Cable sets -BGM PRO- for Vespa and Lambretta

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bgm PRO train sets

The perfect cable for Vespa & Lambretta

Accelerator, brake, gearshift and clutch - all of these functions are handled by your classic scooter Cables controlled.
Therefore, the maintenance, care and, above all, the choice of materials for these apparently simple components are crucial.

We have therefore for your classic handset high quality bgm PRO train sets included in the program.

By exchanging the old trains for one bgm train set flawless function and easy operation of your scooter is permanently ensured again.

Pull set BGM 012

Even better than OEM quality

The bgm train sets correspond in detail to the original dimensions of the various vehicle models.

Appropriate cable lengths and the appropriate, securely attached end caps of the cables enable you to easily assemble and ensure long-term function.

Pull set BGM 017

The front brake cable and the clutch cable are equipped with the so-called pear nipple. This shape of the nipple enables the inner cable to move depending on the load. The adapters that match the pear nipples are of course also available.

Unfortunately, for example, Piaggio offers a rather modest quality in this area. Here's a direct comparison:

Pull set BGM_1

Due to the extreme cast burrs on the nipple, the adapter does not fit well with the Piaggio cable and the original Piaggio pear nipple adapter.

Pull set BGM_1 (1)

A simple assembly of the Piaggio material is hardly possible without a maximally invasive intervention with a file or hand cutter - the ulcer-like end of the cable simply does not fit into the brake lever.

Pull set BGM_1 (3)

Perfect and a lot of love down to the last detail

With the bgm train sets, we put a lot of emphasis on these and other details. We still screw on our scooter ourselvesn and annoy us, just like you, about bad and also high-priced “original parts”, which can then only be used with increased effort.

With the adapters of the bgm cables a problem-free assembly is possible in any case. The pear nipple fits perfectly - even as shown here, in the small recess of the Rally and V50 levers.

Pull set BGM_1 (6)

Tip: use some fat

Please make sure that you always insert the nipples with a little grease when assembling the cables, so that the nipple can simply turn in the lever when actuated.

Pull set BGM 005

If the nipple cannot rotate freely without lubricant due to excessive friction, a bending moment is always transferred to the inner cable. This moment causes the inner cable to bend each time it is operated.

Just count how often you operate the clutch on your daily journey. After a manageable number of these dislocations, even the best inner train quits the service once by suddenly tearing it off - of course, exactly when you are out on the country road in the evening in the dark….

Info: Movement of the pull nipple

To illustrate this, we once opened a switching tube and marked the nipple and the lever. Using the marking, you can see how far the nipple in the lever has to turn each time the clutch lever is operated. If the nipple cannot turn by this amount, the inner cable is always kinked instead.

Train set bgm_4

Pull set bgm_4 (1)

Action needed if your trains look like this!

Old, original trains are very simple to build. If its thin, outer casing has become brittle over the years, water and dirt can penetrate unhindered to the soul of the train.

Pull set bgm_7 004

The smooth running of the trains is gone. Dirt and water create a high level of friction in the trains. Due to the water that has penetrated, the train rusts from the inside to the outside and an imminent failure is foreseeable.

Inside the outer shell of the bgm pulling sets, a guide made of PTFE helps the pull to move easily when operating the controls.

In addition, this fine PTFE tube prevents water or dirt from penetrating the inner cable even if the outer shell is damaged.

Pull set BGM 001

bgm PRO cables with PTFE

Put simply, PTFE is self-lubricating. Through a mechanical contact, i.e. through the moving inner cable, the finest fibers are detached from the PTFE and thus cause a kind of ball bearing effect. The train can move with significantly reduced friction. The ease of movement can be proven very impressively with a small test.

You take a new train and wind it up a few times. In the case of a cable without PTFE inner workings, the inner cable can practically no longer be moved by pulling when it is wound up in this way. The radii of the outer shell increase the friction in such a way that the inner cable appears to be clamped. If the train is in a straight line again, the inner cable can be moved again.

The cable with a PTFE interior, on the other hand, can still be pulled out quite easily even after rolling up in tight radii.

bgm PRO cable set Vespa cables in a set

The PTFE inner workings of the bgm tension sets are surrounded by a stable bowde made of flat steel.

Favorable versions of the outer sheath from other manufacturers tend to compress like a coil spring or accordion when the Bowde wire is simple.

When this effect occurs, precise shifting and coupling is hardly possible. On cheap trains, the “idle travel” felt when the brakes are applied takes on frightening proportions and gives a spongy feeling when braking harder.

The outer sheaths of the BGM trains are made of flat wire very resistant to compression and together with the turned inner cable give a precise feedback when actuated of brakes, clutch and gearshift.

The end caps of the cable

Another important detail are the end caps. Even after long, intensive use, the end cap should be the outer shell fix securely and do not peel off.

For this purpose, the Bowde is applied and ground at the ends so that the flat wire can support itself flat against the end cap and does not work its way through the end cap at certain points.

Securing the end cap is also crucial. On the Piaggio trains, the end caps are only squeezed together at the end.

The end caps are on the bgm train sets secured with two embossings. In practice, the end cap can only be detached by destroying it.

Pull set BGM_1 (8)


The end caps also differ from vehicle to vehicle.

The classic is certainly the clutch cable of the PX. From the year of construction 1984, so to change over to the model series called Lusso in Germany, the abutment on the clutch cable changed, for example.

Here the end cap has been enlarged in diameter to ensure better guidance and support in the switching tube. The hole in the switching tube was designed accordingly. A cable from the older models would simply slip through the large hole in the shift tube - conversely, the new clutch cable does not fit into the hole in the old shift tube.

We also thought of the protective bellows at the end of the front brake cables in our cable sets.

Pull set BGM (1)

At Piaggio, this life-extending component for the front brake cable is not included in the scope of delivery.

Just two of the details that we paid attention to when choosing the right components for you.

Available for Vespa and Lambretta models:

The bgm Pro train sets are available for these vehicles:

All trains from the bgm train sets are of course also available individually. For the respective train sets, you can also find the individual trains from the train set under the Spare Parts tab.

The cable set of the PK-XL2 is delivered without the shift cable. If this special train is also required, please order it separately:

Here are a few more useful additions:

Tool tip: the cable pliers

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