Vespa & Lambretta News June 2010

PRO GRIP 732 Gel Touch for Vespa
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Summer arrived in Germany just in time for the soccer World Cup in South Africa. The first hot days are approaching when the thermometer cracks the 30 ° mark. Now scooter driving makes it special viel Spaß! So that you have your Vespa under control even in hot situations, there is now - exclusive to SCOOTER CENTER - the Pro Grip sports grips also for Vespa:

We have great news for all Vespa drivers:

The SCOOTER CENTER has with ProGrip together we can finally put on some clever sports grips. the ProGrip Soft Touch come from Italy and in addition to the great look in many colors from subtle to bright, they also have great handling.
The patented handles lie securely in the hand even in the rain and thanks to the soft touch, longer journeys are no problem.
The new Vespa handles are available in many color combinations to suit every scooter.

And the Lambretta drivers?

Many are already on their way to Spain for the Eurolambretta. we wish all participants a good trip and lots of fun! Here we have a couple of nice new parts, especially from MB Developments Offering.

Here are our current product highlights and news for June:

PRO GRIP 732 Gel Touch for Vespa

PRO GRIP 732 Gel Touch for Vespa

DRT Flame Gear transmission

- Vespa PX200 -

GearFlameThe abbreviation "DRT" stands for "Denis Racing Team". Denis Innocente found his way into scooter parts production through the acceleration racing scene in Italy. With a background of more than twenty years in motorsport, he mainly manufactures gear and clutch parts for Vespa today.

The Italian scene swears by the DRT parts. Thanks to the various primary and gear wheels, you now have unprecedented freedom in the gradation of your transmission. So you can build yourself a gearbox with your desired gradations. From closely graduated racing transmissions to touring transmissions for those who don't like gearshifts. The DRT gear wheels are designed to be lighter for a lower mass acceleration.

In Germany, DRT Gear Flame is already out of the gear and clutch parts for the Vespa Smallframe famous (see here). Now we also have the gear wheels for them Largeframegear in the program:

step board set Smallframe

Spacer kit Dellorto 24 / 24mm SI - stainless steel 2mm

- Original tuning -

Spacer kit float chamber -VESPA- Dellorto 24 / 24mm SI - stainless steel.

Anyone who has built a powerful engine on the basis of the rotary valve will know the problem: the spray supply becomes critical and a racing exhaust can sometimes suck the float chamber empty.

The spacers help here, as they significantly increase the volume of the float chamber. This also removes the horror of the Reso area. In the strengths
2mm & 3mm available.

A little tip in this context, 350 ml per minute should flow through the fuel tap. If this is not the case, just take a closer look at our Fastflow for the Vespa.

Here you can find something on the topic in our blog:

Kickstarter T5

Ludwig & Scherer exhaust

- Big Bertha for Parmakit Vespa Smallframe Cylinder -

Exhaust -LUDWIG & SCHERER -Big Bertha- for Parmakit SP09- Vespa V50, ET3 125, PV125, PK50-125 -

LUDWIG & SCHERER are THE two-stroke exhaust gurus! Especially with the Smallframeengine, one big hit chases the next. The official debut -the hammer bomb-
is our long-running favorite around the Smallframe to fire.

The Big Bertha is specially for that Parmakit SP09 cylinder has been developed.

With a nice wide speed range, the engine turns freely and the 20 HP + are easily cracked.

Processing quality, brackets, dampers and fit leave nothing to be desired!

There is a version for vehicles without luggage compartment and a version for the Vespa Smallframes with luggage compartment!

Ludwig & Scherer exhaust
Ludwig & Scherer exhaust

Chrome saddle spring set

- Save yourself the chrome! -

Super nice set for Vespa oldtimer Vespa VN1-2, VM1-2 - chrome.

Complete saddle spring set in fresh, shiny chrome and with reasonable suspension. This makes driving a Vespa even more fun and cheaper than refurbishing the old parts. Not to mention sparing your nerves.

Kickstarter T5

New stainless steel MB adjusting block for Lambretta

Control block -MB DEVELOPMENTS V2.0-

Control block -MB DEVELOPMENTS V2.0-

- Super quality & original look-

Positioning block -MB DEVELOPMENTS V2.0- Lambretta LI, LIS, SX, TV (series 2-3), DL, GP - stainless steel.

The right setting block for the MB adjusters on the engine. In stainless steel for a perfectly lasting, rot-free look.

The Lambretta's original adjustment blocks have the disadvantage that the Zug is very inaccessible for setting first gear. With the MB adjuster, the problem is solved and all trains are easy to reach.

Control block -MB DEVELOPMENTS V2.0-

Gasket set 225 TS1 engine Lambretta

- High Quality Tutti Complete Kit-

Engine gasket set -MB DEVELOPMENTS- Lambretta SX 225 (TS1), TV 225 (TS1), DL / GP 225 (TS1)

Finally the signs of the times have been recognized and there are those who always knew that there is no other for the Lambretta Cylinder than the TS1 now a suitable sealing kit.

The TS1 sealing kit from MB Developments contains all the seals required for a complete engine overhaul:

  • Engine cover gasket
  • Maghousing seal
  • Cylinder base gasket
  • Cylinder head gasket
  • MBD TS1 exhaust gasket
  • Seal for the 6305 cover plate
  • and two diaphragm inlet seals
Gasket set 255 TS1 engine Lambretta

Lambretta crankshaft dismantling tool

- helper

Crankshaft dismantling tool -MB DEVELOPMENTS- Lambretta LI, LIS, SX, TV (series 2-3), DL, GP

Tool developed by Mr. Bee for the perfect dismantling of the crankshaft.

The tool is screwed onto the open engine block like the clutch tool. The crankshaft can then be removed easily and without being damaged via the large bolt 6305 warehouse be pressed.

So one less task for the big hammer!

Lambretta crankshaft dismantling tool

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