Vespa front shock absorber BGM PRO SC COMPETITION

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Vespa front shock absorber -BGM PRO SC COMPETITION- Vespa

BGM PRO SC COMPETITION - the new Vespa front shock absorber from bgm PRO

The BGM PRO SC Competition Vespa shock absorber in front is a further development of the successful BGM PRO F16 Sport series.

The competition series differs optically through the external expansion tank. The new Vespa shock absorber in front is in black and silver and also available in a cheap set.

Front shock absorber -BGM PRO SC COMPETITION- Vespa Largeframe Oldie
Item number BGM7761B (black) / BGM7761S (silver)

Fitting for following vehicles


  • 150 Super (VBC1T)
  • 150 sprint (VLB1T)
  • 150 Fast Sprint (VLB1T)
  • 125GTR (VLN2T)
  • 125 Super (VNC1T)
  • 125GT (VNL2T)
  • 125TS (VNL3T)
  • 180 Rally (VSD1T)
  • 200 Rally (VSE1T - Femsa)
  • 200 Rally (VSE1T - Ducati)
  • 150 (VBA1T)
  • 150 (VBB1T)
  • 150 (VBB2T)
  • 125 (VNA1T)
  • 125 (VNA2T)
  • 125 (VNB1T)
  • 125 (VNB3T)
  • 125 (VNB4T)
  • 125 (VNB5T)
  • 125 (VNB6T)
  • 125 (1949)
  • 125 (V15T)
  • 125 (V1T)
  • 125 (V30T)
  • 125 (V33T)
  • 98 1 (1946)
  • 98 2 (1946)
  • 98 3 (1947)
  • 98 4 (V98)
  • 150 (VB1T)
  • 150 (VL1T)
  • 150 (VL2T)
  • 150GL (VLA1T)
  • 125 (VM1T)
  • 125 (VM2T)
  • 125 (VN1T)
  • 125 (VN2T)
  • GS 150 (VS1T)
  • GS 150 (VS2T)
  • 150GS (VS3T) GS3
  • 150GS (VS4T) GS3
  • 150GS (VS51T) GS3
  • 125U (VU1T)



Shock absorber with external expansion tank

This external expansion tank of the shock absorber enables a larger compensation volume even better response, at the same time became the Adjustment range of the damping increased.
The bgm PRO SC Competition damper has a modified basic setup, which makes it very suitable for use with stiff sport springs.

The setting of rebound and compression levels also counteract the concept-typical brake nod, but also effectively counteract the rapid rebound on short bumps.

This means that the damper offers a lot of reserve even in powerful vehicles.
The wide range of damping options naturally also enables use with a standard spring, which means that comfortable driving is still possible with a soft damper adjustment.


Order a new Competition Vespa shock absorber here


Damper fits 8 and 10 inch Vespas

Thanks to the optimized installation dimension of 165 mm the damper fits all 8-inch models without any problems, without preloading the spring or changing the angle of the swing arm.

In the assembled state, the external expansion tank is largely covered by the fender, which means that the original optics the front of the vehicle is retained.

As with the F16 Sport series, the damper body is off made of hard anodized aluminum. The damper is available in black and silver.

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