USB socket waterproof and illuminated

12V USB socket waterproof

USB socket 12V 2x USB, blue illuminated


12V USB socket waterproof


In addition to the USB double socket From bgm PRO we now have this cool blue illuminated and of course waterproof USB socket on offer:

USB double socket, waterproof -UNIVERSAL-

This great USB socket with two USB slots for connection to a 12V or 24V motorcycle, scooter, scooter, ATV or car battery.

Waterproof encapsulated and can therefore also be used in boats or in camping / outdoor areas! Perfect for charging devices such as mobile phones, smartphones, notebooks, iPads, iPhones, iPod touches, Sony, Nokia, HTC, Samsung, GPS, MP3 players, PDAs, etc. on board any vehicle with a 12-24 volt electrical system.

The socket can, for example, be built into the glove compartment or helmet compartment - or freely mounted on the handlebars.

There are two USB slots on the front. With a single assignment, a socket has 5V / 2.1A. If both slots are occupied, 5V / 1.0A are available at each output.

Illuminated in blue

The slots are easily recognizable even in the dark thanks to a permanently switched blue background lighting (LED).

Technical data:

  • Output voltage: 5V DC +/- 5%
  • Input voltage: 12V-24V DC +/- 4V
  • Maximum output current: 2.1A DC
  • Mounting hole diameter: 29mm
  • Installation depth (overall length): about 60mm
  • Cable length approx 145cm
  • Width clamp: 39mm
  • IP65 protected (completely dustproof + protected against water jets)
  • Incl. Fuse holder with blade fuse

Including handlebar bracket for handlebars up to 7/8 "(22,2mm), rubber protection cap.

Easy construction

The connection is made to the ignition lock-switched positive cable of the wiring harness (red cable to live cable when ignition is on, black cable to earth / frame).

usb sockets scooter

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