TomTom Vio navigation for scooters, mopeds, mopeds and bicycles

TomTom Vio Scooter Navigation

TomTom Vio Navi for Vespa & Co

This is the new Europe - Navigation system for scooters. On our trip to Italy to Run & Race in Pomposa we had the opportunity to test the Vio.

The Vio from navigation pioneer TomTom is aimed entirely at us scooter drivers in terms of appearance and function. An IOs or Android smartphone is required. Vio shows the navigation that takes place via the phone's GPS via Bluetooth and is a touchscreen for e.g. recent destinations or favorites. This has the advantage that you save a dedicated GPS chip. Of course, this is reflected in the price: TomTom Vio is much cheaper than usual motorcycle navigation systems. But in terms of equipment, quality and service, no savings are made: the free TomTom Vio app provides lifelong updated maps for all of Europe, see below.

The Start

Install the app and download the maps

First you have to download the free app from the app store and connect the phone to the Vio via Bluetooth. It worked straight away and is really easy. We were then offered various maps for Italy to download, we decided on Italy North-East for our purposes, approx. 150MB and the download went very quickly despite mobile data.

TomTom Vio Setup with Mobile Device App

Attach the Vio bracket

In the meantime, you can attach the bracket to the scooter. Vio is very practically and securely attached to the vehicle: with a simple twisting movement, the good piece can be quickly removed from the holder.

Attention: No theft protection. Vio is designed so that you always take the navigation system with you and not leave it on the scooter. This has also proven itself in our practical test: Vio is handy and fits in every pocket - you just don't forget to dismantle it.

TomTom Vio easy assembly

In Assembling the holder is very easy and fast made. The base mount is attached directly to the Spiegel or with an adapter and the base bracket on the Handlebar or grip.. Mounting material and the required hexagon wrench are included. If you want to use Vio on several vehicles, you need additional holders. The attachment directly to the handlebar only works with tubular handlebars, bicycles and automatic scooters left handle. Here we have a small guide on how to mount the scooter navigation on the handlebar / grip:

In practice

tomtom vio lambretta

The display is easy to read

We mostly drove the Vio on a vintage car: we drove the first series of Lambrettas, in all weathers, at all times of the day and on Italian roads across the country through the city and on the motorway. This could be described as “testing under difficult conditions”. Even at high speeds, in the rain, in the dark and in the pothole inferno, we were able to read the navigation system well and it never let us down.

Voice prompts on the TomTom Vio

Whoever needs voice announcements: Notes were always given appropriately and in good time. However, we did not understand the audio output, at least on the motorway. No wonder with a tuned Lambretta and speeds of 110 to 120 km / h. A headset on the phone would have been helpful here, as the announcements come from the phone.

This was not a problem with the Vespa Primavera ET3 with Polini engine in city traffic. We could understand the announcements from our pockets well. Incidentally, with the Vio you can also adjust the voices.

The occasional look at the route guidance was enough for us.

Tomtom Vio on Vespa Primavera

Battery life

The battery lasted on our 250km tour from Lake Garda to Pomposa on the Adriatic Sea. According to official manufacturer information, the battery should last 5 hours. The TomTom team told us, however, that 7 hours are to be expected. The Vio is simply charged via the supplied mini-USB connector and could thus be via a OnBoad USB port Loading.


Design and quality

The quality is very high quality and appealing. We like the design very much. For the Lambretta LI 1st series it goes perfectly with the round speedometer. But it is also a very pleasant add-on for the Vespa Primavera and the modern designs of the new scooters. It's quite clunky on a bike, but very easy to read and very practical for the city.

With the many available rubber protective covers, the color of the navigation system can be perfectly matched to your scooter, helmet or personal style:

Scooter navigation from TomTom.

Developed for scooters and controlled via your smartphone

With the first TomTom navigation system for scooters, you can now get around town much better. Its rounded design makes it the ultimate scooter accessory. All the necessary information is displayed on the TomTom VIO so that your smartphone can be safely tucked away in your pocket.

TomTom Vio Scooter Navigation app

Developed for scooters

Mirror arm assembly

The first navigation device from TomTom specifically for scooters can be easily attached to the mirror arm.

Handlebar grip assembly

You can also attach your VIO to the handlebar / grip - as a flexible alternative to attaching it to the mirror arm.

Glove operable, waterproof design

Rely on this great navigation including all functions, anywhere and in any weather. The TomTom VIO is waterproof and can be operated with gloves.

Live app touch screen

All the travel information you need is streamed from the TomTom smartphone app from your phone via Bluetooth to the innovative touchscreen of the Vio. But Vio is more than just a display: Recent destinations or favorites, for example, can be accessed directly by simply tapping on the Vio - regardless of where you are and without taking your smartphone out of your pocket.

Avoid delays and enjoy your ride with your scooter

Just leave the traffic jams behind you. If there is traffic jams on your route, the TomTom VIO will quickly calculate an alternative route so that you are not held up.

Important traffic information at a glance

Display of changes in direction

With the display of changes in direction, you no longer have to stop to check your smartphone or a map for the right path.

TomTom Vio Scooter Navigation Routing Direction

Speed ​​camera warnings (on request) *

Early warnings inform you about speed cameras on your route.

TomTom Vio Scooter Navigation Radar

Alternative routes via TomTom Traffic **

Now you can easily find alternative routes and avoid heavy traffic.

Caller display

Now you can see who is calling at a glance on the Vio display, while your phone remains securely stowed in your pocket.

TomTom Vio Scooter Navigation Call Display

Navigate in style

Individual colors

Personalize your TomTom VIO with many great colors of the Ssilicone covers. Now adapt your navigation device to your personal scooter, helmet or simply your personal style - with covers in many different colors.

favorite targets

Add your favorite places to the map and navigate to them with a simple tap - no matter where you are and without taking your smartphone out of your pocket.

Protective carrying bag

Benefit from a protective carrying case that is just as stylish as your TomTom VIO and protects it from damage.

What's in the box

  • TomTom VIO
  • Black shell
  • USB cable
  • Side mirror bracket
  • Product information
  • Handlebar grip assembly

Map coverage

Comprehensive coverage with the following countries:


Connecting roads:


Pictures TomTom Vio Nagigation

* You can turn the speed camera warnings on or off at any time. The legality of the "speed cameras" service has not yet been clearly clarified in Germany and other countries of the European Union. You use the service at your own risk. TomTom accepts no liability whatsoever in relation to its use.

** Receive TomTom Traffic for the life of your product. More information at

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TomTom Vio Scooter Navigation

TomTom Vio Navi for Vespa & Co This is the new Europe navigation system for scooters. On our trip to Italy for the Run & Race in Pomposa we had the opportunity to test the Vio. The Vio from the navigation pioneer TomTom is aimed entirely at us scooter drivers in terms of appearance and function. An IOs or Android smartphone [...]

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