast and safe assembled.

Adapter for mounting stand Lambretta 3331044LS3

Vespa mounting stand holder Smallframe 3331044VSF (

Holder Vespa V50

At the Vespa Smallframe V50 / Primavera / ET3 etc. the holder is easy to use at any time and secures your scooter against accidental tipping over.


Holder V50_2

It is also possible to clamp the holder to the frame strut. Certainly the better choice for work on the vehicle that requires a little more effort.


V50 clamp holder


Adapter for Lambretta series 3

The holder for the Lambretta rear is designed so inconspicuously that the small holder can simply remain directly on the vehicle.

Holder Lambretta

The holder is hardly noticeable under the frame.

Bracket Lambretta_3



Thanks to the fixed screw connection of the holder, your Lambretta is also guaranteed to stand securely with the assembly stand.

The raised hindquarters even make work on the running boards and the exhaust system much easier.

Bracket Lambretta_2


Thanks to the additional holder for the Vespa Smallframes and Lambretta, the assembly stand does not have to be modified and can be used for almost any scooter at any time.

Inexpensive mounting stand for scooters

Vespa assembly stand v2

Our proven Vespa assembly stand has now received a useful update:


By adding two holes and a rivet nut, the Vespa assembly stand becomes now also a practical holder with the engine removed for your Vespa.

To do this, the engine bolt is simply pushed through the frame and the assembly stand with the engine removed.

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Video Vespa assembly stand

In the video you can see how easy it is to maneuver the scooter in the workshop and how flexible you are with this new assembly stand.

Vespa assembly stand V2 workshop stand for Vespa PX T5 Rally Sprint etc.

With the two brackets at the bottom right and left, it has always been there for links. and suitable for right-handers. Here is the contribution to the Vespa assembly stand V1. From now on we only deliver still the new version, the article number remains the same!

The Vespa assembly aid can be used for all Vespa with two removable side panels.

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Vespa assembly stand

Vespa assembly stand: easier and safer to screw

Update: Now there is a new version of the Vespa assembly stand available!

The Vespa is almost 70 years old and now there is finally this ingenious one Vespa assembly stand for your Vespa scooter.


With this extremely stable You can easily work on the Vespa assembly stand on the scooter and remove the engine, for example. Due to the very stable material and the safe and easy handling cannot tip your Vespa sideways, forwards or backwards.

"An acquisition for life"

The work stand will easy, quick and safe fixed to the body with bolts, this only works for models with removable side jaws.

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Our assembly stand: simple. Secure.

Vespa assembly stand PX Garage Nienburg / Auxiliary Stand - Vespa PX T5 Rally Sprint etc.

The vehicle is now stable on the assembly stand and on the front wheel. Thanks to the leverage effect, only a very small amount of force is required to jack up. By the way, you can change the side of the lever, e.g. left / right-handed or for reasons of space.

When jacked up, you can easily move the Vespa using the practical scooters on the stand. this is particularly useful if, for example, the engine has been removed and the scooter is to be put aside for the time being. The chassis can also be adjusted laterally with the assembly stand fixed.


  • Made from high-strength square steel profiles
  • Extra wide support surface for extremely safe standing of the vehicle
  • Large ground clearance of the scooter: Problem-free installation of wide tires (e.g. 130 / 90-10) and lefthand systems.
  • Roller can be moved on the holder.
  • Adjustable in height through 3 levels
  • Needle bearing rollers, very easy to change, very smooth running
  • Solid steel axle for wheels
  • Solid steel axle for scooter holder
  • Plastic turning handles for fixing
  • Painted black matt.
  • L-piece that can be inserted on both sides for left and right-handers
  • Made in Germany

Pictures assembly stand for Vespa