Vespa exhaust BigBox Sport available again!

Exhaust -BGM PRO BigBox SPORT (BBS) - Vespa PX200, Rally200 Item no. BGM1011SP

Now available again: bgm BigBox Sport exhaust Vespa PX200

Performance like a racing exhaust - optics and acoustics like a series exhaust

The BGM BigBox Sport is a thoroughbred Vespa racing exhaust, in the unsuspicious design of an original exhaust. Just like the original Vespa exhaust, the BigBox is of course double-walled and provided with insulating wool. It positions itself as a clear alternative to eye-catching and mostly loud copies of our original BigBox and large resonance exhaust systems. The high level of motivation clearly sets the bgm BigBox Sport apart from other boxing facilities. Designed for performance-oriented drivers who appreciate the benefits of an inconspicuous vehicle.

Real Vespa racing exhaust

The Sport Box, like everyone else, needs it good racing exhaust, a powerful engine concept to develop your full performance. In the environment of cylinders such as the Polini 210, Malossi MHR and Co., it offers impressive results. It also supports engine outputs above 25PS without any problems and pushes ahead with full torque. Despite its high peak performance, the Sport Box gets in early and also enables comfortable driving.

Due to its consistent design for a high gas throughput, the BigBox Sport is not intended for use with near-series engines or tame tuning cylinders. It needs a clear and powerful outlet impulse to fill the large volume and the thick elbow of the Sport Box with life.

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  • Original optics
  • Quiet thanks to the double wall and insulation wool like the original exhaust
  • Top performance like a resonance exhaust
  • No performance hole
  • Broad speed range
  • More top speed
  • Very unobtrusive
  • Also fits rally / sprint without modifications
  • Solid construction with clamp on the cylinder
  • Handcrafted in Europe


  • Not for vehicles with 8 inch tires (ground clearance too low)
  • Not for near-series engines

Heads-up: Choose the main jet about 4-6 sizes larger than with the original exhaust.

The elbow is attached to the cylinder using a clamp. Compared to loose fastening with an O-ring seal, this results in the best stability and prevents damage to the outlet flange. A long spacer should be used on the rear shock absorber for optimal ground clearance.

And finally ...

Pure understatement. Performance like a racing exhaust, optics and sound similar to an original exhaust.

Performance diagrams Vespa exhaust BigBox Sport 200

Polini 207

Polini 207 plug & play on original PX200 engine.

Malossi MHR 210 (unprocessed)

Malossi MHR 210 on crankshaft with 59mm stroke, membrane inlet, PWK33, QK: 0,95mm, 1mm base gasket, 0,5mm head gasket

Malossi MHR 221

64mm stroke (= 236ccm), reed valve inlet, 30mm Dell'Orto, 130 ° / 184 °
Red curve = BigBox old
Blue curve = BigBox Sport


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