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vespa coupling BGM8099

Vespa clutch

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The bgm PRO Superstrong Cosa coupling is the plug n play solution - Made in Germany.

This quality Vespa clutch is with 20,21,22, 23, XNUMX and XNUMX teeth available: Vespa clutch

You get a ready-to-install Vespa Cosa clutch with the supplied reinforced clutch springs in a performance range of 20HP / 22Nm works fine.
With separately available springs with a higher spring rate *, the clutch can keep up with setups without complaint significantly above 30 PS and is still easy to operate.


  • One-piece CNC milled clutch basket - Made in Germany.
  • The extremely robust construction offers perfect and precise guidance of the hub thanks to the shaft teeth.
  • The hub is made of high-strength steel to prevent the hub from cracking.
  • Thanks to the use of ten springs, there is sufficient spring force even for high-torque setups with little effort on the clutch lever.
  • Clutch basket hardened by nitriding, worn out clutch baskets are a thing of the past.
  • Always precise cutting thanks to the pressed sintered bushing.
  • Every coupling is subjected to a quality control. In this way we guarantee that we will deliver a functioning and ready-to-install coupling.

The scope of delivery includes the complete ready-to-install clutch with bgm PRO Cosa clutch linings and ten reinforced springs. A new O-ring for the clutch cover and the crescent wedge.



The number of teeth on the clutch is important for the length of the total reduction. This can also be varied. Possible combinations:

  • Original 20 teeth: 21T, 22T
  • Original 21 teeth: 20T, 21T, 22T
  • Original 22 teeth: 20T, 21T, 22T
  • Original 23 teeth: 21T, 23T

For models up to and including 150cc, a small cast aluminum lug in the motor housing must be removed to mount the clutch. This can be easily snapped off with larger pliers. With some clutch covers, minimal material has to be removed from the drip nose at 12 o'clock in the area of ​​the radius.

The Vespam clutch can be installed in almost all engines of the so-called Vespa Largeframe Class. These are all vehicles whose chassis prefix is ​​three-digit (e.g. VNB, VNL, VNX etc., the addition 1T, 2T, 3T is not taken into account) and which have the carburetor installed directly on the engine housing (not in the frame or on the cylinder). On some old vehicles before the Vespa PX era, the thin washer (1,5mm) under the clutch has to be replaced with that of the PX models (3,3mm Item No. 7671297

* We use bgm PRO XL clutch springs:

Spring rate N / mm
Original Piaggio 4,0
Worb5 XL 6,2
bgm PRO XL 6,5
Worb5 XXL 7,1
Malossi 7,9
Worb5 XXXL 8,9

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