Vespa Lambretta Classic Day´14 - the best weather

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Scooter Center Weather Bergheim Glessen Classic Day 14

Vespa and Lambretta Scooter Center Classic Day'14

We expect the best weather on our Classic Day. Warm 19 degrees, sunshine and occasional clouds. Perfect conditions for a great day with us on Scooter Center, with friends among friends!

Scooter Center Weather Bergheim Glessen Classic Day 14

Highlights this year:

Proven and popular program:

  • As always on Scooter Center Commercial property
  • Delicious tarte flambée from the oven & Cool from the counter
  • Test bench runs with the MaxPower Cup
  • Bargains, remaining stock, B-goods
  • Private parts market
  • Suitable for families with a bouncy castle
  • An afternoon with friends at friends
  • Lots of scooters Lots of parts Lots of nice people

Vespa Lambretta Classic Day'14





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