Vespa work stand V2 new features

Vespa assembly stand v2

Our proven Vespa assembly stand has now received a useful update:


By adding two holes and a rivet nut, the Vespa assembly stand becomes now also a practical holder with the engine removed for your Vespa.

To do this, the engine bolt is simply pushed through the frame and the assembly stand with the engine removed.

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Video Vespa assembly stand

In the video you can see how easy it is to maneuver the scooter in the workshop and how flexible you are with this new assembly stand.

Vespa assembly stand V2 workshop stand for Vespa PX T5 Rally Sprint etc.

With the two brackets at the bottom right and left, it has always been there for links. and suitable for right-handers. Here is the contribution to the Vespa assembly stand V1. From now on we only deliver still the new version, the article number remains the same!

The Vespa assembly aid can be used for all Vespa with two removable side panels.

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