Vespa Gentleman Giro in Scooter Center


Day 42 - Markus André Mayer to visit the Scooter Center

Km: 4.865
Countries: 5
Donation amount on the tour approx.: € 45.000

Last Friday Markus stopped by us on his Gentleman Giro. As you have probably already noticed, Markus drives through Europe in a suit with an original 50 cc Vespa and collects donations for the children's cancer foundation in the respective country.
We are happy to be able to support Markus in his mission and are still deeply impressed with how much strength, vigor and selflessness Markus approaches the matter. What actually sounds like a lot of fun is a 25 hour job eight days a week.
In a few weeks, an official interim status of the donations will be announced in Bonn.

We are very excited. But back to the visit to the Gentleman Giro Scooter Center. After lunch together, Alex took a quick and scrutinizing look at the Eleonor (Markus Roller). It didn't pull that well anymore and so the maximum speed we didn't reach slowed us down badly on the trip to lunch. Since Markus is dependent on the purchase of 2-stroke oil due to his luggage, there is always not so good substance as an admixture in the soda. That clogged the inner pipe of the exhaust. After a single burn, Fuffi was able to provide Markus with the full range of services possible. See diagram.
After that, Markus was allowed to sit on the couch to answer questions about how to come up with such travel preparations and plans. You can find the recording of the therapy session with Maryzabel here.

After that it was called Bon Voyage again, Markus!

Philip Montforts

On the couch at Scooter Center

On the couch at Scooter Center | Interview Markus Mayer - Vespa Gentleman Giro

So, we burned out the inner exhaust pipe so that the number comes off correctly again.

Comparison before / after:

On the test bench

Day 43 on the road - Düren

Seeing Markus again is always a pleasure and sharing a bit of his madness is wonderful, so I signed up the next day to accompany him to his next Vespa meeting.
I think with Platónika I got used to going a little faster than in Colombia, but it was good to regain the calm of the track by following this beautiful V50.
When we arrived at the meeting point, there were almost three times as many Vespas as expected, and after hugs and introductions, everyone drove together to a beautiful beer garden in Düren. An event full of warm people and brotherhood, where I met wonderful people whom I hope to see again soon.
As a result, I fully understood the good nature of Markus Große Reise, where, although he is the one who takes the action, it is the cooperation of everyone that makes the goal come true.
Thanks Markus for strengthening our community.

Maryza & Platónika

km: 4.952
Grilled sausage: "I couldn't see any more grilled sausage"
Donation amount in this event: 4.420 € RECORDER RESULT !!!! on this tour - and by far !!
Conclusion : Good weather, grilled sausage, music and a nice trip with lots of lovely people!

Thanks to:
Many thanks to the Vespa-Nest Düren for a great event!
Thanks to Christian Mörkens, Max Mörkens and Torsten Gladen and to all visitors and donors of the event!
An all-round successful day thanks to everyone involved! Thanks also to everyone who helped in the background.
Radio Rur,, Dürener Zeitung / Nachrichten - Local, You are really from Düren, if ..., Düren - our city, our district, WDR local time from Aachen

Day 44 - Belgium

Countries: 6
km:> 5000
Conclusion:… Sunshine, blue sky and Vespa Happiness!

Day 45 - Luxembourg

km: 5370 km
Countries: 7
Conclusion: So far everything has gone according to plan, but this evening I am already spending in Mainz and staying there for 2 nights because I have not received a confirmation of the appointment in Kirn. It will be a long day and it will rain.
9 days to go home ...


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