Vespa clutch bgm Superstrong Smallframe


New Vespa clutch for Smallframe

After the success of the BGM Superstrong Vespa clutch for the Vespa Largeframes, we also have a solution for the Vespa Smallframes developed. Now in Scooter Center Vespa shop available

As with the Vespa clutch for the large engines, the Components made in Germany.

Brief overview:

  • Made in Germany
  • higher transmission power due to more surface
  • longer service life due to more material
  • Even contact pressure thanks to 16 bgm PRO XL clutch springs
  • perfect coordination option
  • Mobile with Vespa PK XL1 and PK XL2 cover
  • stable coupling hub with internal thread for standard pullers
  • extremely resilient, also for engines with 30HP +
  • Plug & Play coupling is delivered ready for installation
  • Spacer available

Superstrong - Extremely high performance

The clutch hub as well as the cover and thrust washer are made 42CrMo4 manufactured. The force is from bgm Racing red clutch plates transfer. The design of the clutch linings in the Vespa PK-XL / Vespa V50 version offers more space to transmit the torque. In this context, more material naturally also means a longer service life.
Vespa clutch bgm Superstrong for Vespa Smallframe

16 springs for even contact pressure

When it comes to springs, we use tried and tested methods. sixteen bgm Pro XL springs ensure even contact pressure.

Vespa clutch bgm Superstrong for Vespa Smallframe

Due to the number of springs and the arrangement on the largest possible extent, a very even pressure behavior is achieved. This effectively prevents the two pressure disks from tilting or locking.

Thanks to the perfect coordination of spring stiffness and number, paired with the stiff design of the pressure plates, the clutch can be operated easily even with a PK-XL1 clutch cover.
The contact pressure of the bgm Pro XL springs and the coefficient of friction of the Racing red pads have a Test in our X-Mas duel already withstood the 30PS.

vespaVespa clutch bgm Superstrong Smallframe

Highly stable & well thought-out coupling hub

The clutch hub is designed for a primary with a shock absorber and has an M28x1 internal thread for pulling off. (The extractors of the Vespa fan wheels with electronic ignition fit there.) Thanks to the internal thread, the area around the cone could be made much more massive. The more stable design without the senseless weakening by an unnecessary keyway makes the hub the first choice for every load. We recommend our for assembly Coupling nut and threadlocking. To dismantle the clutch or to change the linings in the engine, our bgm multitool BGM8819 should be used.

Vespa clutch bgm Superstrong for Vespa Smallframe

Plug & Play Ready-to-install delivery

We offer you the bgm Superstrong for the Vespa clutch for Smallframe Fully assembled with 4-disc bgm Racing red clutch linings and 1 mm steel discs.

Vespa clutch bgm Superstrong for Vespa Smallframe

For PK XL1 & XL2 clutch cover

The pressure plate is for holding a PK-XL2 pressure plate designed and can therefore be used on a PK-XL1 or on a PK-XL2 clutch cover.

Optional spacers available

Depending on the combination of engine housing, auxiliary shaft and clutch cover, it may be necessary to place the clutch cover underneath. For this we offer you a matching spacer set.

Matching Vespa models

(PK-XL1 or PK-XL2 clutch cover required)

  • Vespa 50 PK XL2 (V5N1T)
  • Vespa 50 PK XL2 HP (V5N2T)
  • Vespa 50 PK SS (V5S1T)
  • Vespa 50 PK XLS (V5S2T)
  • Vespa 50 PK (V5X1T)
  • Vespa 50 PK S (V5X2T)
  • Vespa 50 PK S Lusso (V5X2T)
  • Vespa 50 PK XL (V5X5T)
  • Vespa 50 PK XL Rush (V5X4T)
  • Vespa 50 PK N (V5X5T)
  • Vespa 50 PK XL2 (V5X3T)
  • Vespa 80 PK S (V8X5T)
  • Vespa 125 PK (VMX1T)
  • Vespa 125 PK S (VMX5T)
  • Vespa 50L (V5A1T)
  • Vespa 50N (V5A1T)
  • Vespa 50 (V5A1T - 1963)
  • Vespa 50 S (V5A1T - 1964)
  • Vespa 50 Special (V5A2T)
  • Vespa 50 Special Elestart (V5A3T)
  • Vespa 50 Special (V5B1T)
  • Vespa 50 Special Elestart (V5B2T)
  • Vespa 50 Special (V5B3T)
  • Vespa 50 Special Elestart (V5B4T)
  • Vespa 50 SR (V5SS2T - 1975-)
  • Vespa 90 (V9A1T)
  • Vespa 125 Nuova (VMA1T)
  • Vespa 125 Primavera (VMA2T)
  • Vespa 125 ET3 (VMB1T)

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