Vespa World Days Zell am See

Vespa World Days Zell am See 2009



Go Vespisti, Go!

Tutto buono, hello, ciao!

An estimated 5.000 Vespa drivers have put Zell am See into a state of emergency over the last few days ...
The ride with about 2.000 scooters on the Großglockner (3.780m) was a highlight - but today Zell was rocked !!!

The main road was firmly in the hands of the scooter drivers and the drivers puked! Sure, Vespa has right of way ;-)
The local gastronomy provided the meeting with subtle après-ski music from 22.00 p.m. (by DJ Ötzi / Wolfgang Petri / AC-DC)
and so one tire after another was burned under the supervision of the local gendarmerie !!!!!

("... OK Burn - but you go to jail alone! ...")
(Chief to Enzo!)

Vespa World Days 2009 Vespa Burnout Rally 200 Vespa Meet in Zell am See

Buona Notte - Tanta Lotte!


st830118The following snippets of words give a small impression of Vespa World Days Day 2: individual fragments, snapped internals ... from the SCOOTER CENTER team in Zell am See.

“Today: Day 2. For some of us, day 1.
Crystal clear streams. Cool blonde. Bye.
Less than 8 liters per 100km. 11 hours on GTs 250 & 300 and under 3,5 liters on 100km.

Hello good night. "
Until tomorrow.

Cimg0982After a stopover in Munich and a fantastic schnitzel in the Ayinger Brauhaus, we arrived in Zell am See today.
The diesel is almost 10 cents cheaper in Austria - so the transit combination was driven down to a range of 13 km. It's just a shame that there was still this mountain between the gas station and us - and suddenly it was just there 0km range ;-) ...

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Vespa World Days 2009

img_0774 For the Vespa World Days we quickly restored our old Hoffmann Vespa so that we can take it with us to Zell am See to the world's largest Vespa meeting - with a fresh TÜV, of course. ;-)

Here are the photos of the restoration.

We see and at the lake!

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wordlVespa World Days 2009 in Zell am See!

The SCOOTER CENTER is of course also at the Vespa World Days in Zell am See. We drive in 2 groups: with Vespa GTS 300 & Vespa GTS 250 and our transporter.
We have the one with us Vespa catalog, the New - Vespa catalog appetizer and new product highlights. Of course there is also a lot of merchandise and giveaways. Visit us at Ferry Porsche Congress Center on Vespa World Days in Zell am See!


Official press text:

This year's Vespa World Days will take place from Thursday, June 11th to Sunday, June 14th, 2009 in Zell am See. Around 3000 Vespa fans are expected at the world's largest and most important meeting around the Italian cult scooter. The program includes excursions into the Pinzgau mountains, events and festivals, as well as an impressive gala dinner on Saturday evening.

The Vespa World Days 2009 in Zell am See are all about the encounter between the Pinzgau tradition and the Italian way of life. For four days, the traditions and lifestyle of two myths will mix. The Pinzgau with its breathtaking mountains, the cultivated tradition and the colorful folklore meets the lifestyle of the cult Scooters, which once moved an entire nation and is still a symbol of Italian joie de vivre.

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