Vespa exhaust MALOSSI banana for Vespa PV125 ET3

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Comparison of Malossi ROAD BGM

What does the MALOSSI banana bring?

With the Vespa Largeframe have powerful exhaust systems, so-called Box exhaust systems, established in an almost original look. We have with the bgm PRO BigBox Touring and the Big Box Sports 2 optimized BigBoxes in the program.

Scooter Center - home of bgm

This development also applies to the Vespa Smallframe Indent.

Since we are with the bgm PRO BigBox Banana are also working on such an exhaust system, we have them Malossi banana used directly for a comparison.

Bananas among themselves: Malossi VS Road Banana

Here in direct comparison to the previously available road banana.

From a purely visual point of view, the two exhaust systems initially differ in the pressed manifold at Malossi and the manifold made up of segments in the road system.

The test engine for the bananas

For our tests we used a proven engine, like the one in class 5 (K5) of the European Scooter Challenge is used.
With well-known components that can only be plugged together in this class, this motor concept is both simple and durable and can be reproduced at any time. So no exceptional super special professional unit, but down-to-earth home cooking that is fun over the long term and can be easily set up by anyone.

Our test engine therefore consists of the following performance-influencing components:

On the diagram you can see that the Malossi banana is slightly above the road banana.
In the range between 5500 rpm and approx. 6700 rpm, the Malossi exhaust is slightly ahead.

Full of banana!


bgm PRO BigBox Banana

Since we are also working on an exhaust for the Smallframe work, the direct comparison with the Malossi banana was of course very exciting.

From top to bottom:

  • Malossi banana
  • Road banana
  • bgm PRO BigBox Banana

For the purpose of better accessibility, we decided to use a position as the separation point for the manifold for the BGM-Banana, which can also be easily reached with the spring-loaded hook on the classic V50 and Primavera and yet is not in the immediate field of vision. The lower holder is designed in such a way that two springs can be hooked in here without any problems.

The super banana: bgm PRO banana brings 2PS

The BGM banana already cuts a fine figure on the test engine. So far we are quite satisfied with the results ...

Between 5700rpm and 8700rpm, the bgm Pro-Banana averages almost 2HP over Malossi.
The torque, which is important for propulsion, is also clearly in this speed range above that of the other test subjects.

Delivery date bgm Pro BigBox Banana

We hope that we will have the exhaust ready for you by the start of the 2018 season.



13 replies
  1. Stefan Kraling
    Stefan Kraling says:

    Does the BGM banana also fit on v 50 with 102 Malossi. What about the volume, if it fits, what does it cost. Greetings Stefan, Merry Christmas from Hessen

    • alex
      alex says:

      Hi Stefan,
      The test program for the BGM banana includes common engine concepts, including a 75ccm and 102ccm cylinder.
      So far, the volume of the BGM banana has been in the range of the bananas already available on the market.

  2. Sebastian
    Sebastian says:

    I'm really looking forward to the BGM banana for mine Smallframe. The BigBox Touring was a real hit for my touring scooter. It would be cool if it worked out by the start of the season and you still got a number like the boxes for the LFs.
    The best would be BGM 30925 S :-)

    • alex
      alex says:

      Hallo Basti,

      we are currently still working on the final version of the banana. A “BGM number” as with the BigBoxes of the LF models is already planned.

  3. Niko Kirsten
    Niko Kirsten says:

    I drive z. Currently an original ET3 (125) cylinder with 19 mm carburetor (80 mm HD) + SIP banana. The TÜV had nothing to complain about with the SIP Banana so far. If the volume of the BGM Banana stays the same, it shouldn't have a problem with the TÜV - the look is also very subtle.
    However, the SIP banana does not bring any significant increase in performance compared to the original banana.
    How will the BGM banana affect my set-up? For 1/2 HP more, I'll buy it right away :-)

  4. Dennis Warneke
    Dennis Warneke says:

    Will there also be a visual variant like the SS 90 Banana? Will the banana also be available in chrome or even in stainless steel?

      • Michael
        Michael says:

        Thank you, I drive a similar setup but with a rotary valve, but now I have a good starting point.

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