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Vespa exhaust Exhaust bgm PRO MB Big Box Prototype

Vespa exhaust bgm PRO

NEW: Vespa sports exhaust Big Box Sports

Today we proudly present you the first pictures and the first results of the test bench runs of our new one bgm PRO exhaust systems for the Vespa.

The Vespa Big Box exhaust was developed in close cooperation with MB in England and is also the result of over 20 years Scooter Center Experience.

Advantages of the exhaust:

  • More efficient:
    • powerful like a resonance exhaust
    • significantly easier to turn than SIP Road
    • very wide speed range
    • no performance hole like a reso exhaust
  • Looks like the original
  • Quieter than racing exhaust
  • 200 mm outlet socket with Viton® Oring -> no more cracked exhaust ports on 200 mm aluminum cylinders
  • massive, thick-walled material
  • so far without approval
  • with serial number

Purpose of use:
Due to its original look and its low volume, the exhaust is particularly suitable for original tuning or touring setup.
Due to its power delivery, it can be used universally on original as well as heavily tuned engines at home.

First pictures:
Here are the images of the prototype. The exhaust will be available for the following models:
- Vespa PX 200 / Vespa Rally 200
- Vespa PX 125 / Vespa PX150 / Vespa SPRINT etc.

We expect the exhaust from the beginning / middle of summer and are really looking forward to it. The test drives were great.

Test run performance diagrams:
The exhaust systems were made on the professional Scooter Center Ammerschläger P4 test bench tested with laboratory software:
Result: Significantly more power! eg:

  1. + 2PS more on PX200 compared to the original exhaust with significantly improved revving = top speed
  2. + 3PS more on Malossi 210 compared to comparable road exhaust systems
  3. + 5PS more on Malossi 166 (60mm shaft, exhaust made, 28mm carburettor on rotary valve) opposite Vespa Road exhaust

As a Test roller the following candidates were available:

The test runs were all done with the engine warm. The tests were carried out against the existing exhaust systems on the vehicles and against the SIP Road exhaust.
Almost all scooters were then tested for several kilometers on the road in order to really feel the change. That was the very subjective so-called Popometer test ;-)

The conclusion
Awesome part - this is how a Vespa exhaust has to be!
Both for the "laboratory test" with performance diagram and for subjective testing on the road:
The new bgm PRO exhaust puts you in a good mood. The engine turns out much more freely, the Vespa becomes much more flexible and faster and without the consumption or volume increasing noticeably.

51 replies
    • Heiko
      Heiko says:

      Hi Stefan,
      after modification: since the Cosa 200 has a thicker engine cross-member, you would have to remove the rear bracket of the cross-member bracket on the exhaust.
      And the bgm exhaust only fits on cylinders that have the exhaust not is screwed onto the manifold.
      But you can also install a PX200 cylinder.

      • Intake
        Intake says:

        Thanks Heiko,
        I feared that ...
        Too bad. Looking for something with a screw connection ...

      • Heiko
        Heiko says:

        Hi Stefan,
        as I said, et. at the next occasion you swap the cylinder of the Vespa Cosa ... then it goes with the bgm Vespa exhaust.

  1. Frank Schmalter
    Frank Schmalter says:

    Is there in the foreseeable future, or can you also manufacture such a performance-enhancing exhaust in Ori design for other vehicles?

    In my case Hexagon 180, so to speak `a Gilera Runner exhaust with more power and torque than the original?

  2. Gerald
    Gerald says:

    I'm looking forward to a sound video.
    recently bought a Px 125 for my girlfriend.
    since the performance doesn't knock me off the table, i have to do a little something.
    would suit me all right.
    there is a lot of talk about the bgm in austria.

    lg from austria

  3. Earl
    Earl says:

    Hey people!

    After my Simonini (southpaw) gave up the ghost, I urgently need a new one.

    Does the BGM get to the Simonini?
    Basically it went pretty well with my 177 Polini (on 125 PX) and 24 SI, but it was already too loud for me.

    I do not want “performance losses”. I am also grateful for other suggestions. A left-hand boom is also welcome;)

    Should be suitable for touring in any case!

    Thank you and LG from Austria,


  4. Paulie
    Paulie says:

    That thing looks great!

    Is there a performance comparison on Malossi?
    Malossi 210 on membrane - BGM against Pep3?

    If you “hit” it with it (torque / power / speed range), the thing is bought unseen!
    I just assume that it is quieter, because it doesn't get any louder than the Pep3.

    I am happy to provide my motor / scooter for tests….

  5. Bjorn
    Bjorn says:

    A test comparison against the silent boxes from Pipedesign would be interesting. Because that should be the direct opponent. And not the Sip Road ...

  6. philipp
    philipp says:

    A big box for 200 and one for 80-150 are available here. If you want to put it to the test to test it against your current setup, you are welcome at any time (but by prior arrangement)?

  7. Eric Gehring
    Eric Gehring says:

    Wondering if it will work with large frame vbb / vnb running 8 ″ wheels? Is ground clearance going to be a problem?


    • philipp
      philipp says:

      Hi Eric,

      We haven't tested that yet. But I think the ground clearance should be okay and not very different from a standard P range box. The limiting factor is always the width of the exhaust on standard pipes. On a full expansion chamber pipe the limiting factor on ground clearance is when the pipe tilts over.

  8. Jan
    Jan says:


    When will the BigBox for the T5 finally be available? I had already seen in November that you had it in the shop but it was not available and it is unfortunately still not available today. Is there an exact delivery date?

    • Heiko
      Heiko says:

      Hi Stefan,
      no - unfortunately there is no news yet regarding the Vespa bgm PRO BigBox exhaust for the small engines - here in the blog we will keep you up to date!

    • Uwe
      Uwe says:

      Hello Stefan, purely in terms of hearing, the BigBox is significantly quieter. But this has primarily something to do with the lower and therefore more pleasant frequency of the BigBox, not with measured values. In other words, the Sito Plus often has an extremely uncomfortable pitch that eats into your hearing. The BigBox sounds much more like an "adult" series exhaust;)

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