Vespa Club tapes at the World Vespa Days

Vespa club band leg shield banner

The club bands on the Vespa leg shield have been around for as long as the Vespa and the Vespa clubs have existed. Each club designs its own club banners with the local colors, logos and names. Often the straps were and are also made for special occasions, e.g. Eurovespa or today's Vespa World Days, they are often sought-after barter and collector's items.
This means that every club can be easily recognized during trips and Vespa meetings. Already in the 50s it was the goal of a Vespa club to participate with as many members as possible.

International Vespa Club Banners / Patches

The largest Vespa club

The club with the most participants was then awarded. And just like me about the parking lot Vespa World Days I walked in Celle to photograph all the banners, the participants were counted using the tapes on the parked Vespas and the winning club was determined.

In some Vespa clubs, the brightly printed or embroidered club ribbon was mandatory for every official occasion. If he was forgotten, the Vespisti had to make a punitive donation to the club's treasury.

Here are the Vespa banners / club ribbons that I put on the Vespa World Days 2017 could find in Celle:

VCVD Vespa Club of Germany

In Germany there are around 150 clubs with over 4.400 members under the umbrella organization Vespa Club of Germany eV
The VCVD celebrates his 65th birthday this year, but that is against it Scooter Center still quite young at our 25 years of age.

Do you drive Vespa yourself and would you like to meet and exchange ideas with like-minded Vespisti? You can find all information about Vespa clubs here:


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