Vespa Racing Motorsport Park Bad Fischau

On Saturday the August 31 In 2019 there was MotorsportPark-Bad Fischau near Wr. Neustadt found a new one despite the extreme heat Participant record. Alone in the Trofeo PARMAKIT Challenger made 20 starters on the hunt for points for the championship. In addition to the regular Austrian drivers, we were able to welcome some new faces, three drivers from Italy and one starter from Hungary on the grid.

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Scooter Center / bgm are sponsors and support the successful Austrian Vespa racing series!

This time the route was driven clockwise, which presented many drivers with a completely new challenge. In this direction the course is smooth, but at the same time it is extremely difficult to find the right point to overtake.

The day's victory in the Scooter GP went to Paolo Birtele / Parmakit again, followed by Christian Rapf / & is Racing Team and Andreas Russ / 16ers. Birtele is now leading the championship with 12 points and we can look forward to whose favor the showdown at the last race of this year's championship on the Pista Azzurra in Jesolo, will go out.

Scooter GP Ltd. This time Günter Sedlacek, after his serious fall in the last race in the Rechnitz Speed ​​Arena, won with a very strong performance, ahead of Herbert Siegl and Julian Köllner.

The victory in the street racer class again went to Christian Fleis, ahead of Christoph Carniel and Hubert Leitgeb.

By the huge starting field In the Marken Cup of our main sponsor Parmakit, the fights for all positions and even for the last championship point were hard to beat in terms of tension. For the first time, Maiko Jandl from Team JLP was able to win one of the two runs, which rewarded him with second place in the daily ranking. Third place at the Trofeo Parmakit Challenger went to Kevin Höfler Team SFR. This time, however, the victory went to Upper Austria to Christoph "Stoffi" Maier from the Stoffi´s Garage team.

Photos and detailed results are as always here on the website ( to find.

Season finale on September 28, 2019 in Jesolo

We are looking forward to the season finale on September 28, 2019, which will take place together with the Italian Trofeo Parmakit Challenger on the Pista Azzurra in Jesolo.



Vespa Racing Motorsport Park Bad Fischau

Powered by Scooter Center: On August 31, the VRA Cup 2019 will enter the fourth round at Motorsport Park Bad Fischau.

Entries are under the menu item REFERENCE now possible.

The registration starts this time at 08:00

Free practice and qualification runs take place in the morning, and after the lunch break, the first race continues punctually at 13 p.m.

The races take place at 13:00 p.m. and 14:00 p.m. and at 15:00 p.m. and 16:00 p.m.

At 17:00 p.m., the drivers of all classes can compete against each other in the superfinal.

The award ceremony and handover of the trophy will take place at 18:00 p.m.

Live broadcast via Facebook

For the first time, there will also be a live broadcast on Vespa Racing Austria this time Facebook site give.

You can find the schedule of the upcoming event here:


SCHEDULE * - 31.08.2019/XNUMX/XNUMX Motorsport Park Bad Fischau

08:00 Registration and technical acceptance

08:30 to 10:30 Free training for all classes. Registration and successful techn. acceptance

10:40 a driver briefing

11:00 to 11:30 Qualifying Trofeo Parmakit Challenger
11:30 to 12:00 Qualifying Scooter GP & Scooter GP Ltd. & Automatic & Streetracer & Pitbike

12:00 to 13:00 lunch break

13:00 1st run Trofeo Parmakit Challenger
14:00 1st run Scooter GP & Scooter GP Ltd. & Automatic & Streetracer & Pitbike

15:00 2st run Trofeo Parmakit Challenger
16:00 2st run Scooter GP & Scooter GP Ltd. & Automatic & Streetracer & Pitbike

17:00 super finals

18:00 podium **

* Subject to change
** Only drivers present at the award ceremony will receive points for the VRA Cup 2019 annual ranking

Oliver Kluger Vespa Racing Nurburgrin 2009

Scooter race on the Nürburgring 2009

Since 2004, regular scooter races have taken place on the Nürburgring again.

We owe this opportunity to the MSC Porz, who offers a “regularity run” for classic scooters as part of the Cologne course. For most of us that means: evenly full throttle! ;-)

The SCOOTER CENTER has been represented by the racing team every year since 2004.

On Saturday was heavy rain in the dry SCOOTER CENTER Box grilled and screwed in the paddock.
We were able to greet many friends and familiar faces again. The hard core was swept out of the box at 1:30 - after all, the first training session was scheduled for 10:40 on Sunday.


Sunday came up with the best weather. During training we had 20 minutes to determine the fastest drivers and then to determine the starting grid. In the first row of the grid there were 1 starters from SCOOTER CENTER Team (Harry Barlow & Christian Schneider).

If the weather was fine, repairs and maintenance work could be carried out in the open air after the first training session. After the SCK grill had given everything again at noon, the race started.

The Green Hell took its toll: of 65 starters, only 45 made it to the finish (cancellations, no accidents)

The SCOOTER CENTER Team was able to record several successes:

Place 2 Christian Schneider (Regularity evaluation)
Tanya Kluger - fastest woman in the field ;-)

The next appointment at the Nürburgring for classic scooters is September 13 “Renoldus Sprint”

The SCOOTER CENTER is looking forward to it!


Scooter race on the Nürburgring Cologne circuit 2006

Finally again scooter races on the Nürburgring

We've been hooked since 2004. It is a highlight of the year every year and in 2006 we were again with our classic Vespa & Lambretta scooters at the Nürburgring to take part in the Cologne circuit.

With the routine, the excitement disappears and you become a little more relaxed, which is also noticeable to the full at the evening events Scooter Center Team box. Somebody had Vodka - effervescent included. I wonder how the British drivers managed to be so fit in the morning ... it was another great event!



Scooter race at the Nürburgring Cologne course 2005

5th Cologne course - May 1st, 2005

The Motorsport Club Porz celebrated its 50th anniversary last year and we were able to celebrate with our classic scooters - with a scooter race on the Nürburgring. All participants were enthusiastic, we too! So it goes without saying that we will be doing this again this year Scooter Center Team were at the start again.

It is a great feeling to be standing at the start with your scooter and driving where Niki Lauda, ​​Michael Schumacher and Senna have already been on the track. And we don't need to tell you anything about the atmosphere and atmosphere with many international scooter riders and friends in the evening. Scooterists stop :-)!


Scooter race on the Nürburgring 2004

Finally again scooter races on the Nürburgring

At the end of 2003 the idea came up in the year 2004 one more time Scooter races on the Nürburgring to be able to drive. There were a few rules and a lot of fun:

  1. Vehicles only up to year of construction 1978 (all Vespa before PX, Servetta + ind. Up to 78, NSU, HEINKEL etc)
  2. Original optics = full frame and the body parts belonging to the model. So not cut, skeleton or similar and also no racer paintwork (unless they are contemporary like af-rayspeed or supertune)
  3. good, well-kept condition. so no matt black craft boxes ...
  4. Safety-relevant parts such as brakes and tires must of course function very well.
  5. some changes to the scooter to prevent parts of the vehicle from loosening during the race (e.g. secured oil drain plugs etc, but more on that later)
  6. Motor and brakes are completely free, ie. everything that works - except third-party motors (automatic, motorcycle, etc.) and other tire sizes or telescopic forks from automatic etc.
  7. Volume limit to 100 phon - so it gets really loud ...
  8. is driven no race but a so-called regularity run. ie., the one who completes his laps with the same lap time as possible, becomes the winner. in the event of a tie, it is based on the age of the vehicle; if there is still a tie, it is based on the age of the driver. But don't worry, you can drive evenly fast
  9.  we will definitely have our fun.
  10. the driver needs a leather suit, with a two-piece suit jacket and pants must be connected with a zipper. In addition, a back protector (highly recommended, I know from my own experience), high boots and a full-face helmet without major flaws and scratches, etc.
  11. the entry costs approx. 100 euros in advance, we do not need a license for the time being. In addition, probably a medical certificate and photo of the vehicle with all technical data (vehicle passport) in advance.
  12. at least 15-20 solid starters

Ok: said, done that Scooter Center was of course at the start: