Vespa 170HP dragster

Vespa dragster

Vespa loud & fast 1000ccm & 170PS

Today we had a sensational customer visit at our Scooter Center:

Vespa with 170 hp

This Vespa PX - has 1.000ccm displacement and no less than 170HP. The idea for this was born back in 2010. The construction of this monster Vespa started in September 2014 and is now finished. Here are the first pictures before Scooter Center Store in Bergheim near Cologne.

The engine and fork are from a Yamaha R1 - in order to be able to implement this power, the frame of the Vespa was of course extremely reinforced. Without the reinforcement, the Vespa would likely be crushed like a beer can if the gas tap was ripped open.

Photos Monster Vespa

Video drag Vespa


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