Vespa / Lambretta cable set for on the go

Cable set universal inside -BGM PRO Vespa, Lambretta-

Cable / inner cable set for Vespa & Lambretta

High-quality inner cable set as the ideal repair kit for on the go or as a replacement for the workshop.

The cable set includes:

  • 2x Ø = 1,9mm x 2100mm (nipple pear type, used as Clutch cable / brake cable in front),
  • 2x Ø = 1,6mm x 2100mm (nipple Ø = 5,5mm x 7mm, used as Shift cable)
  • 1x Ø = 1,2mm x 2500mm (nipple Ø = 5,5mm x 7mm, used as throttle cable)
  • 1x Ø = 1,2mm x 2500mm (nipple Ø = 3,0mm x 3mm, used as throttle cable)
Order a practical cable set here

OUR TIP 1: Check the roller Bowden cables

Is a Inner cable torn, you should see them all at the next opportunity Roller bowden cables take a closer look on your scooter. It is likely that the other trains are no longer as fit.

TIP 2: Use the cable shears and cable pliers

The right tool is quite clear Investment for life and make this a lot easier when screwing scooters!

Cut / cut to length / cut with the cable shears

Cable cutter Diagonal cutter Cable cutter -TOPTUL Pro Series -Article no. DNCA227E

You should only shorten a Bowden cable with a professional Cable shears from Toptul. Hardened blades that enclose the train, prevent the train from fraying and ensure a clean cut edge. The wire is not squeezed between the cutting edges as with a side cutter, but sheared off.


Tension the cable with the practical cable pliers

These pliers, which are a huge helper when adjusting the Bowden cables on the scooter, are compulsory equipment for every professional workshop and save the layman endless effort.

This Cable pliers is a huge helper when adjusting the Bowden cables on the scooter and belongs to the Compulsory equipment in every scooter workshop! Incidentally, too Tip from boss personal.

Complete train sets with outer sleeves:

We have very high quality Cable sets especially for your Vespa or Lambretta on offer:

The nice thing about the classic scooters is the very simple technology.
It doesn't matter whether it's the engine, the electrical system or the controls. Everything is kept very simple and efficient.

But even with the simplest assemblies, a lot has happened in the last few decades. While the first Vespa models used simple, bare steel bowden, which had to be subjected to constant maintenance with grease and oil, modern trains are now fitted with a so-called liner. The liner is a small tube made of a very slippery material that is located in the outer shell and makes constant maintenance of the cables practically unnecessary. Have this effect in one blog explained.

The new liner of the bgm Pro Silk Liner trains offers a very low resistance for the inner cable even under high stress and thus the lowest actuating forces.

The crux of the matter with old, worn or bad cable pulls is that the more force is required to move a component via the cable pull, the greater the force that is required to overcome the resulting friction of the cable alone.

As a small theoretical example, operating a clutch with an old cable.

Actuation of the clutch requires a pulling force of 10 kg directly on the clutch arm on the clutch cover.

However, if you pull the cable at the top of the handlebars that actuates this clutch arm, the force required here is significantly greater than directly on the clutch arm.



On the way up into the handlebars, the cable has to describe a few radii, so it has to go around the curves in the frame and steering head. These radii are where the inner cable rubs more against the outer shell. This friction is multiplied by the sum of radii on the way up to the lever. This means that at the top of the lever you no longer need 10kg but 12kg of traction to overcome the friction of the cable.

Now we equip the clutch from our example with stronger springs. This means that a pulling force of 15kg is required directly below on the clutch arm in order to actuate the clutch. However, the pulling force required at the top of the lever is no longer 17kg but 25kg. Because the friction within the cable pull increases drastically due to the higher load on the clutch arm.

This is where modern materials intervene to reduce this friction under high loads.

I did a little test for you to find out how much power each type of cable pull consumes.

To ensure that the test leads to a meaningful result, all tested trains always have the same length and are intended for the same application on the vehicle. So that the effect of the increased friction can be tested in the difference, I have greatly exaggerated this area. This means that each cable was always wrapped around a round body with 2,5 windings. So many more radii, i.e. friction points, are generated here than is possible in a vehicle. This exaggeration only serves to get the results clearer.

Here is the "experimental setup".

The train is guided and fixed with two and a half strokes around a pulley.

To simulate the train operating a clutch, I hang a corresponding counterweight on one side of the train and to get the value of the required pulling force, a tension scale on the other side of the train.

My counterweight in this case is a small collection of crankshafts that together weigh 10.9kg.

My first example is a completely normal, new standard cable, as can be found in almost every old Vespa. This cable does not have an inner liner that reduces friction, but here the cable runs directly on the steel windings of the outer casing (Bowde) and is only lubricated with grease.

Here more than 70kg are needed to overcome the breakaway torque of the train and to evenly move the small package of crankshafts with only 10kg on the other side.

The second attempt takes place with a performance train from another provider. This cable features a liner and ground inner cables to reduce friction.

In this test, the 27 kg crankshafts can be moved with a little more than 10.9 kg of traction.

On the third try I put that bgm Silkliner with two and a half strokes around the roll.

The good result of the performance train was once again undercut by the Silk Liner.

Due to the very slippery liner inside, the weighty package of crankshafts can be lifted with only 23.5kg of pulling force.
Transferred to the lever ratios on the vehicle, this further, considerable reduction in the necessary traction helps to ensure a high level of operating comfort and a pleasant driving experience.

In the bgm Pro Silk Liner In addition to ensuring the lowest possible operating forces, we also paid attention to many other details. Over the years and many thousands of scooter kilometers, we have put the experience we have gathered into the composition and production of the bgm Pro Silk Liner cables and cable sets.

We are proud that we can now offer you the bgm Pro Silk Liners probably offer the smoothest cable sets for shifting scooters.

We offer the bgm Pro Silk liner train sets for the following vehicles:

  • We offer the bgm Pro Silk liner train sets for the following vehicles:
  • BGM6460SL Cable set -BGM PRO, Silk Liner- Vespa V50, V90, PV125, ET3
  • BGM6470SL Cable set -BGM PRO, Silk Liner- Vespa Rally180 (VSD1T), Rally200 (VSE1T), Sprint150 (VLB1T), GT125 (VNL2T), GTR (VNL2T), TS125 (VNL3T), GL150 (VLA1T)
  • BGM6412SL Cable set -BGM PRO, Silk Liner- Vespa PX Lusso (1984-) – black
  • BGM6410SL Cable set -BGM PRO, Silk Liner- Vespa PX Lusso (1984-


  • BGM6422SL Cable set -BGM PRO, Silk Liner- Vespa PX old (-1984) – black
  • BGM6420SL Cable set -BGM PRO, Silk Liner- Vespa PX old (-1984)
  • BGM6430SL Cable set -BGM PRO, Silk Liner- Vespa PK XL2 – without gear cable
  • BGM6440SL Cable set -BGM PRO, Silk Liner- Vespa PK XL1
  • BGM6450SL Cable set -BGM PRO, Silk Liner- Vespa PK S
  • BGM6465SLB Cable set -BGM PRO, Silk Liner- Piaggio Bravo
Cable sheath 25m

25 meter cable cover for Vespa, Lambretta and other scooters, mopeds and mopeds

Cable sleeve: We now offer one for all screwdrivers inexpensive and practical workshop box reported 25 meter cable sheaths on. This container is particularly interesting for scooter riders who often screw on several scooters, but can be worthwhile for a restoration.

Our bgm PRO cable sleeves are popular with ambitious screwdrivers, restorers and renowned workshops and are standard!

The same outer covers are now available in a practical box as 25 running meters. These high-quality bgm outer sleeves for Bowden cables have an inside very low-friction PE layer.

Black or gray with 5mm or 6mm thickness

The outer shells are available in
  • 6mm (e.g. front brake and clutch)
  • 5mm (e.g. shift and throttle cable / choke)
  • in black or
  • in gray

Buy 25m outer shell here

Practical workshop box

The 25 meter long outer shells are delivered in one practical workshop box. The sleeves are safely stored in the sturdy cardboard box and can be easily removed through the large opening.
Of course, there are also 50 nickel-plated end caps, enough material for 25 trains of variable lengths.

Our recommendations

We recommend: the bgm cables inside and the practical tool for cutting and tensioning Bowden cables

Cable set universal inside -BGM PRO Vespa, Lambretta-

High quality set with inner cables. Ideal repair kit for on the go or as a replacement for the workshop.

The bgm cable set includes:

  • 2x Ø = 1,9mm x 2100mm (bulb type nipple, used as a clutch cable / brake cable in front),
  • 2x Ø = 1,6mm x 2100mm (nipple Ø = 5,5mm x 7mm, used as a shift cable)
  • 1x Ø = 1,2mm x 2500mm (nipple Ø = 5,5mm x 7mm, used as a throttle cable)
  • 1x Ø = 1,2mm x 2500mm (nipple Ø = 3,0mm x 3mm, used as a throttle cable)

Buy cable set here


Adjusting screws and clamping nipple / screw nipple set -BGM PRO- Vespa

Adjusting screws and clamping nipple set Vespa

A complete revision set for the control cables as well as all classic Vesps, that should not be missing in any glove compartment!

For the first time, we can offer the otherwise very expensive individual parts as a cost-effective complete set. The whole thing in a fantastic quality. Made by a supplier for the Japanese motorcycle industry, the details of the set are impressive.
As in the original, the clamping screws for the shift cables have an internal plate that protects the cable from being crushed or even sheared off.
Also included are the very important end sleeves that are necessary as an abutment for the Bowden cable outer casing of the shift cables in the older models before the PX series.
The savings compared to the individual parts are over 10 euros!

The 27-part. Set includes ... read more & buy

Buy adjusting screws and nipples here


Cable cutter, side cutter, pull cutter -TOPTUL Pro Series-

Toptul cable shears diagonal cutters pull cutters -

Shortening a Bowden cable or wire rope, whether braided or made of solid wire, is now no longer a problem. The professional cable shears from Toptul cut every wire cleanly and effortlessly. Hardened cutting edges that enclose the train prevent the train from fraying and ensure a clean cutting edge. The wire is not squeezed between the cutting edges as with a side cutter, but rather… read more

Buy cable shears here


Cable pliers for gear, clutch and brake cables -ICETOOLZ-

Cable pliers for gear, clutch and brake cables

These pliers, which one Giant helper when adjusting the Bowden cables on the scooter is part of the Compulsory equipment for every professional workshop, and saves the layman an infinite amount of effort. Every screwdriver knows the problem that for pull-pulling, locking the arm, and holding and fastening the barrel, at least one hand is missing. This gap fills this pair of pliers! It blocks the train so that you can work in peace and quiet. A real… read more

Buy cable pliers for tensioning here

The alternative: cable sets

If you prefer to use perfectly cut sets, we offer you pre-assembled cable sets with inner sleeves:


bgm PRO train sets

Little spring check - what do your cables look like?

The birds chirp it from the trees and roofs, the scooters are fetched from the garage and basement: spring is finally here. It's high time you took a look at the Bowden cables and cable sleeves on your scooter.

The cables are relevant to safety! The ropes mostly operate the brakes, clutch and gas on your scooter. Anyone who has ever seen a scooter hanging at full throttle knows what I'm talking about. A broken train can have fatal consequences. I don't even like to imagine a brake that doesn't work. In the best case scenario, if the clutch cable breaks, you simply have to break down and have to change it on site or get help.

But it doesn't even have to get that far: With a simple function and visual check, you can minimize the risk of a broken cable in advance!

Function test: Are the trains stiff?

Unfortunately, you often don't notice that yourself because you have got used to the loss of comfort. In any case, the slightest creaking noises and even a slight hooking movement when actuated are noticeable. Sometimes the lever does not return to its original position or only hesitantly. Does your throttle not go back by itself? These can all be indicators of worn cables.

Visual check of the Bowden cables

A visual check of the cables makes it easier and more certain. Most of the trains are hidden in the frame, but usually no problems arise there. Take a close look at the cable housings and inner cables. If your moves look like this, it's high time you changed them.

Frayed Bowden cable

Cracked and brittle outer shells are a problem!

But the problem is homemade and only a matter of time: the old, originally installed trains are very simple to assemble. They only consist of a thin, outer casing and a narrow metal spiral in which the inner Bowden cable runs. If the outer shell has become brittle over the years, moisture and dirt can easily get into the track of the train. High wear and tear and stiff trains are the result. That means a security risk and definitely a loss of comfort.

Pull set bgm_7 004

Tip: bgm PRO cable kits for Vespa & Lambretta

In contrast to the simple original cables, our bgm cables have a guide made of PTFE inside the outer shell, which protects the inner cable from moisture and dirt even if the outer shell is damaged. In addition, the bgm PRO wire rope hoists are particularly smooth-running over the long term.

Pull set BGM 001

Now save more than 70% on the cable set

When changing the cable sheaths, you could now use the original cable sheaths again and spend more than 100 euros:

Piaggio cable set Vespa PX

or about one Quarter of the price the much more innovative and high quality bgm PRO cable kits obstruct.

We recommend ours, of course bgm PRO cable sets. The cable sets are available for Vespa and Lambretta and are of the highest quality. In addition, they are already perfectly matched to the vehicle and no longer need to be shortened. We have been selling the sets for 5 years and our customers are enthusiastic, they are also in GREY BLACK .

Advantages of the bgm PRO cable kits for Vespa and Lambretta

  • Very high quality
  • Upgrade to OEM quality
  • favorable set price
  • PTFE inner shell
  • double crimped end sleeves
  • burr-free nipples
  • tinned wire ends
  • Complete set
  • cut perfectly to your scooter
  • available in gray and black

Our wire rope hoists exceed the factory specifications and impress with the highest quality at a low price. All cables in the bgm PRO cable pull have vehicle-specific lengths and can therefore be installed directly without reworking. Particular attention was paid to high-quality details such as double-pressed end sleeves, burr-free nipples or tinned wire ends. Installation is quick and easy.

To make operation easier and more precise, the outer shell of the front brake, gearshift, throttle and clutch have a very low-friction PTFE layer on the inside.
The inner cables can be oiled or greased, but they run extremely smoothly.


  1. When assembling the cables and the matching nipples, always make sure that you insert them with a little grease! This makes it easier for the nipple to turn in the lever when it is actuated.
  2. A worn one lever you can recognize it by an oval, enlarged pull nipple seat. And use if possible new clamp nipples.
  3. We recommend this for tensioning the cables Bowden cable pliers to shorten the cables neatly Bowden cable scissors.
  4. You can also find more tips and detailed information about the cables in our Scooter Center Blog posts about cable sheaths here and here!

Pull set BGM 005




Adjusting screws and clamping nipple / screw nipple set -BGM PRO- for Vespa and Lambretta




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