The history of the MSF MaxSpeed ​​Festival.

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Supported this as early as 1999 SCOOTER CENTER Andreas Wrobel during his attempt with the Lambretta die 200km/h To break the limit.
Due to transmission problems, Andi was only able to drive in 3rd gear and achieved remarkable results here 165km/h.

We were also at the start of the second event at Bitburg Airport the following year. Here Oliver Kluger reached (SCOOTER CENTER) proud with a street legal Lambretta 157,52km /h and was therefore the fastest classic scooter.
Ulf Schroeder (SCOOTER CENTER), also with a Lambretta, 146,11 km/h - in 3rd gear - the 4th gear was defective, the scooter probably rightly bears the name Rubbish Racer. ;-)
Incidentally, the fastest scooter at the time was a Piaggio ZIP from SIP or Stoffi 159,56km/h.

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Now, almost 10 years later, another airport and record attempts again:

Who has the fastest scooter in Europe?
What happens almost 10 years later?
A record attempt with a handful of visitors turns into a festival with a pit lane for dealers and racing teams.
The Rubbish Racer should shine in new splendor and glory. Andreas Wrobel is at the start with 60PS. Is the Turbo Vespa coming?
But what does the technology that has come onto the market in the last 10 years bring, such as the new tuning parts V Force, VariotronicNew Slick tires and true Miracle exhaust systems?

We'll find out! At the MSF MaxSpeed ​​Festival in Meinerzhagen!

Of course, Andreas is also present at the MaxSpeed ​​Festival. Meanwhile with his own shop and team (Worb5) and Andi is of course a contender for the record.
But other greats in scooter racing are also doing the honors. The legend Harry Barlow (ProPorting) from England is at the start and will put his skills and experience to the test.

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