Test winner Vespa exhaust PX 200 bgm BigBox PRO available

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Vespa Aupsuff PX 200 available


- THE Vespa exhaust for the Vespa PX 200 is available again

Scootering 332 (February 2014), exhaust “boxes” exhaust test!

Quote Sticky:

“A 25% power improvement from a bolt on pipe that looks like standard!
It offers a big power increase and a wide power spread that puts some expansion chambers to shame. "Sticky:





The bgm PRO BigBox ist a powerful all-round tuning exhaust for the Vespa PX / Rally 200, which sounds like the original Vespa exhaust from Piaggio and looks just as “harmless” at first glance.

Regardless of whether it is an original engine or already heavily tuned: The BigBox really delivers performance and revving without being conspicuous.

  • Original optics
  • Quiet (sound slightly duller than original)
  • Easy to turn & high torque
  • Top performance like a resonance exhaust
  • No performance hole
  • Broad speed range
  • More top speed
  • 200cc version with O-ring flange & spring retaining tabs on the manifold
  • economical

The bgm BigBox is suitable for every engine. It has no approval and no test mark. The exhaust body has more volume than the original exhaust.

A TÜV registration is only possible through an individual individual acceptance and requires a previous assessment of the vehicle by your TÜV office.

Exhaust -BGM PRO BigBox- Vespa PX200, Rally200

Exhaust -BGM PRO BigBox- Vespa PX200, Rally200 BGM1011 (3) BGM1011 (2) BGM1011 (1) BGM1011




  • Exhaust
    • Exhaust
  • Vespa
    • 200 Rally (VSE1T - Femsa)
    • 200 Rally (VSE1T - Ducati)
    • 200 PE (VSX1T - 1980)
    • 200 PX E Lusso (VSX1T - 1984-97)
    • 200 PX E (VSX1T - 1981-83)
    • 200 PX E Lusso (ZAPM18 - 1998-)

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