200 Fari Bassi Scooter Center

The Vespa Club”Vespa vintage car friends MunichAfter a long tradition like in 1996, 2001, 2006 and 2010, this year the 5th World Vespa Meeting took place with 200 Fari Bassi for a magical event Traffic center of the German Museum .

The first day at #200FariBassi was great!

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200 Fari Bassi Expo

German Museum Transport Center

The impressive collection of Robin Davy, which we already have in the video: “Meet Robin Davy's Vespa collection in detail” was presented in the rooms of the museum. Toys, Vespas and other curiosities provided a nice setting for the meeting.

Book presentation

During our visit to Robin's collection he told us all about his new book, which was launched on Saturday and will hopefully be available in stores soon.

Sticky also has with his book Manual for Wideframe took part in the event, which you already have in ours Find online shop.

Scooter Center on the dealer mile

On the dealer mile there were vintage scooters for several thousand euros, badges and technical innovations for them Wideframe.

We were with our beloved ones    bgm 8 inch tires & the new bgm touring box for the Wideframe Models represented.

At our stand we welcomed new customers and also loyal regular customers who came with us Scooter Center Antiques such as the 15 year anniversary T-shirt in top condition were surprising. Of course we rewarded this loyalty with one 30 years Anniversary T-shirt.

Exhibitors Scooter Center

Concours d'Elegance

Faro Basso's exhibition had a special ingredient with the Concours d'Elegance, as we were able to learn first-hand the history behind these works of art.

Vespa 98 – engine 125cc

has the first license plate and was registered in August '47.

ROD Model Douglas 1953

The first owner gave it to him on the condition that he would continue to use it and take it to events like this.

He got it with all the original parts, even the tire inflator.

Swiss model

Vespa Queen

From Düsseldorf from Hoffmann Works

Vespa 125 U -1953 (Utilitarian)

One of the most exciting stories was how he was able to find the only previous owner of his Vespa via Facebook.

This enabled him to purchase the last missing original part for his vehicle.  The license plate!

He also received a photo from the previous owner (1970's) with the Vespa from times long past. He recreated this in a wonderful tribute as a thank you.

Vespa VN2T 1956


He and the Vespa are from Vespa Club Pordenone and the Vespa is the famous model from the film “Vacanze di Roma”.

He is the oldest member of the Vespa Oldimer Friends Munich.

Vespa acrobatics

Robin Davy is still the mastermind behind the acrobatic Vespa team and the presentation was impressive and entertaining as always!


The Corso was a wonderful experience, in just 6 kilometers you could experience the history of the Vespa yourself, as the parade was led by the Faro Basso, followed by the models that followed it.


Coming Soon!

We would like to thank the Vespa Club “Vespa vintage car friends Munich“Congratulations on the perfect organization of such a large event and thank you for the opportunity to be there and sponsor part of the event.