Vespa meeting on television - the Vespa World Days at NDR

he Vespa World Days on TV.

The Vespa World Days on TV.

"Die nordreportage: Celle in Vespa fever"

Anyone who was there can sit back and watch this nice video and review the great meeting. Anyone who was not there will get a good impression of the Vespa meeting! In addition, we also recommend our video and the pictures of the meeting Vespa World Days Celle.
The look behind the scenes is also nice: it's very impressive what the team thinks Vespa Club Celle has done!

Our tip: definitely have a look!



Monday, September 11, 2017, 18:15 p.m. to 18:45 p.m.
Wednesday, September 13, 2017, 11:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

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I Vespa World Days di Celle, in Germania, sono stati un evento memorabile. Squadroni di allegri vespisti provenienti da tutto il mondo si sono incontrati a Celle e lì c'eravamo anche noi di Scooter Center con il nostro stood. The Vespa Club di Celle has contribuito alla splendida organizzazione dei VWD. Qui puoi trovare l'articolo, le foto e il video dei Vespa World Days 2017

Scooter Center era lo sponsor principale dei VWD17, ma il nostro sostegno non termina con la fine dell'evento. A causa delle avverse condizioni meteorologiche dell'ultimo giorno, il Vespa Club di Celle non è riuscito a vendere numerosi Gadget Vespa and per questo desideriamo aiutare il Vespa Club a vendere questi splendidi gadget di ottima quality, un precious ricordo degli indimenticabili Vespa World Days di Celle.

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Vespa World Days 2017 in Celle, Germany, was once again a great and successful event! Vespa lovers from all over the world met in Celle and we were also there with our Scooter Center was standing. The Vespa Club Celle contributed to the brilliant organization of the VWD. Here you'll find a report, lots of pictures and the video of the Vespa World Days 2017.

Scooter Center was the main sponsor of the VWD17, but we still offer our support even after the event. Due to the bad weather conditions on the last day, the Vespa Club Celle could not sell many of the Vespa merchandise items and we now help them sell these high quality souvenirs of the legendary Vespa World Days in Celle.

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L'événement était incroyable! Des milliers de vespistes se sont rencontrés pour passer quatre jours ensemble et nous, on avait un stand sur place. Le Vespa Club Celle, organizer of VWD17, a joué un rôle important et c'est pour cette raison que nous tenons à remercier à tous ses membres et bénévoles qui ont contribué au succès du rassemblement. Si vous souhaitez lire le résumé et regarder des photos et vidéos, veuillez cliquer here.

Le Scooter Center était le sponsor principal des VWD17 et il est dès lors tout à fait naturel que notre soutien ne s'arrête pas avec la fin de l'événement. En raison des mauvaises conditions climatiques lors du dernier jour, le club vespiste de Celle n'a pas pu vendre tous les promotional items et donc nous les aiderons à les vendre. Souhaitez-vous acheter un souvenir de ce rassemblement inoubliable? Ou avez-vous besoin d'un joli gift?

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You can choose the pair of t-shirts and pulls for women and men, des foulards, casquettes baseball, outils et beaucoup plus. Même des chopes à bière sont available! Vous trouverez tous les articles in notre boutique en ligne: articles publicitaires of the Vespa World Days

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From the description of the TV report about the Vespa meeting

“The Vespa World Days, the largest Vespa meeting in the world, took place from June 22nd to 25th, 2017 in Celle. The event was organized by the local Vespa club. It is a mammoth task and at the same time a great dream. For a weekend, Vespa friends become event managers and Celle becomes the center of the Vespa world.

Ingo Weise, the President of the Celle Vespa Club, has been dreaming of bringing the Vespa World Days to Celle for 19 years and infected his Vespa friends with it. For a year they thought about, planned and organized together and transformed the CD Kaserne into an event site.

But the work does not end with the opening of the Vespa World Days. Then things really start. 4.000 Vespas are registered, 3.000 more are expected. That means 7.000 Vespas, 7.000 questions, 7.000 potential parking offenders. The city ticks twice for a weekend.

The Vespa is something of a legend among scooters. The Hollywood classic "A Heart and a Crown" made her famous all over the world. When the millionth vehicle rolled off the assembly line, this Vespa was even used by Pope Pius XII. blessed in St. Peter's Square in Rome.

Now Vespa fans from all over the world are coming to Lower Saxony with their Vespas. There are models including 50 horns, tuned engines, but also in the original paintwork. The whole variety of Vespa can be found on the event site.

“Die nordreportage” shows Ingo Weise and his friends how they forego sleep and free time when planning the mega-event and give everything. Even if they are enthusiastic Vespisti themselves, their focus is not only on the two-wheeled beauties, but on the success of a major event. ",sendung682062.html


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