Vespa fever in the Odeon cinema in Cologne


Cinema event for Vespa fans

Vespa drivers and our customers know: Hardly anything has moved the emotions and minds of different generations from the 50s and 60s until today as they did VESPA!

vespa fever movie in the cinema

The Vespa - much more than just a cheap means of transport

Originally, the Vespa was intended as a cheap means of transport with weather protection for work and everyday life after the war. But of course it became a cult object for many. In the 1950s a scooter euphoria broke out in Europe ... and to this day she finds her fans around the globe. These lovers take care of that Scooter Center since 1991 with Spare parts and accessories for the Vespa in the Vespa shop.

Vespa exhibition

Become the most beautiful Vespa scooter on the 21. March 2015 on SCOOTER SHOW'15 in the AbenteuerHallenKalk in Cologne. 2 weeks before this big scooter exhibition, on the 8. March 2015 at 11: 30 Scooter riders, Vespa riders, sooterboys and scooter girls, Vespisti, scooters meetrists and Vespa lovers of all stripes to the Kölschen FilmMatinee in the legendary Südstadt cinema ODEON.

vespa fever odeon theater ko? ln

Vespa fever - the movie

In 1989, Hanno Brühl and Peter Roos retraced this Vespa phenomenon in cinematic images and embarked on an exciting one “Scooter trip” in the post-war period and deal with the history of the VESPA, the legendary Italian icon.

As part of the "Peter Kaiser Special" (40 years of cameraman at WDR), the Odeon shows in addition to the film "Vespa fever" also a second film under the title "Places of happiness ”. Celebrities and non-celebrities including Elke Heidenreich, Rio Reiser or Dirk Bach) give an impression of where they feel particularly comfortable.

Come with your Vespa!

Come in style with your Vespa and enjoy the film with other Vespisti! Both films for the price of 7,50 EUR


The movies

Vespa fever

Book: Peter Roos
Director: Hanno Brühl
Camera: Peter Kaiser
WDR 1989

Places of happiness

Book: Bärbel Maiwurm / Peter Roos
Director: Hanno Brühl
Camera: Peter Kaiser
WDR 1990


Sunday March 08th
Time: 11 p.m.
ODEON movie theater

Severinstrasse 81

50678 Cologne

Tickets: € 7,50 / T: 0221 313110

Tickets at the box office for € 7,50, by email at or by phone daily from 16 p.m.


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