Vespa gear oil SAE30 bgm PRO Street

bgm Vespa gearbox oil SAE30

bgm PRO Street Vespa gear oil SAE 30 API GL3

bgm Vespa gear oil SAE30

The SAE 30 gear oil is the optimal lubricant for the gearbox of the Vespa scooter with manual transmission (but also for many other scooter models. Especially the Vespa wet clutches, which run in an oil bath, depend on this good oil and need this viscosity for optimal shifting processes and long Component life.

Practical 250ml bottle with screw cap.

SAE30 oil is recommended in the original Vespa maintenance manuals!


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Advantages of the bgm Vespa gear oil:

  • mildly alloyed quality oil
  • very well adhering lubricating film
  • Pressure resistant protection
  • Excellent oxidation stability
  • Wear-resistant for a long service life

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