Vespa lock - set Piaggio NOS

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Vespa lock set NOS

Vespa lock set (steering wheel lock & glove box) original Vespa Piaggio

If you conscientiously restore an old vehicle, you naturally fall back on original parts (if possible). This is getting more and more difficult with our beloved Vespa. We are all the more pleased when we bring such little treasures with us NOS (New Old Stock) - Can find parts. These coveted products have been forgotten in the warehouse somewhere in the world for years and are original Vespa Piaggio spare parts from Italian production. Most of the time, the original parts are no longer available or are now of poor quality. These NOS parts are usually no longer available in this quality.

Vespa lock set 100% Original Vespa Made in Italia - important for everyone who has this claim when restoring or repairing their Vespa.

Right next to the original Vespa ET3 - speedometer were these great Vespa lock sets on the dusty shelf. Now in our Vespa shop:

Original Vespa lock set

The Vespa lock set consists of a steering wheel lock and a locker with a lock case and 2 keys.

Vespa lock set

Should you get a new one Locking plate and Feder for luggage compartment lock, we also offer this original part from -PIAGGIO- Vespa. Different steering lock covers and rivets suitable for your vehicle here.

It is best to order at the same time and save postage.

Lock washer for luggage compartment lock -PIAGGIO- Vespa PX Lusso (from 1984), T5 125cc, PK XL


Luggage compartment lock spring -PIAGGIO- Vespa PX Lusso (from 1984), T5 125cc, PK XL

Vespa steering lock assembly

Changing the steering lock on the Vespa is very easy, this is how other Vespa drivers have done it:

Here the installation is shown again: