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ALL YOU NEED Vespa shop

ALL YOU NEED - Our new Vespa shop

In our new Scooter Center Online shop we offer spare parts, tuning, accessories, helmets, tools, clothing and everything for the care and maintenance of your scooter. We offer you well over 40.000 products. The majority can be delivered immediately overnight or will be ordered especially for you at short notice.

Ordered today, delivered tomorrow

Ordered today - unpack tomorrow!

Orders placed by 16.00 p.m. leave our company on the same day.

Vespa shop

We offer you parts for a large number of scooter models. Classic Vespa, modern Vespa, Lambretta, 50's automatic scooter and maxi scooter from 125ccm.

Today we want you ours Vespa shop imagine. First select your model in the shop and then filter for the products you need.

Vespa Shop - order by vehicle

You can do this very easily in the shop using the navigation in the head of the page. Start by conveniently selecting your vehicle using the navigation. We support you: The last model you visited is saved, and if you have one Scooter Center Account you can also create favorites -> put in the garage.

Smallframe, Largeframe and Wideframe?

Here in the blog we have the vehicles again Smallframe, Largeframe and Wideframe sorted.

We differentiate between the classic Vespas

  • Wasp Smallframe
  • Wasp Largeframe
  • Wasp Wideframe

The main (external) difference lies, as the name suggests, in the frame.

Smallframe are the Vespas with the small frame.
Largeframe Models are larger in weight and dimensions.

Wasp Smallframe | SFWasp Largeframe PX, rally sprint etc. | LFWasp Wideframe GS, lamp below etc. | WF

Wasp Smallframe

The "small" Vespa models originally have a maximum displacement of 125 ccm. For example Vespa PK 125, or Vespa Primavera / ET3.

Most are with Smallframe but meant the 50 cc scooter. The framework of the Smallframe-Models are narrower and lighter. On the engine side there is only a flap to get to the spark plug and the like. Vespa Smallframe Models are e.g.

  • Vespa V50,
  • Vespa PK,
  • Vespa Primavera.

Vespa V50, V90, PV, ET3


Vespa PK automatic


Wasp Largeframe

Largeframe are the large Vespas, the models that were available with the highest performance in the delivery condition: 80 - 200 cc and up to 12 HP. The side hood ("cheek") on the engine side is always completely removable. Vespa Largeframe-Models are for example:

  • Vespa PX,
  • rally,
  • Sprint,
  • DSO,
  • T4, etc.)

Vespa P / PE / PX, T5, Cosa

Vespa rally, sprint, GT

Vespa GS160, SS180


Wasp Wideframe

These are the first Vespa models from the early 50s. The oldest models with the great, wide side panels and often with tubular handlebars or a lamp from the “Faro Basso” fender below. All Vespas have a flap under the seat Wideframe  Models. You have the wide frame because of the very wide motor traverse. Models of this type are for example:

  • Lamp below ("Faro Basso"), tubular handlebar
  • Vespa T1 "Struzzo", T2, T3
  • Vespa GS1, GS2, GS3. ...

Vespa GS150, VL, VB

Vespa lamp below / Faro Basso / tubular handlebar