Vespa crankshafts bgm PRO available again

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Crankshaft bgm PRO Vespa

The coveted bgm PRO crankshafts Vespa  for Vespa PX, Vespa PK and Vespa V50 are now available again.

bgm PRO crankshaft Vespa at Scooter Center available!

Buy Vespa crankshaft here

vespa crankshafts

Practical revision kits for Vespa engines

We offer you in our Scootershop on cheap revision kits. The practical sets contain all the parts you need to overhaul your Vespa engine:
Vesps revision kits
Vespa revision kit

Our tip: bgm PRO Protection gloves

We recommend ours to protect against injuries and dirty fingers Work gloves by bgm PRO

bgm protection assembly gloves


Buy Vespa crankshaft here
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